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Gaffer58 9:08 Mon Dec 31
Kane Diving
As Kane was booked for diving, oops sorry simulation, is this the behaviour of someone who has just received a New Years honour gong. Maybe we should start a petition up to have it taken away because it has been proven that he is actually a cheating barstool.

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martyboy 6:25 Tue Jan 1
Re: Kane Diving
Just out of interest, how many "Fouls" will the Yids get this afternoon, for minimal contact/Diving? 1 pen, and a couple around the box for Eriksen to smash in is my guess!!!

jfk 2:05 Tue Jan 1
Re: Kane Diving

I had a row with my mother in law and called her that with fat thrown in before,25 years later she refuses to talk to me which has worked out perfectly for me.

It's the ultimate insult that never ever fails.

DaveT 1:05 Tue Jan 1
Re: Kane Diving
I don't think VAR will create a level playing field. Assume it will be done by current referees who will no doubt say there was contact, player did handball it, not enough contact etc agreeing with what the referee actually gave. Did you see that penalty Juventus got from VAR the other day?
The only thing I think it will help teams like us is with offsides.

Coffee 12:43 Tue Jan 1
Re: Kane Diving
jfk 12:31 Tue Jan 1

Referring to another man's wife as a 'monstrous tart' is extremely rude.

But it really made me chuckle. I have someone in mind to whom this applies perfectly. Now that you've put this phrase in my mind, I very much hope that I will have the self-control not to repeat it when temptation strikes.

Stevethehammer 12:41 Tue Jan 1
Re: Kane Diving
I would love to see a player get a smack in the chops for diving. The referee would surely send of the player who has 'retaliated' and the FA would hit him with a 6 game ban no doubt.. but its about time someone stood up for the integrity of the sport. Diving, simulation whatever you want to call it is the most blatant form of cheating and its going unpunished. I cannot wait for VAR to come into play.. it will create a level playing field and no doubt the FA are running scared as it may well mean their precious top 4 don't win every single week and get every decision.

cholo 12:31 Tue Jan 1
Re: Kane Diving
Got the ball*

jfk 12:31 Tue Jan 1
Re: Kane Diving
One things for sure Vardy's natural talent for diving definitely outshines he's choice of marriage.
Imagine shacking up with that monsterous tart.

cholo 12:31 Tue Jan 1
Re: Kane Diving
Quite often Julian would hobble the player and if he got the back it was a bonus.

BRANDED 12:31 Tue Jan 1
Re: Kane Diving
I guess the difference between loads of soft tackles and diving is very minimal. The player is constantly looking for it. Vile part of the game. Supporters usually encourage the whole fucking sham too.

Mad Dog 11:56 Tue Jan 1
Re: Kane Diving
Ok I'm sober bow. Maybe maiming not the correct term

I'm talking about tough tackling like Julian dicks used to do where he'd get the ball first and if the player got sent flying after, tough.

cholo 10:04 Tue Jan 1
Re: Kane Diving
On the rare occasion a ref called Vardy out for cheating, against us (Ogbonna?), when he "initiated contact" - dived in other words, it was hilarious, he threw such a tantrum I thought he was actually about to cry.

I can't stand him, Kane or Alli, it's not even so much that they cheat, it's more they appear so fucking entitled.

jfk 8:06 Tue Jan 1
Re: Kane Diving
Mad Dog,
A peach of a post that mate.Nice one.

Ronald_antly 6:02 Tue Jan 1
Re: Kane Diving
Mad Dog 5:30 Tue Jan 1

I concur for the most part (although the advocacy for maiming is a tad excessive), but the real villains here are FIFA.

They're the ones fostering the conditions under which cheating prospers often enough to make it worthwhile for those so inclined.
This shit could be eradicated almost overnight if the 'political' will was there.

Mad Dog 5:30 Tue Jan 1
Re: Kane Diving
As far as I'm concerned, if you get the ball first and as a product of that movement the opponent gets maimed, fuck them.

Ball first = fair tackle in my book.

I'm aware fifa disagree and I still think that's wrong. Tough tacking used to be an art. Now tackling is almost banned.

What I despise is the phrase "he's felt a touch he's entitled to go down."

If you have been touched and YOU CHOOSE to fall down, that's a dive. If you are knocked down. No problem. But if you make a decision to fall over then you HAVE dived.

Kane, Ali, vardy and sallah are cheating week in week out pure and simple. Will they get banned? No they play for "those clubs" and I include premier league pluck underdog (cheating fouling cunts) Leicester in that.

A touch on your shoulder does not give cause a swan dive. Christ he must have a nightmare going round Morrison's.
Vardy, Ali and lane have worked out if you run near a defender and then kick them and fall over, somehow it's a penalty.

It infuriates me beyond belief.


Ashy 11:53 Mon Dec 31
Re: Kane Diving
Its just as annoying when a penalty isn't given because "he touched the ball" whilst taking the player out.
This apparently only applies in the penalty area whereas anywhere else on the pitch if you go through a player its a foul even if you take the ball.

Northern Sold 9:32 Mon Dec 31
Re: Kane Diving
My god... Let it go people....let it go....

Sven Roeder 9:25 Mon Dec 31
Re: Kane Diving
When there is VAR there needs to be a list of things they should be scrutinising
Players who initiate contact in the box should be a major one.
Whether the fall was caused by the contact is another

Of course neither of these WILL be analysed.

Full Claret Jacket 9:06 Mon Dec 31
Re: Kane Diving
There was only contact as Kane moved his foot into the other player. He does it a lot to 'earn' free kicks and penalties. Until we bring these cheats to justice then they will prosper.
If you are expecting the FA to give Kane anything then I can tell you they won't as he is the FA's England poster boy and worth a lot commercially to them.
I'm afraid this is what football has become.

kirok1 8:59 Mon Dec 31
Re: Kane Diving
Pisses me off when they talk about ‘earning a penalty’.
If you’re fouled, fine. If you’re not, then nothing should be given.
Earlier posts commenting on grabbing and wrestling at corners. Wasn’t that supposed to be a no go after ref guidelines a couple of years back?
Too many things are still being thrown at smaller clubs and more wealthy clubs get away with it.
VAR will make no difference as long as they use the ‘there was contact’ excuse for an Olympic medal winning dive followed by a treble roll and synchronised scream.

Any Old Iron 8:58 Mon Dec 31
Re: Kane Diving
How the fuck would VAR help? If you've got cunts like Murphy condoning dives 'cos "there was contact", even though it was contact with the defenders little finger, then you'll get VAR refs who have the same dumbarse mindset.
VAR will fix nothing when it comes to subjective decisions ie. was that a foul or not.

jack flash 8:48 Mon Dec 31
Re: Kane Diving
It seems to me that Spurs players must spend hours practicing diving. Dele Allie has it down to a fine art & Kane isn't far behind him in the cheating stakes
Mo Salah got away with the most blatent dive you will ever see the other week to 'earn' a penalty, which was captured on the cameras
Do the FA do anything they promised to rid the game of this form of cheating?
Of course they do! They pick on Lanzini because he doesn't play for a top 6 club!

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