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Feed Me Chicken 6:51 Wed Jan 9
Marko £35M bid
From Lee Clayton

West Ham have received a bid in excess of £35million for Marko Arnautovic. The bid is from a Chinese club. They want to reject it. The wages will be amazing. Hard to keep him.

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eusebiovic 11:03 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
Good luck with his gambling debts in Macau...

Mike Oxsaw 10:19 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
Put him in the squad, then 5 minutes before the ref gets the team sheet, pull him because the manager "believes he is not fit to play" and let him strop off to the casino for the duration of the game; then fine him 2 weeks wages for insubordination.

Rinse & repeat.

Stevethehammer 10:18 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
Won't it be a shame if Sullivan isn't in the right frame of mind when Arnie's 150k is due to go into the bank this week.

yngwies Cat 10:08 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
Both cunts to be fair, brother was going to make shit liad.

Our season was sort of an a bit of a even keel for a bit as much as West ham goes, then this Fuckery happens.

Still no surprise modern football wank

simon.s 10:00 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
I agree, the whole thing stinks.

The offer or at least the interest from China was made public, and within a couple of days, Arnie had decided according to his brother that he wanted to go there.

If he can’t get him ‘dream move to china’ this month, he will just have to suck it up and get on with it. But regardless of the end game here, him and his brother have been shown up as a right pair of conniving cunts. I look forward to a grovelling apology.

Any Old Iron 9:44 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
It seems to me that this 'offer' from the tiddlys was arse about face.
It's clear that they were talking to his cunt of a brother before an offer was made to WHU, telling him that they'd pay Marko at least double what ge's getting. Not surprisingly the pair of them get excited and want out. We then get a low (ish) offer for him which the chinks should realise won't be acceptable.
But as WHU hold his contract shouldn't the offer have first been made and accepted before they talked to the player and offered him a ridiculous contract that sent his stupid head into a spin. Wouldn't that be known as tapping up?

CR 9:21 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
Mr T is right. He may be disruptive until the end of the transfer window but after that he will have to go back to showing how well he can play or there will be no more offers in for him. Think of moving him on in the summer when it might be easier to get a replacement. Moves have got to be at our convenience not the players. Otherwise we as a club will get no peace and every January one player or another will want to move on.

icwhs 8:54 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
I don’t have a master plan, as the 30+million asset isn’t mine...
But if he was, i, like any other football club owner wouldn’t stick hin in the stiffs, letting him rot into a non asset.

Not even Manchester City owner would, and he’s one of the richest around.

There isn’t a master plan for a player who’s earning 90k a week worth 30+ million and 29 pushing 30.

Sell is the only thing you do.

No ome takes a 40+ million (inc salary) hit on purpose for spite..

martyboy 8:46 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
icwhs, that pal is the problem, No one is going to pay what WE think his worth!!! You say" Just put up with it" yes me too, in the stiffs!! What's your master plan?

Texas Iron 8:43 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
How can an adult playing football for ridiculous money not be in the right frame of mind to carry out his job...???

...only a greedy Austrian who writes himself way above his actual capabilities...

But he must be thick as shit ...as he got into massive gambling debt...
Gambling is a Mug's Game unless you are a seasoned professional and can control some of the odds in the gambling game's you play..Fick Idiot...

icwhs 8:34 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid

Lets get real, no team today puts a 30 million + asset in the stiffs, not a chance, no matter how much we’d like it..

Big Business today... not even the teams who can afford it do, it’s just get rid, or put up with it.

martyboy 8:30 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
Why offer him more money? Stick him in the stiffs, and take any bonus off him. Greedy bastard.

Helmut Shown 8:30 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
This has Levy written all over it. He tried it before with Bellamy. He's trying to get him on the cheap now that he has become a disruptive influence

icwhs 8:22 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
I don’t think it was a case of he didn’t/doesn’t want to play..

The proposed deal was 280 bags a week, he’s money motivated, and obviously not alone amongst today’s players..

Offer the cunt 20k a goal more... that’s a 🥕 on a stick for any 🐴

Darby_ 2:55 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
Agree Andy.

The bloke is a prick, but we always knew that. There's a reason that Stoke fans came to hate him.

Just offer him a new contract and tell him we'll talk about a transfer again in the summer.

Dwight Van Mann 2:52 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
I cab see Spurs trying to unsettle him further and try to pull our pants down again

andyd12345 2:45 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
Give him a new contract. Same basic, same length, massive goal bonus.

The only thing he responds too is cash, so play him at his own game.

Lily Hammer 2:42 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
I can’t believe any Chinese club would have come in with an offer when they did without being tipped off by the brother. Anyone looking in from the outside, and even us on the inside, saw a top player doing well at a club where he was popular with fans and team mates, on a long contract, at a club that seems to be going places with a top manager. There had been no outward signs of unrest.

This mini circus must have been engineered on the sly.

JayeMPee 2:35 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
Norway, do you mean both Chinese outfits? Does his brother know, I can't help but believe he was behind this?

Mr T. 2:32 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
He'll be fine. This sort of thing happens all the time. If he's serious about wanting move on big wages he will need to keep reminding everyone of what he's capable of. And that would be good news for the rest of our season at least.

goose 2:14 Sun Jan 20
Re: Marko £35M bid
Basically now we’re fucked if we don’t get rid sharpish.
He won’t want to play & his value will drop.

Better hope Chelsea or Spurs get desperate.

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