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Annony 4:46 Thu Mar 21
London Athletics Stadium Survey

Anyone who has been there can fill it in anon, 2,500 so far,10k last year, takes a couple of minutes, vent your spleen in the comments box, try to keep it clean, let them know how you feel, vote with your feet.

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Annony 7:22 Fri Mar 22
Re: London Athletics Stadium Survey
Wanker! not you Soldo

Northern Sold 5:44 Fri Mar 22
Re: London Athletics Stadium Survey
Fifty Farsand.... Ha ha ha !!!

AnotherDay_SameShit 5:28 Fri Mar 22
Re: London Athletics Stadium Survey
So after 24 hrs no one replied to your pointless thread but you then end up replying to it yourself..fucking hell, tragic fucking cunt..

Annony 5:25 Fri Mar 22
Re: London Athletics Stadium Survey
Kumb c and p
Club waiting list loses 14,000 supporters

The controversial season ticket waiting list that was once said to contain more than 50,000 names has been reduced by a third, according to West Ham's Head of Ticketing.

Nicola Keye revealed on Thursday night that the waiting list, which supporters had to pay £10 to become a member of, is now more than 14,000 names shorter than 12 months ago when Karren Brady claimed that more than 50,000 fans had requested membership.

However the club are still unable to provide supporters with their specific place on the list as a result of "the variable factors involved".

"It is difficult to provide an estimated waiting time," read a club statement.

"This is entirely dependent on the number of season tickets renewed at the end of the season and also the number of supporters at the top of the waiting list who take up the offer of purchasing a season ticket."

Additionally the club confirmed that they are in a position to make 500 additional season tickets available to those on the waiting list with immediate effect - whilst defending their policy of communicating with those supporters on the waiting list.

"In the two previous seasons, we have contacted supporters by email, SMS and telephone about their priority to secure a season ticket," added the club statement.

"We have proactively and intentionally made contact by three different means to alleviate the chances of missing the opportunity."

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