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David L 3:22 Fri Feb 1
Tipping Point
Presented by our very own Ben Shepard, I love this. As well as taking me back to the arcades of my youth, you get to see some of the thickest most uneducated people and 'celebs' stumbling over stupidly easy questions.

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Nurse Ratched 12:41 Sun Feb 3
Re: Tipping Point
*peers over pince-nez ar Dan*

Dan M 12:09 Sun Feb 3
Re: Tipping Point
My missus keeps telling me I should stop doing flamingo impressions all the time. She never stops. But this time I'm putting my foot down.

y2smif 3:54 Sun Feb 3
Re: Tipping Point
I was on this a couple of years ago and I fucked up big time, and have been getting dogs abuse since.
Some question about a flamboyant bird and I instantly said "flamingo" when the answer was "peacock". Ended up costing me the place in the final, and the motherfucker I was up against (spurs cunt) went on to win the jackpot as well.
I got a nice chicken lunch out of it and a decent chat with Mr Shepherd about the Irons.
Would've preferred the £20k to be honest

Nurse Ratched 11:28 Sat Feb 2
Re: Tipping Point
Ah well, at least you have good fossiling.

Nurse Ratched 11:25 Sat Feb 2
Re: Tipping Point

WSM Hammer 11:00 Sat Feb 2
Re: Tipping Point
of course it does - shame it's made up of Welsh sewage

Nurse Ratched 8:45 Sat Feb 2
Re: Tipping Point
Does the tide EVER come in?

WSM Hammer 8:43 Sat Feb 2
Re: Tipping Point
that's the one!

Nurse Ratched 8:36 Sat Feb 2
Re: Tipping Point
Weston Super Mud?

WSM Hammer 8:12 Sat Feb 2
Re: Tipping Point
if we're talking about shit seaside towns - I'll sit this one out

Nurse Ratched 4:28 Sat Feb 2
Re: Tipping Point
I haven't been to Hastings for about 30 years.

Worst seaside town I have ever been to is Lowestoft. Awful place. Went there last year on the way to somewhere else. In fact it was so awful it makes me wonder if I accidentally went to the worst parts of it. My impression may also be soured by almost having a panic attack crossing that fucking bascule bridge and having to steel myself to go back across it again to leave the town.

cholo 4:01 Sat Feb 2
Re: Tipping Point
In answer to Mike Hunt's post on the chase.

cholo 4:00 Sat Feb 2
Re: Tipping Point
Best performance ever was Dave Gorman, took the top offer, pissed it, then got just about every question on the final chase.

Made the Governess look like an amateur.

David L 3:53 Sat Feb 2
Re: Tipping Point
From what I read today the tories are supposed to be going to chuck money at depressed towns like Clacton and Great Yarmouth. Hope its not wasted as there are so many great places that just need a bit of revitalising. Teignmouth being another one from what youve said Nuese. Teouble is tgere are so many. Hastings anyone?

Nurse Ratched 2:34 Sat Feb 2
Re: Tipping Point
He does present the show well, and most of the time he looks smart and presentable. There has been the occasional unfortunately tie.

side effect 2:32 Sat Feb 2
Re: Tipping Point
I like him, think he presents the show very well and he's mannerisms when asked any question regarding West Ham

Nurse Ratched 2:03 Sat Feb 2
Re: Tipping Point
Hi, Ex.

I never visited Exmouth once in the years I lived down there. Strange, really.

Spent most of my time in Teignmouth. My sister and her husband went to Teignmouth about 5 years ago and said it's really gone downhill, which is a shame. It's a fine Regency town.

WHU(Exeter) 1:27 Sat Feb 2
Re: Tipping Point
Nurse, know you used to know the area a bit, did you ever see the seafront arcade in Exmouth?

Went down that way for the first time in almost 30 years a few months ago and the arcade was still there, looking exactly the same as it did back then...

We used to jump off one of the tables to get the coins to fall, when we were down to our last pennies, get chased out and then cycle back to Exeter....long way to go to bet pennies on the horse racing machines and the like.

The introduction of space invaders blew our minds!

Alan 8:44 Fri Feb 1
Re: Tipping Point
Couple of weeks back on the show, Jimmy Bullard was asked "Which African land animal only eats leaves from the very top of trees"
Bullard - "Must be one with a very long neck - can't think of one though"

violator 6:59 Fri Feb 1
Re: Tipping Point
Mrs V watches this shit on a Sunday, followed by The Chase. It offers an escape route to the local to read the papers over a pint with the 4pm game on the box.

Nurse Ratched 6:59 Fri Feb 1
Re: Tipping Point
I spend hours playing those machines in seaside arcades. Proper relaxing.

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