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Leonard Hatred 2:43 Thu Jan 24
Live Aid

Luton v Millwall riot


Torvill and Dean

The Smiths

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Too Much Too Young 4:11 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
Spare ribs from the Kentucky Fried Chicken shop.

Iron Duke 2:19 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
Barry McGuigan becoming World Featherweight Champion and his old man singing Danny Boy.

Iron Duke 2:17 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
25m people staying up to watch Dennis Taylor beat Steve Davis on the final black to become World Snooker Champion.

ironsofcanada 2:15 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
me and my little sister*

ironsofcanada 2:14 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985

Rocky 4 - one of my big memories

My half-sister moved out that year and I got her room in the basement. Then she took my little sister to Rocky 4 - my first M -rated movie - without telling my parents.

All great memories

Also Gretzky in full flight and the Oilers win their second straight Stanley Cup.

Iron Duke 2:13 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
Dempsey and Makepeace

Darlo Debs 2:11 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
Our Favourite Shop - The Style Council
...and the start of our best ever season.

Northern Sold 2:05 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
`but few knew who he was`

It took a few months for even our own fans to pronounce his name properly... I kept thinking we had signed a new Jock every week.... one bloke in the Chicken Run kept calling him McFreeney... heard a McErvey... all sorts...

Eddie B 1:41 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
West Ham United 5 - 1 Stoke City

Two of WHU's goals were scored by Billy Bonds. His last 2 goals for the club.

It was an evening match and all I can recall is that it absolutely pissed down all night.

The_Phantom 1:16 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
wasn't there an ITV strike and Frankie Mac was leading goalscorer but few knew who he was.
Possibly Saint & greavsie taking him out on the street and asking passers by if they knew who he was.

Trapped - Colonel Abrams

split up with my first ex

Coffee 12:58 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
"was driving around on a Lambretta SX150 AND a Mark 3 1.6s metalic Blue Capri"

That takes some doing.

Northern Sold 12:53 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
Was managing the families Video Hire shop... making absolute fortunes... was driving around on a Lambretta SX150 AND a Mark 3 1.6s metalic Blue Capri.... living the life

dm 12:48 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
Beltane Fire released their one and only album;
Different Breed.

brilliant album.

dm 8:01 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
Marillion - Misplaced Childhood
Adam Ant - Vive Le Rock
UFO - Misdemeanor
Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
IQ - The Wake
Hawkwind - Chronicle of the Black Sword
Kate Bush - Hounds of Love
Pendragon - The Jewel

Great albums from that year.

ivan 5:47 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
Left school, straight onto a YTS. 25 quid a week ,always had enough money for a beer though ,odd

sanfrancis-co-uk 5:37 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
Spill the beans Coffee!

Coffee 5:32 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
Sneaked onto a Yugoslav cargo ship in Calcutta's docks and had a splendid dinner of squid, chips, salad and wine. Long story.

Read reports of West Ham games in newspapers that arrived three weeks after they were published. Compelling reading, even then.

SDKFZ 222 4:43 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
I bought my very first season ticket after standing for years on the North and South Banks.

Briano 12:16 Fri Jan 25
Re: 1985
19 ....19.....nnnnnnnnn 19

Troy McClure 11:47 Thu Jan 24
Re: 1985
2nd year seniors
Side parting
St Elmo’s fire
Getting crushed outside Oxfords ground

Briano 11:43 Thu Jan 24
Re: 1985
17 year old Boris Becker won Wimbledon diving around the court like a lunatic

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