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Westham67 9:15 Tue Jan 8
Comes from the root of Wasabia Japonica

For Sashimi and Sushi. I have seen people stand up at a table after soaking too much on their food. It’s like an explosion of the sinuses. My Mrs. (No link) gave her brother and overloaded dose on some Sushi and his eyes were popping, needless to say we had a good laugh

English Mustard for LGBTs only

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Westham67 12:14 Thu Jan 10
Re: Wasabi
250 quid per kilo better than potatoes

Far East Hammer 10:33 Thu Jan 10
Re: Wasabi
Being grown in Armagh these days!


(I know the bloke behind it from Uni days)

Westham67 5:17 Thu Jan 10
Re: Wasabi
2003 Taiwan was the first time the geniune one

Vexed 1:53 Thu Jan 10
Re: Wasabi
You won't see real wasabi outside a high end restaurant as it's so expensive. It's really difficult to grow apparently.

Horseradish is shit.

Boycie 1:23 Thu Jan 10
Re: Wasabi
od'd on it once and felt my brain coming out of my eyeballs

lowermarshhammer 10:13 Wed Jan 9
Re: Wasabi
Doubt any self respecting sushi restaurant would sell Budweiser.

The only thing that is more depressing than the fact that that piss water is the world's 4th best selling beer is the quite unbelievable fact that Bud Light is the world's 3rd best selling beer.


Claret Badger 10:00 Wed Jan 9
Re: Wasabi

Westham67 9:57 Tue Jan 8
Re: Wasabi
Sashimi is the better one fish with no rice, I like the Tuna

lowermarshhammer 9:39 Tue Jan 8
Re: Wasabi
Very common trait of non Japanese people, especially English, is to go overboard with the wasabi. I am definitely guilty of this.

I think it's because we tend to get hooked on excessive lashings of English mustard on roast dinners.

Japanese people look at us slapping on the wasabi or doing a 50/50 mix in the soy tray and regard us as utter fucking buffoons destroying the delicate flavour of each different fish.

I've had proper fresh wasabi a fair few times, totally different game to the insipid shite that is normally served up here.

Don't get me started on Yo sushi, what they put up on their conveyor belts is beyond a joke.

Never forget it takes a decade or so to learn the ropes properly as a sushi chef.

Fivetide 4:58 Tue Jan 8
Re: Wasabi
Pre or post WW2?

Mike Oxsaw 2:02 Tue Jan 8
Re: Wasabi

Fivetide 4:57 Tue Jan 8
Re: Wasabi
In the early 90s, twats in suits who couldn't handle the shiny cans of Sopporo they were buying at a tenner a pop, would act like dicks in soho sushi restaurants then dare each other to eat balls of the stuff.

Cheezey Bell-End 4:48 Tue Jan 8
Re: Wasabi
Not sure if I have ever eaten the real thing, but I do like wasabi/horse radish and English mustard in volume. Thais I know can't handle it. A reversal of the chilli situation.
I like mustard on chips as well as meat. Just don't breath in and you're fine.

Mike Oxsaw 2:02 Tue Jan 8
Re: Wasabi
Is this the place to use the phrase "Arse like the flag of Japan"?

That is one of the few things I first heard/read/saw on here that I've yet to drop seamlessly into a conversation.

Coffee 1:54 Tue Jan 8
Re: Wasabi
I love the stuff!

I also love kimchi, but have genuine trouble with it. In the Sainsburys sense, below. I could still eat it by the bucketful, though.

ironsofcanada 1:38 Tue Jan 8
Re: Wasabi
Coffee 1:33 Tue Jan 8

Not sure I have any desire to eat that much wasabi, real or otherwise

Coffee 1:33 Tue Jan 8
Re: Wasabi

Enjoyed the Sainsburys warning: "Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects"

ironsofcanada 1:05 Tue Jan 8
Re: Wasabi
Even at Japanese shops you have to check the ingredients. Their export wasabi often has just a small amount. Japanese exporters can call horseradish, wasabi because its name is "seiyo wasabi" - Western wasabi.

The UK is better at truth in packaging that North America, ie. If you call it Greek feta, it has to be from Greece but even still you get something like this sold a lot.


1-5% wasabi powder usually.

But there is this place, for the UK-based.

Westham67 12:38 Tue Jan 8
Re: Wasabi
Canada yes unless you get it from a Japanese or food shop or proper Japanese restaurant it is mainly horse radish which cheaper and taste rougher that Wasabi using Wasabia Japonica root

Coffee 11:30 Tue Jan 8
Re: Wasabi

There's a limit to how much wasabi you can snort without terminal harm.

Sydney_Iron 11:27 Tue Jan 8
Re: Wasabi
Wasn't there a poster on here called Wasabi snooter, whatever happened to him?

then there is this!!!


ironsofcanada 11:22 Tue Jan 8
Re: Wasabi
Most outside Japanese is some part horseradish.

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