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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

one iron 8:58 Mon Jan 7
Why ?
Why did the police, not keep the Birmingham fans in for 20 mins after the match ended?Why did the police let them cross infront of the westham fans which ended in trouble.?.Why would you do this,maybe the police wanted trouble budget ect. I with a lot of other fans went home feeling pig sick.the worst cup draw we could have tonight millwall at the soulless bowl.

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wanstead_hammer 12:37 Tue Jan 8
Re: WHY ?
We bumped into the Brummies on way back to PML.
They'd put them partitions up o/s away bit, so we walked around and then back towards pml. The time we got to that bit where they search ya, they'd already let the Brummies out!
I ad a word with a couple of coppers about it, but as already said, they just shrugged their shoulders. They prob wanted to get home and finish their homework.

They need to use a bit of common sense and sort it out over there, before it's too late.

Warchild 12:13 Tue Jan 8
Re: WHY ?
What annoys me about this is that the moment their security is threatened at the Burnley game, GSB are straight on to the stadium operators to sort out adjustments to protect themselves.

But when it comes to the safety of their fans absolutely nothing. Bunch of cunts, end of.

martyboy 11:36 Mon Jan 7
Re: WHY ?
Got to be said how scruffy there lot was on Saturday. I had the pleasure of walking from the stadium along side a bloke dressed in Stone Island jeans, a Burberry jumper and matching scarf, and a blue woolly hat!! Right proper mess!!! had nice new leather gloves that he kelp flexing!!! Right messy mug!!! bone head, all of 5,2 tall. I knew he was a Brum, as he spoke through his nose!!! BUUURMINGGGGHAMMM!!!!!

Lily Hammer 10:21 Mon Jan 7
Re: WHY ?
It’s been like this since the beginning, Bill.

I went to that league cup win v Chelsea two years ago, where there was enough bother inside the stadium to justify holding back the away support, but they were let out before the match had even ended. I walked along the canal and turned towards PML straight into the Chelsea fans.

I just laughed and told the couple of plod present “Good job with the segregation.” But it didn’t escape me that there could have been absolute mayhem had our mob or theirs knew how easy it would have been to get at each other.

cygnet 10:04 Mon Jan 7
Re: WHY ?
Re Mike Oxsaw 9:49

Have you seen Wolves Liverpool tonight? Practically the entire audience is standing in an all seater stadium!!

The current situation is a nonsense. Safe standing can't come fast enough.

Bungo 9:22 Mon Jan 7
Re: WHY ?
I think there is a certain delusional mentality going on too.

I think the modern PL World would like everyone to believe it is all good, wholesome, family entertainment, and all 'customers' at games should really be allowed to mingle so everyone can visit every food, drink and retail outlet..

ChesterRd 9:18 Mon Jan 7
Re: WHY ?
The problem is the spivs in the boardroom have passed all responsibility for the safety and security of their "customers" to third parties. Any decent football club owner would be concerned about the comfort and safety of their fans but the spivs couldn't give a fuck. Brady's crude negotiating skills has resulted in a total breakdown of goodwill between the club and those responsible of stewarding. Nothing will change until we have responsible owners or something really bad happens. I fear it will be the latter.

one iron 8:30 Mon Jan 7
Re: WHY ?
We need a fence all the way down to the station, and more police willing to stand when the shit hits the fan.peoples storys on this site prove that.

one iron 8:23 Mon Jan 7
Re: WHY ?
Spurs cup match, I got caught by myself,4 police run and left me,last spurs match got caught again but this time had my mate mosa with me could have been a couple of bad nights but spurs backed away from a 64 year old man and his 5ft 4 inch mate mugs.

martyboy 6:03 Mon Jan 7
Re: WHY ?
There you go Buster/Alwaysiron. Did make me smile!!!

Alwaysaniron 4:53 Mon Jan 7
Re: WHY ?
Buster 10:17 Mon Jan 7

Made me chuckle too....

JAC 4:49 Mon Jan 7
Re: Why ?
MONEY also gets us a decent squad.

BRANDED 4:27 Mon Jan 7
Re: Why ?
this is where MONEY takes you.
MONEY ruins everything

rumford 4:24 Mon Jan 7
Re: Why ?
If this is a case of ordinary fans being set upon, then the victims should report it to the police and the club as it would appear that its not the first time this has happened in this area.

COOL HAND LUKE 4:20 Mon Jan 7
Re: WHY ?
We had the same before the game when a full crowd of us were coming up the slope away from the station... a whole line of OB in black 'riot' gear screamed at everybody to move and then pushed through along the wall. They could've got through sweet and easy with a bit more courtesy but instead it was push / shove / elbows out... clear attempt to antagonise. Facking Barclays.

A % of the walkers were women / kids / older folk... it was totally unnecessary, and we were chasing time to get in for kick off by then, so nobody had the slighted interest in stopping to have a knees up anyway.Besides which, half the OB were just scared looking young lads who looked like they would run a mile if it had kicked off.

An old mate of mine from Brum was on one of the official coaches, he said the lack of proper segregation and organisation was apparent from the off. His text to me Sunday morning said "It's like they wanted it to go bandy so they could put themselves about". That's about the length of it, I reckon.

ornchurch ammer 1:59 Mon Jan 7
Re: WHY ?
For high profile games, if not all, escort the away fans to West Ham station along the greenway. There are 4 lines there to disperse them and walking them that way avoids any 'accidental' confrontations en route.

We've had some route marches at away games. For example after the semi at Brum how long were West Ham fans penned in before being escorted back to New St?

I would ask why we are so accommodating but the authorities probably want the Olympic Park experience to be a pleasant one.

Wils 11:42 Mon Jan 7
Re: WHY ?
I was at the Spurs league cup match and exactly the same thing happened. I was with my 9-year-old and had to pick him up and run with him to get him out of the way.

Worse thing about this is it's not just negligence it seems designed to cause trouble. As you walk along the spurs fans were funnelled next to us separated by a fence. So each side felt confident to antagonise the other safely separated by the fencing. Until it ends further up without warning.

It. could. not. be. worse! Like some sort of dystopian reality TV for football hooligans. If that's your thing fine by me but you need to grant safe passage to the families,

I told the stewards who all said "we just work here mate, we didn't create this"

I told the old bill nearer the station who just shrugged even when I told them women and children have been caught up in it. They just don't care.

No one wants to take ownership over it. Some kid is going to get trampled on and they have been warned.

GreenStreetPlayer 10:33 Mon Jan 7
Re: WHY ?
After the Spurs game, the one where we was 3-0 nil down but brought it back to 3-2. Crossed one of the bridges then as turned a corner all the Spurs fans suddenly appeared. Quite funny as as they saw us you could hear them all go shoosh, they didn't say nothing and sheepishly walked by.
However, there was no police presence with them. You would have sworn it was an attempt to see trouble kick off as it was only 10 mins after the game by the time we got to the bridges.

Russ of the BML 10:31 Mon Jan 7
Re: WHY ?
I saw the bloke throw the shit. He was a middle aged bloke with a North Face jacket, brown cords and hiking shoes. Bit of a nerdy looking bloke. There with an old bloke who I assume was his dad.

Even the copper on the horse who see him do it went "You should know better!!".

Just goes to show what attending football makes people do.

bruuuno 10:26 Mon Jan 7
Re: WHY ?
The shit chucker was obviously amongst those of us there at St. Andrews for that league cup semi...

Vexed 10:20 Mon Jan 7
Re: WHY ?
Bare hands?

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