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shim 5:54 Mon Dec 31
Bournemouth away
So it’s going on sale to 40+ point holders, no 10% ballot & I’ve now heard that apparently corporates & box holders also get free dibs on away tickets before they go on sale..
Scratch this one off the lost then.
Surely it’s time they look to disband the away season ticket scheme & get rid of the box holders entitlements, to level the sale & distribution of the tickets up a bit...
Thoughts ?..

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Wilko Johnson 12:29 Wed Jan 2
Re: Bournemouth away
I agree that the £30 price cap does encourage certain people to buy tickets even though they aren't going to the game. But, if we returned to say £55 for Chelsea away I think I'd tell 'em to stick it. There's way too much money floating around the Premier League to justify making fans fork out more.

Syd Puddefoot 9:56 Wed Jan 2
Re: Bournemouth away
So does an away season ticket holder who cant go to a game - which i suspect might be the reason for the empty seats, just like home games, particularly around holiday times - have an opportunity to relist the ticket through the club as we can for a sold out home game? A drawback of the cheap tickets might be that otherwise they take it on the chin.

balders 6:42 Wed Jan 2
Re: Bournemouth away
About time us corporate season ticket holders start to get priority on tickets

SDKFZ 222 12:38 Tue Jan 1
Re: Bournemouth away
*I pressed the button too quickly:

That said, this season, due to not having enough points, I have only been unable to buy tickets for Wimbledon, Fulham, and probably Bournemouth, so I have been quite fortunate up until now.

SDKFZ 222 12:32 Tue Jan 1
Re: Bournemouth away
The official away coaches had quite a few empty seats on them yesterday as well.

The question of away tickets has been a problem for the past two seasons and it will become even worse when we have even more season ticket holders wanting tickets.

Under the old system when returning those forms I never had a problem at all getting tickets, it was always first come, first served, to those who could bother filling out the forms and then returning them as quickly as possible. In the old days it was also down to those who could also be bothered to queue up in person outside the ticket office, sometimes overnight or during the early hours on a Sunday morning. Nowadays it is more open to abuse, especially when some just buy them to accumulate points and then sell them on.

Huggie 11:38 Mon Dec 31
Re: Bournemouth away
I go to a lot of away games but noticed recently that lots of empty seats for "sold out" away games.. Southampton bad, but Burnley loads of empty seats. £30 prices definitely hurting.

bruuuno 9:46 Mon Dec 31
Re: Bournemouth away
My mate gets them through the ballot a lot, if he can regularly get them it can't be that hard

DANNY66 8:58 Mon Dec 31
Re: Bournemouth away
Corporates have always had first dibs on away tickets.

There is nothing wrong with the AST scheme.

It's only when desirable away games come along that people start moaning.

Quite a few games this year the points level has gone down to a low number and if you ain't got any points then you really ain't in a position to moan about others who have getting the tickets.

That's not aimed at anyone on this thread just my thoughts after seeing some of the bitching about this of late all over the place.

DaveT 7:04 Mon Dec 31
Re: Bournemouth away
It is shim. Sorry didn't make that clear. It was brought in to make away games more accessible. Someone told me the other week that is going to scrapped but can't find anything about it happening.

shim 6:50 Mon Dec 31
Re: Bournemouth away
I think that £30 cap thing is across every club though isn’t it.. we don’t need it to sell out or encourage us to go away but I guess some (tin pot) clubs do..

Jim C 6:15 Mon Dec 31
Re: Bournemouth away
I could well be wrong but I can not see many box holders and "corporate clients" wanting to stand all game within the noisy away support. A prestigious game at Wembley I imagine would be much different. Playing devil's advocate those box/corporate fans who do travel to away games will argue that they pay by far the most to the club, so are entitled to priority just as when I was a season ticket holder I had more priority than members.

I have no problem with the away season ticket scheme, it is capped and rewards our most loyal. I am not a fan of the board by any stretch but the only issues have on the away ticket policy is not always taking the full allocation.

I can also see why people get annoyed by the 10% ballot as someone who has never been to an away game may get one ahead of another supporter who has done the midweek games at the other end of the country.

DaveT 6:03 Mon Dec 31
Re: Bournemouth away
No problem with away season tickets. I know a few who always go.
Best way is to scrap the £30 away ticket. Before that I had no trouble getting tickets for games I wanted to go. I've probably got no chance even with 33 points

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