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Percy Dalton 10:56 Wed Jan 30
David Gilmour auction
Pink Floyd guitarist is selling 120 of his guitars at Christies the money is going to charity.
One of the guitars has a serial number of 0001
What sort of money are we looking at must run into millions

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geoffpikey 10:38 Sat Feb 2
Re: David Gilmour auction
David is a VP of Shelter, the homeless charity. I imagine they will be main beneficiary?

The Black Strat will go for way more than the $150k estimate. Just "because". Weird business. It's just an old Stratocaster with a few mods. (Seen, played, in the flesh)

The 55 Gibson Les Paul goldtop is of more "inherent" value (rarity), as is his Gretsch Penguin. The 0001 s/n Stratocaster is not what it seems. But these things don't matter.

Have it on decent authority that the useless Kirk Hammett paid $2m for the Peter Green Les Paul. Dear Kirk: you cannot BUY talent.

Mike Oxsaw 7:53 Wed Jan 30
Re: David Gilmour auction
LeroysBoots 7:09 Wed Jan 30

It will be done in the most tax-efficient (and legal) way.

As has been suggested, something like a gentleman's agreement that they make a donation equivalent, but not legally linked to a certain percentage of their fee for this sale.

They can then put it down as an expense and reduce their tax bill accordingly.

Everybody wins. Except HMRC.

Bungo 7:34 Wed Jan 30
Re: David Gilmour auction
I would assume DG would have negotiated this with them first. Perhaps a sizeable donation would do the trick?

LeroysBoots 7:09 Wed Jan 30
Re: David Gilmour auction
Quick question, do you think Christies will take their cut of the sale or would they donate to charity !?!

Bungo 7:00 Wed Jan 30
Re: David Gilmour auction
Can't believe he's selling THE Black Strat. Haven't seen him play anything else as his main guitar for years.

If Paul Allen was still alive I would imagine he'd have bought that, whtever price it went up to.

I remember when Gilmour had a house in Maida Vale, which he sold, and then gave the money to Crisis (about £3.5m I believe).

COOL HAND LUKE 11:26 Wed Jan 30
Re: David Gilmour auction
Kite 11:21 Wed Jan 30

Really?! Oh dear oh dear...

**Crosses Gilmour off the list of people I give a fuck about**

Nurse Ratched 11:25 Wed Jan 30
Re: David Gilmour auction
120 guitars? He probably only plays (extremely brilliantly) at most half a dozen of those on a regular basis, human nature being what it is. I agree it's a nice gesture. How lovely for a guitarist PF fan to get his mitts on one of Gilmour's guitars. Wish I could say I am inspired to take some of my 30,000 handbags to a charity shop, but I'm not.

Kite 11:21 Wed Jan 30
Re: David Gilmour auction
The money will get no where near the British Legion, this will go to some open boarders charity.
Him and his wife have the same views as Lilly Allen etc..

Far Cough 11:09 Wed Jan 30
Re: David Gilmour auction
Hope the Beige Telecaster he uses for Run Like Hell, is not for sale

Eddie B 11:06 Wed Jan 30
Re: David Gilmour auction
All the money should go the the Royal British Legion, after what that cunt of a stepson of his did at the Cenotaph.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:00 Wed Jan 30
Re: David Gilmour auction
I think a million would be stretching it, but it's a nice gesture nonetheless.

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