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ooooh Morley Morley 5:43 Thu Jan 3
Dry January...
... any of you dickheads doing it? I've just had a nice cup of hot water with honey & ginger...

*Thumbs Up*

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Nurse Ratched 2:22 Sun Jan 6
Re: Dry January...
Arf! @ Ernie

Takashi Miike 2:21 Sun Jan 6
Re: Dry January...

AKA ERNIE 2:17 Sun Jan 6
Re: Dry January...
how do you know when someone's doing dry January?

They fucking tell you and keep banging on about it

here's a tip no one gives a flying fucking cunt if you have a beer or not

Mad Dog 2:02 Sun Jan 6
Re: Dry January...
Been doing this since 2000. Initially did it as I needed to help my fitness. Just carried on every year since
Don't drink anywhere near as much as used to (weekend binging) but still keep jan booze free.

Mad Dog 1:59 Sun Jan 6
Re: Dry January...

Addicts know they're one step away from a full relapse. That's why even if they've been clean for years they say they are still.recovering

Lertie Button 12:13 Sun Jan 6
Re: Dry January...
Unless you've been binging like a cunt in December then not necessary

Mike Oxsaw 7:23 Sun Jan 6
Re: Dry January...
Who the fuck in this day and age needs to be told/encouraged when to drink alcohol and when not to drink it?

You want to drink/get pissed, then drink/get pissed. You don't, then don't.

I've had a couple of periods in my life where I just decided I didn't want to drink - no drivers for it, just did it - or rather, didn't it. 9 months the first one, 2 years the second. Life didn't stop in either, but, looking back, it clearly made others feel uncomfortable. Their problem, not mine.

lowermarshhammer 5:12 Sun Jan 6
Re: Dry January...
I'm on it. Normally try to go dry Jan 1st until cricket starts up, most years I am quite good and make it until at least mid March.

Life's too short, it's 2019 and someone needs to prop up the whisky industry at 3 in the morning.

fossil 9:25 Sat Jan 5
Re: Dry January...
What I don't get is with the AA is why people use present tense and say "I AM an alcoholic" even when they haven't touched the stuff for years. Can't you just give it up and leave it all behind?

joyo 5:48 Sat Jan 5
Re: Dry January...
Most functional alcoholics are horrible cunts, nothing you can do to help an alcoholic till they accept they have a problem, most don't want to or can't.

Westham67 5:33 Sat Jan 5
Re: Dry January...
I stopped drinking when I worked in Doha the company was shit some fat, ugly, unmarried, child less, middle aged , alchoilc, mess and a miserable Manc cunt

Also our kids time were away at school so the Mrs came with me for the first time and sshe doesn’t drink

I still go out and enjoy myself just as much as I did before I stopped drinking, I've been out with balders, fraser and CBE since

3 people I know well who have drunk themselves into an early grave all heavy smokers as well

1 died at 47 of a stroke at work. The other one died last year he was 53 and was supposed to have stents fitted and he didn’t go to and them done and he died of a heart attack. His picture was in the local paper he looked about 70 odd my Mrs couldn’t believe he was in his early 50s

The other was a good mate of mine and I was gutted when I heard he had died and still am today to a degree. I worked with him Malaysia, half Irish half Swedish do the math, we had some mammoth sessions in Butterworth and after we used to go to 24 hour Maccas and get 10 double cheeseburgers. He said he found one in the foot well of his car one morning and had it for breakfast

He died in his sleep aged 51

RIP Frank

gph 12:17 Sat Jan 5
Re: Dry January...
Why isn't there an RAC - Rationalist Alcoholics' Cooperative?

Sydney_Iron 12:10 Sat Jan 5
Re: Dry January...
Thats very true, noticed more than a few who give it the old "look at me" when they announce it, its like its some kind of great thing to do as they bang on about it and how better they feel.

A few weeks later they are almost always back on the beer though! so cant be that great?

penners28 12:06 Sat Jan 5
Re: Dry January...
How do you know when someone is doing dry january?

They’ll tell you...

Sydney_Iron 11:53 Fri Jan 4
Re: Dry January...
Do it in July here, January is as hot as fuck, so fuck that, if anything consumption of the Amber Nectar doubles! Well it does for me anyway.

arsegrapes 11:14 Fri Jan 4
Re: Dry January...
Given up, broke down again in January, went back to the AA but said they couldn't help, but know a man who can.

claret50 11:11 Fri Jan 4
Re: Dry January...
Good advice from Bill. (where's the hyperlink option?!)


Nurse Ratched 10:57 Fri Jan 4
Re: Dry January...

mashed in maryland 10:46 Fri Jan 4
Re: Dry January...
Say what you like about AA but it does often work. I know we're all high brow intellectuals who have no time for spiritual nonsense etc but all the pseudo-religous stuff is exactly what a lot of "lost" folk need.

simon.s 10:45 Fri Jan 4
Re: Dry January...
Lot of famous people go apparently. My friend has seen her fair share. As this one was in Greenwich village I was expecting a few famous faces maybe, but there wasn’t any.

Nurse Ratched 10:36 Fri Jan 4
Re: Dry January...
Were Shane and Kirsty in there? ;-)

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