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MaryMillingtonsGhost 2:15 Fri Mar 1
Isla Caton


‘We have just received the most amazing news - we can confirm that Islas treatment has worked and she is now completely cancer free and in remission. We are completely overwhelmed and cannot thank you enough for the continuous support throughout Islas journey.’

Fantastic news!!

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Alwaysaniron 2:33 Mon Mar 4
Re: Isla Caton
What fabulous news this is.

Mods you should pin this for a couple of weeks.

Pee Wee 1:11 Sun Mar 3
Re: Isla Caton
Excellent news.

Even better news if it means Baz Cox slips off into oblivion.

Sarge 10:55 Sat Mar 2
Re: Isla Caton
Great news.

So happy for everyone.

slinger 10:33 Sat Mar 2
Re: Isla Caton

wickford hammer 10:24 Sat Mar 2
Re: Isla Caton
Great news and keep collecting so others can be helped

mashed in maryland 10:24 Sat Mar 2
Re: Isla Caton
Some good news for a change

Rio or Anton or Les 10:20 Sat Mar 2
Re: Isla Caton
Fantastic news! Needs to be put up on the big screens tonight.


normannomates 3:19 Sat Mar 2
Re: Isla Caton
Great news.. And for the family I am overchuffed.. Loadsa luv and all that nonsense. X

easthammer 2:37 Sat Mar 2
Re: Isla Caton
Great News. My grandson who is about Isla`s age will be particularly pleased. We lost his dad to a "Blastoma" six years ago. He has seen and contributed to the collections on matchday.

The work of all the fundraisers and the publicity is truly inspirational

My Son in Law's Glioblastoma was a brain cancer another under funded area of research.

Hopefully Isla success story will be the start towards greater progress towards cures and treatments in the uk

lincslink 10:56 Fri Mar 1
Re: Isla Caton
Terrific news.

Mike Oxsaw 10:12 Fri Mar 1
Re: Isla Caton
Does this mean that the march is back on?

Crassus 9:58 Fri Mar 1
Re: Isla Caton
God bless the little poppet and the lads behind the mobilising of the funding

Caps doffed to all concerned

claret on my shirt 7:51 Fri Mar 1
Re: Isla Caton
awesome stuff :)

The Stoat 7:31 Fri Mar 1
Re: Isla Caton
Splendid news

When I got my results I was overcome with emotion and a friend of mine has also just today got what seems like similar good news so I will raise a glass to all the Doctors & Nurses who work so hard to fix us

Far Cough 7:16 Fri Mar 1
Re: Isla Caton
Excellent news

wanstead_hammer 6:01 Fri Mar 1
Re: Isla Caton
Great news with great support.

Takashi Miike 5:23 Fri Mar 1
Re: Isla Caton
great news, I'm pleased for her family

Mex Martillo 4:40 Fri Mar 1
Re: Isla Caton
Amazing news, well done everyone especially the big fat Millwall fan.
Great and it’s Friday as well, loving life at this moment!

VirginiaHam 4:38 Fri Mar 1
Re: Isla Caton
This is fantastic news.

We just need the benchmark scan in 3 months to be clear and we are off to the races.

Bungo 4:35 Fri Mar 1
Re: Isla Caton
Nice one Isla and Isla's friends and family.

Bit of good news for once!

Westham67 4:25 Fri Mar 1
Re: Isla Caton
That is the best news I have heard in a long time a miracle

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