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LeroysBoots 3:02 Fri Dec 28
Talksport - Declan Rice
Eulogising about the lad currently

Calling for Man City to pursue him to replace Fernandinho

And how West Ham are stupid paying him 3k a week

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Wonderkid 6:48 Fri Dec 28
Re: Talksport - Declan Rice
Just announced signed contract until 2024 with option for a further year

Takashi Miike 6:11 Fri Dec 28
Re: Talksport - Declan Rice
matching what foden's getting at man city would be enough, I'm not even sure he's demanding that much. when they couldn't wait to throw silly money at ♿, it's sickening they're dragging their feet with declan

cartis 5:57 Fri Dec 28
Re: Talksport - Declan Rice
Vexed 4:17 Fri Dec 28

I doubt it in the long run , him and his agent hold all the aces.

Sullivan and that old cunt Gold could well royally fuck this right up his performances are steadily increasing his value along with his salary expectation .
There will be plenty of clubs willing to pay whatever he is asking if those two stupid old cunts don't play ball we'll be waving goodbye to one of the brightest young talents in the Premier league.
It could only happen here.

LeroysBoots 5:36 Fri Dec 28
Re: Talksport - Declan Rice
Hopefully once we have outed that chancer Carroll they can give him his money

LeroysBoots 5:35 Fri Dec 28
Re: Talksport - Declan Rice
What are the offers ?

Vexed 4:17 Fri Dec 28
Re: Talksport - Declan Rice
He's had much better offers from the club but he hasn't taken them. What are they supposed to do? His greed is costing him bundles.

boleyn8420 4:06 Fri Dec 28
Re: Talksport - Declan Rice
Yes human nature and agents dictate it's better to be on £3k a week but playing football rather than £100k a week playing for a side that wins trophies and playing yourself into the first team if you are good enough, which Rice is. Of course you wouldn't be bitter with your current employers paying you a pittance when all around you your team mates are on at least 10+ times what you're on.

Typical West Ham spin some old bollocks about not wanting to spill the lad, couldn't get much more condescending than that and eventually watch him fuck off whilst spinning another load of shut saying we can't keep an unhappy player.

joe royal 3:49 Fri Dec 28
Re: Talksport - Declan Rice
Plastic paddies , I shit em.

Eddie B 3:48 Fri Dec 28
Re: Talksport - Declan Rice
Love winding paddies up on twitter saying why the fuck would he want to play for them, when he could play for the World Cup semi finalists?

chedylan 2 3:41 Fri Dec 28
Re: Talksport - Declan Rice
I think he would get some games if he was at city, but he definately wouldnt get the game time he enjoys at west ham currently thats for sure. Declan knows this and that he needs matchday experience now to reach his potential. Starting for a club who play good football who are not in a relegation fight is ideal for him, which is why he won't leave now. We will have to pay him a proper contract come the summer tho. We have no choice now.

scott_d 3:08 Fri Dec 28
Re: Talksport - Declan Rice
Wouldn't get a game at Man City.
Along with Chelsea it's a great place to ruin your career if you are English (not sure if he's chosen a country yet for int'l football?).

Hammer and Pickle 3:06 Fri Dec 28
Re: Talksport - Declan Rice
Great news - everyone wants him here so everyone here is happy, including Declan as its money in the bank for him.

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