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Coffee 7:33 Sat Mar 30
Saturday football
International games and Brexit take a welcome back seat as the Premier League returns.

Second from bottom plays second from top in the weekend’s curtain raiser. Nothing but an earth-shattering shock will prevent City’s return to the Premier League summit – and Fulham’s further engagement with the inevitable. Away win.

South coast enmity plays out at the Amex. A Saints win will put them level on points with their hosts, who may consider including free wi-fi in their hospitality. Draw.

Burnley’s resurgence has hit a roadblock in recent weeks and they remain deep in the relegation mix. Wolves, meanwhile, will want to continue the momentum that’s seen them lead the after-the-top-six mini-league. Draw.

The unfortunate Terriers could be relegated this weekend. Yes, really. Some will see that as a kindness. Roy Hodgson is a kind type of fellow. Home win.

A late season mid-table game choregraphed by two of Britain’s leading bosses. Pride and position are the main prizes on offer. Draw.

Man U’s phenomenal turnaround since Christmas has given OGS a mega Brucie bonus. It’s well-deserved. The club is now in with a real chance of securing a Champions League place. Watford are outside contenders for a Europa League place, Brexit permitting, but have a dismal record at Old Trafford. Home win.

A win and defeats for Wolves and Watford will see us climb to seventh. But it’s been 17 years since we last won four home games on the bounce. Also, we cannot know which West Ham team will turn up. The same may be said of Everton, who have an established knack of frustrating us. Samir Nasri looks to be out with a calf problem. Both sides have players returning from international duty, with Arnie and Chicharito both scoring for their respective teams. This should be a really good game. Home win.

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ray winstone 11:51 Tue Apr 2
Re: Saturday football
He’ll be gone by Xmas.

Sven Roeder 11:35 Tue Apr 2
Re: Saturday football
Another defeat
Has Solsjkaer been sacked yet?

geoffpikey 11:26 Tue Apr 2
Re: Saturday football
Beam me down Scotty!

(Shame. But their defence is absolutely woeful)

Sven Roeder 10:56 Tue Apr 2
Re: Saturday football
Any ice forecast at Wolverhampton Airport?

master 10:50 Tue Apr 2
Re: Saturday football
Wolves are great to watch. And they actually put crosses into the box rather than constantly trying to walk it in with dinky one twos on the edge of the area.

claretandbluedagger 10:46 Tue Apr 2
Re: Saturday football
I appreciate it is now Tuesday, but I can't be bothered with starting a new thread. Luke Shaw and Ashley Young will both be suspended for our match against Man Utd Saturday week. Shaw got his 10th yellow card and Young got sent off tonight. Just need a few more and we might have a chance...

happygilmore 11:37 Mon Apr 1
Re: Saturday football
Time to start importing refs. Works for managers, although some keep giving Steve mclaren a job.

Hermit Road 11:36 Mon Apr 1
Re: Saturday football
That Taylor is a joke. The decision against Lacazette was bizarre

Sven Roeder 11:30 Mon Apr 1
Re: Saturday football
Arsenal challenge the keeper who punches the ball into the net.
Anthony Taylor gives handball & disallows the goal
Warnock is right. English referees are appalling

gph 2:29 Mon Apr 1
Re: Saturday football
I've always had soft spot for Colin.

The Tevez bollocks aside, where I think he let himself down, he strikes me as honest, and appreciative of the ordinary fan.

Not sure I would've wanted him as our manager, unless it was instead of Allardyce, but I think I can accept you can be a decent human being without sharing my view of how the game should be played

VirginiaHam 2:22 Mon Apr 1
Re: Saturday football
Wanker had every right to go beserk.

VirginiaHam 2:21 Mon Apr 1
Re: Saturday football
Couldn't believe the commentators here...not American so they understand the rules.

Rudiger (?) had the Cardiff player by the arm, yanked him over, and the commentators are going "that's soft".

Then Rudiger drags down another bloke, and they're going "Oh, I think the keeper would have got there first".

Fuck me; incredibly creative.

geoffpikey 1:07 Mon Apr 1
Re: Saturday football
Only just seen those decisions in Cardiff / Chelsea.

What the fucking fuck? Cardiff should have had 2 pens. Chelsea, 10 men. Officials need demoting.

Travesty. Poor old Colin.

gph 12:57 Mon Apr 1
Re: Saturday football
Craig Pawson's fucked if they take VAR seriously.

He'll end up reffing a matching I'm involved with, he'll be demoted that far

gph 12:39 Mon Apr 1
Re: Saturday football
"lloris drinking impairing his performances"

Any volunteers to go out looking for Lloris to buy him a drink in the week up to 27th April?

gph 12:33 Mon Apr 1
Re: Saturday football
Ball was moving when Kane took the free kick which led to Tottenham's goal.

So not so lucky Liverpool.

However, that doesn't give me much pleasure.

Liverpool have done us out of THREE trophies by cheating.

happygilmore 8:46 Sun Mar 31
Re: Saturday football
lloris drinking impairing his performances. Pickford is just plain shit, but you need to muster a few shots on target against him.

Sven Roeder 8:40 Sun Mar 31
Re: Saturday football
Lloris played a blinder at London Stadium tipping balls out of the top corner.
Here he couldn’t catch a back pass.
Atrocious drop

claretandbluedagger 8:35 Sun Mar 31
Re: Saturday football
Liverpool must have paid off PL keepers this year. Pickford and Lloris both dropping clangers at the death. So much luck.

Meanwhile Sky have been wanking themselves off over Salah skilfully heading the ball straight at the keeper.

El Scorchio 8:17 Sun Mar 31
Re: Saturday football
Lucky cunts

fraser 8:13 Sun Mar 31
Re: Saturday football
I hated the scouse cunts more 20 minutes ago. Proper order restored now, fuck you Tottenham

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