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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

sanfrancis-co-uk 5:17 Wed Jan 16
Fourteen to West Ham.

Anyone at this game?

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One Flew 12:33 Sat Jan 19
Re: Fourteen to West Ham.
Lato, in a village called Althorne on a farm at the end of a long and muddy road in deepest darkest Essex

Lato 5:23 Fri Jan 18
Re: Fourteen to West Ham.
Or not "ave some" even!

Lato 5:22 Fri Jan 18
Re: Fourteen to West Ham.
One Flew 4:37 Fri Jan 18

13 mile hitch hike from Wickford, where did you live ffs?

The Human Stain 4:50 Fri Jan 18

I would guess that away fans would look at the South Bank and think because it was the smallest stand at UP it would be the safest how wrong could you be it was full of lunatics. To be fair no where was safe in those days if you wanted "to ave some".

The Human Stain 4:50 Fri Jan 18
Re: Fourteen to West Ham.
I had a season ticket then so would have been there but don't recall this. Agree the earlier comment re segregation. Away fans tended to head for a bit of the south bank but don't recall a specific away area and we had lots of nutters in the south bank that would have mixed in with any wanting trouble. Very few away fans caused trouble in the ground, though often something going on outside.
I'm sure some on here have better info as to away fans "arrangements" in early 70's.

One Flew 4:37 Fri Jan 18
Re: Fourteen to West Ham.
I was there, school night, biggest attendance I was ever in at Upton Park, freezing cold night, packed and it was the only game my sister ever came to.
Massive traffic jams after the game I thought we'd be clever and catch the S1 going the long way round to Stratford, bad idea, just got last train to Wickford but then had to hitchhike the 13 miles home from there, only had on an army jumper, which had frost forming on the shoulders, sister was crying with cold and at about 2 in the morning having walked 7 miles our local doctor happened to be driving by and gave us a lift the rest of the way. He didn't even act surprised to see us there, I guess he knew the family well!! She hasn't been to a match since, for me it kick started an everlasting love affair.

simon.s 12:37 Wed Jan 16
Re: Fourteen to West Ham.
Let’s not spoil a good story.

Northern Sold 12:35 Wed Jan 16
Re: Fourteen to West Ham.
Lard... it was OFFICIAL travel (coaches/specials) ... so yeah I imagine there would have been plenty of localish LFC at the game... like there has always been

Admiral Lard 12:25 Wed Jan 16
Re: Fourteen to West Ham.
19th Feb 1975
40,000 in that night, a huge crow by our standards back then. we did well to get a 0-0 out of it

To be fair, these were the days of pay on the gate with no formal segregation so quite how anyone could have worked out how many scousers were in the ground is a mystery

Northern Sold 12:07 Wed Jan 16
Re: Fourteen to West Ham.
Yeah not sure many of them would not have come due to the hooligan side of things... like I said they always seemed loads of them in the ground around that time... remember a game maybe a couple of years later when they brought 1000's down... think Toshack and Keegan scored... HOWEVER... the theiving yeah I'll give you that !!

Grumpster 12:03 Wed Jan 16
Re: Fourteen to West Ham.
Other than the fact it was a dangerous place to visit in those days, Upton Park is also not exactly a rich hunting ground for thieving!!

Loving the fact that some Evertonians still take the piss out of them for it though. Superb.

Northern Sold 11:32 Wed Jan 16
Re: Fourteen to West Ham.
Strange one that as one thing LFC always do is travel in numbers... my Auntie would have been there (from Hornchurch) she had a season ticket there all through the mid 70's to mid 80's... always went to teh London grounds to watch them as well... always took her camera (one of those big fuck off professional ones)... must of been a nightmare near her...

Least fans I ever saw on our away bank was in the Anglo Italian Cup... think it was Regginia?? Mates did not fancy it so met the missus up there in the Queens... group of about 6 or 7 very vocal Italian blokes that all looked like they had stepped off the page of aftershave advert... anyway that was the WHOLE of their away crowd... they actually put up more flags than they had actual supporters

Lato 10:53 Wed Jan 16
Re: Fourteen to West Ham.
I can remember a League cup game against Burnley in the late 70's and counting 12 away fans in the South Bank

Mex Martillo 7:55 Wed Jan 16
Re: Fourteen to West Ham.
That is a laugh
I hoped it was 14 goals, but never mind, that’ll do.

Don Ravioli 7:21 Wed Jan 16
Re: Fourteen to West Ham.
Hahahahaha that is superb

Hello Mrs. Jones 7:20 Wed Jan 16
Re: Fourteen to West Ham.
I was at every home game that season but don't recall that particularly. The fact was that the years 1972-1978 saw few away supporters (except Manchester Utd.). The Boleyn was a very intimidating place in those years.

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