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Coffee 8:36 Sat Feb 9
Saturday football
Isn’t Ole doing well? This fixture gets in the way of preparations for a midweek Champions League game against PSG and he may be tempted to rest key players. Claudio Ranieri will hope for complacency in his opposite number, because such hopes offer the best chance of survival for a side that’s looking ever more certain relegation candidates. Could be interesting. Draw.

Which Palace will turn up and which West Ham will turn up? Both teams have been painfully inconsistent this season, able to compete with the best and screw up badly against the worst. Tomkins and Kouyate are out for Palace, while Arnautovic may return for us. Away win.

Both sides need a win, although for different reasons. That should make for an entertaining encounter if, as they should, both opt for an attacking strategy. However, another nail in the Terriers’ Premier League coffin looks more than likely. Away win.

Old Jurgen wasn’t happy last week, was he? Wilson and Brooks are out for the Cherries, which will be a blow for Eddie Howe as he looks to limit the damage a wrongly aggrieved Liverpool could unleash. Home win.

The Saints have rediscovered their mojo and will hope to exact revenge for their defeat in the reverse fixture a couple of months ago. But it’s tight at the bottom and a win in what could be considered a six-pointer can make a major difference to final placings. Neil Warnock is a tough cookie and will expect his side to fight all the way. Home win.

A point and a place separate these two. The Hornets will give a hot welcome to Marco Silva, which just might make the Toffees give their hosts something to chew over in a game that really matters little in the grand scheme of things. Draw.

Today’s late game will be of most interest to those with nothing else planned for this evening. Burnley remain very much in the relegation scrap, while Brighton have done well – despite their poor run of recent form – to raise themselves to its periphery. Draw.

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Hermit Road 11:19 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
happygilmore 9:32 Sun Feb 10

Ha. I wouldn’t have a clue about that

Sven Roeder 9:49 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
In the early games Jorginho just sat in front of the back 4 and every ball went through him. Think he had 180 touches in one match.
Teams wondered very quickly what would happen if we put him under a bit of pressure.

Saw the result at Spurs & here.
If only he had a player who could deal with that.
The silly sod

happygilmore 9:32 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football

He is a decent rapper to.

Hermit Road 9:22 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Kanye is one of the best players in the world. I think he would make any team better, unless you play him isn’t he wrong position, then he’d make them worse because he’s below average at that job.

It is utterly bizarre to take him out of his normal position.

Grumpster 9:08 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
There's a set of fans out there who have a worse journey home than Chelsea's.

Benfica have just won 10-0!!!

Bungo 8:50 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
twoleftfeet 7:23 Sun Feb 10

My favourite comment so far from the shed end forum match thread:-


Not a happy bunny...

zico 8:31 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Not sure why he doesn't play him further forward if he is such a good passer and have Kante in his usual position,. Unless he is meant to be Hoddle esque in his passing over 40 yards and as you say less time on the ball here.

Grumpster 8:15 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Results like this also help nail the coffin shut on hazards career, as he must have already booked his plane ticket for the summer.

Marvellous, helps set Chelsea back even more.

Eerie Descent 8:10 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Don't think he's even done an interview.

Got to be gone, surely?

Takashi Miike 8:09 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
zico, I think he did a great job for him at napoli but I'm sure he got a bit more time on the ball over there

zico 8:07 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Takashi Miike 6:17 Sun Feb 10

Beggars belief doesn't it. Playing the best holding midfielder in the last few years out of position for a ball playing midfielder who doesn't have one assist yet!! Amazes me how some of these managers make their millions playing players out of position and seemingly not noticing what the fans can see miles off. Either not very good managers or in Sari's case just so stubborn he won't admit he has got it badly wrong.

Lertie Button 7:58 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football

fred flinstone 7:48 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Fuck Chelsea

Kaiser Zoso 7:35 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Sterling’s turned Dave inside out

Keep dreaming 7:27 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Just how much did they pay for that kepa?

Keep dreaming 7:26 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Glad is isn't us. Many in here would have wanted Pelle to be sacked

Sven Roeder 7:24 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
263 goals since the beginning of last season
Have we scored that many this decade?

twoleftfeet 7:23 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Chelsea fans forums in meltdown.

Talksport 1pm tomorrow, tune in and listen to Andy Jacobs apoplectic with rage 😂😂😂

Sven Roeder 7:23 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
First set Man City

goose 7:21 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Players at Chelsea are massive wankers. Go from being title winners to absolute shit.
They’ve made two of the games best managers look shit.

ragingbull 7:20 Sun Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Hopefully seeing these cunts in their death throes as the Bolshevik oil seeps away.

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