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Eddie B 2:11 Sat Mar 2
Why do these cunts always choose weekends WHU are at home to close the whole fucking line down? Wankers.

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Percy Dalton 1:59 Sun Mar 3
Re: Trains
Friday nights
I might even come back.

RM10 1:40 Sun Mar 3
Re: Trains
love fri night football at home, my wife would like it aswell

Anders 1:40 Sun Mar 3
Re: Trains
Eddie I can tell you rail works are planned 18 months out which is a good 10 months before the football fixtures are decided. Premier League are notorious for only considering themselves and their tv paymasters when arranging fixtures.

Johnson 1:36 Sun Mar 3
Re: Trains

ornchurch ammer 1:34 Sun Mar 3
Re: Trains
Being rumoured on KUMB that home games will be scheduled for Friday nights next season to avoid the train problems.

Hammer and Pickle 1:23 Sun Mar 3
Re: Trains
I can see this building up a head of STEAM

Eddie B 1:04 Sun Mar 3
Re: Trains
Same for the next two home games too. Cunts.

RM10 11:40 Sat Mar 2
Re: Trains
I work in a utility so sort of sympathise with the network, work needs doing so you’re always gonna piss someone off

chelmsfordhammer 11:10 Sat Mar 2
Re: Trains
It’s most weeks, the rail system in this country is fucking shit.

El Scorchio 4:07 Sat Mar 2
Re: Trains
Is it only when we’re at home, or most weeks, only we don’t check/it doesn’t register if we don’t need to use it?

Mike Oxsaw 2:17 Sat Mar 2
Re: Trains
The planners are all spurs fans.

Had they got the O/S then that line would NEVER close.

Eddie B 2:15 Sat Mar 2
Re: Trains
Or maybe do it at the weekends WHU aren't playing at fucking home.

charleyfarley 2:13 Sat Mar 2
Re: Trains
cos if they done it in the week people wouldn't be able to get to work innit

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