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eastend joker 8:04 Sat Jan 12
Carroll and Snodgrass
really impressed with these two today ,came on with about 25 to go and really worked the Arsenal back line ,this is a big step forward for our club having this sort of quality of the bench at a vital stage of the game ,i for one am in no hurry to lose Andy Carroll .

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SUM A DING WONG 7:08 Mon Jan 14
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
Why are people worrying about Andy Carroll.

He either does really well for us, so we offer him a new deal on less wages

Or he doesn't and we fuck him off in the summer.

End of.

Stratford Iron 6:33 Mon Jan 14
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
A younger hungrier Carroll is Jordan Hugill surely? Six goals in 24 appearances in a Pulis side is not a bad return. I would have preferred him as back up striker rather than Perez and Silva

Northern Sold 6:47 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
Canada... get him on a pay as you play.... I saw nothing from him yesterday when he came on apart from running around a bit ... free up his wages and get someone like you say.... younger and hungrier

ironsofcanada 6:41 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
Northern Sold 6:34 Sun Jan 13

He won't be on 90 a week (if he ever was) if he stays.

I do think we need to look higher and younger, though.

Northern Sold 6:34 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
North Bank.... thing is £90k a week is a lot of greenbacks for a so called squad player..... no probs with Oggy and the Snod' but the cart horse needs to be moved on

ironsofcanada 6:16 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
Chigwell 4:28 Sun Jan 13

Not sure how you say that. He has been on the same contract for a very long time and has looked good very off and on in there.

Chigwell 4:28 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
From the outside it looks as though Carroll only becomes motivated when the time arrives for his contract to be renewed. Bilic strongly hinted that Carroll did not help himself to recover quickly from injury.
Even if I am wrong about that, I don't believe we should keep him except on a short-term contract to see if we can get a transfer fee for him in the summer. He is too much of an injury risk, and has been since he was at Liverpool.

Takashi Miike 4:06 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
I wouldn't sell snodgrass, he has far too much to offer. also, if oggy is happy being a squad player then I'd be happy keeping him but carroll can go any time but just go

SUM A DING WONG 4:05 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
Now, now North Bank.

This is WHO, remember. Not the place to be using common sense and logic.

andyd12345 4:03 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
Canning - I didn’t say 2 quality strikers for £40m. I said 2 decent young striker. Abraham and Origi, big bags of potential, knows where the goal is, and would hold their value.

North Bank 3:16 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
I read on one of the match threads the other week obviously after a defeat, plenty saying sell Snodgrass, Carroll, Ogbonna etc

What supporters have to realise is that these players are predominantly squad players and without them we would struggle, why would you want to sell them I just don't get it, you wouldn't raise much and couldn't replace them for the pittance you'd get

What we need to be doing is looking to replace the players in the first team with better players, that's how you improve the side

Mike the Hammer 2:14 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
The thing is that the game has changed in the last few years, what with 'contact' and referees only giving fouls if a player goes down, so AC's physical approach invariably leads to fouls, warranted but mostly otherwise, being given against us, and very rarely for us.
Though a positive is the way Pellegrini helped turn Antonio round, and AC's last couple of performances suggest he could be capable of doing the same...

, 1:49 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
Canning Town, you make a good point because to replace what Arnie brings to the table realistically costs as much as we will sell him for. And equal performance with Arnie is not guaranteed let alone an improvement.

Look at Southampton who embarked on the much vaunted Alec V project of selling high and buying cheap. In the end they are proving that you get what you pay for.

CanningTownWA 1:19 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass

Not knocking but I don't think you can get 2 quality strikers for 40M nowadays. I would be happy with one 40M striker though

Yorkammer 1:13 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
Looks like Pellegrini's 'big club' mantra has really been taken on board by those who slag off Andy Carroll. A year ago he would have gone to Chelsea instead of Giroud had he not got injured. Seeking better for ourselves than what Chelsea wanted may be a little over ambitious at the moment. An extension on a pay for play type contract would be good.

62Hammer 1:04 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
As everyone says, Carroll certainly doesn't fit in with our style of play now, but there's nothing wrong with having an alternative, to mix things up a bit. You can almost sense defences wondering what to do when he comes on.

Westside 12:58 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
Carol seems to be so much better, winning defensive headers, rather than attacking headers on goal/for knock downs. As others have said, quite an asset defensively, at set plays.

However, the wages he is on, he should be moved on, at end of the season.

Tomshardware 12:28 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
Carrol is a big asset, holds the ball up so well and defensively is very good to have when defending set pieces. Snodgrass has been a key player for us this season.

, 12:23 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
We’ll keep Snoddy and release Carroll.

SUM A DING WONG 12:06 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
We all know that a fit, inform Carroll is an asset. Although he doesn't fit our style of play, i would keep him as he offers something different.

We also know, that he is mostly unreliable as fuck to be able to stay fit long enough to be of use.

Fuck, where am i going with this!!

If he miraculously stays fit, and contributes massively for the rest of our season, i wouldn't have a problem with him being kept on, on a lower wage and/or pay as you play deal.

ironsofcanada 12:05 Sun Jan 13
Re: Carroll and Snodgrass
Sven Roeder 11:48 Sun Jan 13

"the hunt for Chinese tittles"

I read Arnautovic's hunt as something a little different initially, one reason to go, I guess, if that is your thing,

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