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LeroysBoots 8:20 Fri Mar 8
After Life
New Gervais programme on Netflix out today

I think its one of his very best creations

Bloke going through a crisis due to his wife dying

Painfully funny and sad

5 episodes in already

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ted fenton 3:31 Thu Mar 21
Re: After Life
I'm very old school when it comes to bad language but when his dad in the home said Cnut Cnut I cried with laughter :-)

Eric Hitchmoe 2:59 Thu Mar 21
Re: After Life
It feels a bit forced in places, like the scene where he's taking heroine to numb the pain of missing his wife and Elton John's 'Rocket Man' is playing with the lyric "I miss my wife" - just in case you don't know why he's doing it. It's also a bit of a who's who of Gervais' other projects with the same actors popping up yet again (although why this bothers me I don't know).

That said, it is very watchable and the characters are all very likable. It was much better than what I expected it to be.

UNIHAMMERED 1:47 Thu Mar 21
Re: After Life
Lily Hammer 4:56 Tue Mar 19
Re: After Life

If he tries to make a sequel, we must kill him, though I dont think he will. He showed commendable John Cleese/Fawlty Towers restraint, stopping The Office after two short seasons, (specials forgivable), so I think hell be safe enough.


ted fenton 12:38 Thu Mar 21
Re: After Life
Me and Mrs Ted watched it all last night thought it was very good so funny yet so sad.

Queens Fish Bar 5:36 Tue Mar 19
Re: After Life

claret50 10:59 Sat Mar 9
Re: After Life
lab 9:06 Fri Mar 8
I'd like this but ain't got netflix.

You don't need netflix to watch the series mate, link sent to your whomail.

Please can I have that link.

Lily Hammer 4:56 Tue Mar 19
Re: After Life
Apart from a couple of exceptions, I’ve never seen so much agreement on WHO. Bravo Gervais.

I watched it all in a couple of days after reading the first 20 or so posts on here. My Mrs was doubtful, as RG annoys her, but we both enjoyed it immensely. We haven’t laughed so much at the same things for a long time.

The rice pudding bit had us howling, and the homebaked bread actually had us both screaming, tears in eyes.

If he tries to make a sequel, we must kill him, though I don’t think he will. He showed commendable John Cleese/Fawlty Towers restraint, stopping The Office after two short seasons, (specials forgivable), so I think he’ll be safe enough.

aldgate 3:06 Sat Mar 16
Re: After Life
when others ask who you support and you just say i'm west ham it's worth all the cups in the world.....

Alfie 2:25 Sat Mar 16
Re: After Life
Truth aldgate
Much more! But its been worth it. All the dough ive done...never seen us win jack....but wouldnt change a thing eh. Never been for the glory!...

aldgate 2:14 Sat Mar 16
Re: After Life
exactly alfie
like gervais's dog
but more expensive

Alfie 2:09 Sat Mar 16
Re: After Life
West ham gives us something to do, somewhere to go, something to belong to that isnt family and that we love like family but that if it hurts us we can detach from because we had no control over and its not a family member we can influence. If it lets us down we will go back without malice or drama. We will never fall forever out and always forgive it.

Its a constant attachment we can have all our lives - from men to boys and back to our graves - unlike birds or pals it will never dump us or stop coming out or go radio silent or under the thumb. It is always a laugh, from when you jumped about on the terraces of old to when you made old bones and watch the match from your seat.

. It will never chide or judge us for misbehaviour or being too pissed or being a pisshead ornaughty.

West ham has been there all your life, from when your old boy first took you and you first went with you pals. From when you first saw the south bank or north or the chicken. You will still go till you cant, and when you go outers youll know that as well as your wife your kids your pals - you took west ham with you. If it was handed down through family it will be a link from the lot that came before to the west ham boys to come.

aldgate 1:50 Sat Mar 16
Re: After Life
surely everything that all of us at WHO can relate to -
confused and bitter middle aged man given a reason to hate everything but find a mildly comic redemption
like a pass from noble that finds a redeemed arnie and we all hug each other for a few seconds without really realising why

Alfie 1:31 Sat Mar 16
Re: After Life
Watched it yesterday.

Concluded that it was fairly well written, very funny in parts, written by someone who has not and never will or cannot have kids ( and the brain reengineering that accompanies it) and has been written by someone who has clearly sunk to the very depths of despair, and grappled with the logistics and realities of killing themselves, all of the analysis and labour that accompanies serious consideration of suicide. And written it.

Gervais clearly has the double edged illness of artistic / creative brilliance twinned with crushing self doubt and questioning of the life that allowed him to articulate it: it is probably what has informed his need to pour out his life - loves and mind for consumers to enjoy. I hope he finds the stability to recognise his talent and not crucify himself on its altar. I hope those around him recognise this & are watchful

those who understand life often seek to deny it

Mike Oxsaw 1:01 Sat Mar 16
Re: After Life
Chatting with my brother today. He reckon's it's a bit sweary, but dead funny.

May have to make some time for it.

Hermit Road 12:59 Sat Mar 16
Re: After Life
You might be right. Just read the others after I posted that. Didn’t expect everyone to agree with me but...

I laughed once in 3 episodes.

WHUDeano 12:58 Sat Mar 16
Re: After Life
Pee Wee 6:06 Fri Mar 15

Have to agree with that - nothing will ever compare with the Office, but this was up with the very best of Extras. Fantastic writing and excellent casting / acting. The photographer was as up there with the best small part characters in the Office.

twoleftfeet 12:54 Sat Mar 16
Re: After Life
I don’t think you are watching the same thing as the rest of us HR.

Hermit Road 12:53 Sat Mar 16
Re: After Life
Up to Episode 3. Has to be one of the worst, most self-indulgent things I’ve seen. Full of hackneyed old jokes and one-dimensional characters.

No depth, no subtlety and worse of all, no humour.

Just Ricky Gervais capitalising on a reputation, which is fair enough. He’s earned the right to a turkey.

Pee Wee 6:06 Fri Mar 15
Re: After Life
Beautifully written and acted.

Laugh out loud funny in lots of places but also tugs the heart strings.

Weird that Gervais as a bloke winds me up a bit, but everything he does professionally I love. This is up there with Extras

Russ of the BML 5:50 Fri Mar 15
Re: After Life
Brilliant show. Had plenty of laugh out loud moments (for me anyway) and enough balance of heart-warming moments. My only criticism was that it got a little bit cheesy in the last 5 minutes. But I can live with that.

Dr Moose 4:45 Fri Mar 15
Re: After Life
You had me until the 2nd word in Gervais, an immediate no for me.

Takashi Miike 3:39 Fri Mar 15
Re: After Life
I thought the complete opposite, and it got stronger as it went on

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