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Mace66 10:45 Fri Jan 11
Morning all

I'm toying with the idea of getting a home CCTV system and thinking maybe 4 cameras.

Any recommendations / advice would be most welcome


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hammer205 1:15 Sat Jan 12
Re: Home CCTV
What sort of cost is this to install

wanstead_hammer 11:18 Sat Jan 12
Re: Home CCTV
Trump and Son Bricklayers are your friends.
Any size walls with added machine gun turrets. No steel slats or your money back.

Full Claret Jacket 11:04 Sat Jan 12
Re: Home CCTV

Anything which is internet connected is prone to hack and misuse. These companies selling these products care nothing for your safety and security and just want to get them to market quick and shift a load of them. I won't have anything which is connected to the internet and that includes these go awful Amazon and Google things, Nest or smart meters.
Oh and if you have a smart phone that will be listening in on you too, especially the Apple ones.

Until this stuff matures and isn't driven by selling your info then steer clear is my advice. Of course if you don't care that people know absolutely everything about you then jog on.

Claret Badger 4:57 Sat Jan 12
Re: Home CCTV

Claret Badger 4:57 Sat Jan 12
Re: Home CCTV
burglars as it has been said wear masks/balaclavas - and gloves to hide prints

cctv is just confirmation you're house has something inside worth nicking

just secure all windows and doors

and hope they rob your neighbours

Chigwell 4:40 Sat Jan 12
Re: Home CCTV
CCTV won't be much use if the intruder wears a mask. Better get a proper alarm system, and secure doors and windows. The only problem with a deterrent dog is that it will bark at anything and drive you and neighbours mad.

Capitol Man 3:47 Sat Jan 12
Re: Home CCTV
Ring system is a pretty cheap and easy way to do it. Between that, the alarm and the dogs I should get plenty of notice.

Alfs 3:41 Sat Jan 12
Re: Home CCTV
I can't believe anyone has not suggested LOCKING THE DOOR, as if you had you probably wouldn't have been burgled. A lot cheaper too.

RichT BMUpper 9:57 Fri Jan 11
Re: Home CCTV
Hik-Vision bit pricey but you get what you pay for....

Stevethehammer 3:53 Fri Jan 11
Re: Home CCTV
Otb. Check who mail mate

On The Ball 3:47 Fri Jan 11
Re: Home CCTV
Don't suppose anyone on here fits CCTV (cheaply), do they?

I did our last system but I've bought a new one that I want on the eaves - I just don't fancy doing it.

Glenn Roeder 2:11 Fri Jan 11
Re: Home CCTV
Ring pro doorbell, Ring security camera and light and a decent alarm system. I have all three, and a rottweiler. The ring doorbell sends notifications of all movements in front of the house at a angle of around 140 degrees which means you can get a sound as they are walking towards your property. It's easy to set up with a direct connection to your fuse box. The Ring 1 doorbell uses rechargeable batteries so is easier to install but doesn't come with the door chime box.

If you're getting 4 cameras then get a 2TB box so you will still get 14-21 days recording (good if you are on holiday).

Far Cough 1:50 Fri Jan 11
Re: Home CCTV

Far Cough 1:48 Fri Jan 11
Re: Home CCTV

Thank me later

Stevethehammer 1:44 Fri Jan 11
Re: Home CCTV
Mace66 you have a whomail

Mace66 12:53 Fri Jan 11
Re: Home CCTV
Troy - all good mate hope you're well

greenie - she was at work ;-)

Deanooooo 12:34 Fri Jan 11
Re: Home CCTV
Get the ring doorbell and flood light cameras.

greenie1 12:30 Fri Jan 11
Re: Home CCTV
Whats wrong with a snarling dog?

Northern Sold 12:29 Fri Jan 11
Re: Home CCTV
Remember going with my then Bruv in Law to a house in Reading to pick up a concrete garage (long story).. anyway the couple who we bought the garage from had more cameras outside their house than I have ever seen... in their front room they had screens everywhere... said they would sit there night after night just watching CCTV... think they said they had been broken into three times before.... what a shitty way to live

On The Ball 12:26 Fri Jan 11
Re: Home CCTV
Troy - true, but cameras will hopefully be a deterrent too. I've also got a Ring doorbell which is pretty good.

1964 12:20 Fri Jan 11
Re: Home CCTV
What like Ilford the 3rd most burgled place in the country.

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