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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

JayeMPee 1:01 Sun Mar 31
Time to take the blinkers off!
For some time now I have been content to blame some of our performances on injuries, but no longer. Yesterdays diabolical performance was a disgrace to the club, especially the fans who deserve so much better. And it should have taken few by surprise.

Wind back to the Fulham match when we should have been three down in the first ten minutes, if Huddersfield had taken their chances they would have been out of sight before the Hernandez brace. As it was they scored three times for the first time this season. Sitting amongst home fans at Cardiff was an embarrassment, their team outran and outplayed us.

So the three teams who seem likely to be relegated this season should have beaten us, the only reason they didn't was Fabianski who prevented an absolute stuffing yesterday.

Where is the heart, the will to fight and above all the organisation? We need to get rid of a load of deadwood this summer and bring in some real talent who are fit and not carrying injuries. In the meantime we should surely give youth a chance, the likes of Zabaletta, Perez, Obiang are over the hill it is time the manager looked to the future

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Sniper 2:12 Mon Apr 1
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
The team selection yesterday was bizarre to say the least. But, despite the injury list (Reid, Balbuena, wilshere, yarmolenko, Carroll, of whommid only count Balbuena as the others haven’t really contributed his year anyway) we only had to miss a couple of players to look like a really substandard team.

I don’t get why noble and Antonio didn’t start
I don’t get why you’d play arnie if he’s carrying a physical knock as well as his clear mental issues
The system we normally play needs a good all round front man, which Perez is not so we instantly struggle

There’s so many issues and the main point is simply that the reserve players we have aren’t up to it. Despite investment last summer we will need the same and more this summer just to stay where we are let alone progress

eastham75 12:56 Mon Apr 1
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
This is West Ham as it has always been since i have being going, just when you think things may be changing for the better the players Manger or Club Owners prove that somethings will never change.

gph 2:48 Mon Apr 1
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
We're often the talented dilettantes of the football world - we've sometimes got the one percent inspiration, but we've never got beyond 90% perspiration

zico 2:39 Mon Apr 1
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
After calming down a bit after the dross served up yesterday I guess we quite simply are, and always have been a typical side out of the top 5 or 6 in English football. One week we pull something out of the hat that's a joy to watch but most weeks inconsistent and on the end of a hammering or two,.

We praise Wolves this season but until recently they had been crap for years and that's the same for many a side. How many fan perceived "big" Clubs are still struggling out of the top Division? Leeds, Villa, Sunderland to name but a few and there have been many that have taken a financial thumping in the process.

Chelsea were not much cop until Abramovich and City weren't anything really until their billions so until the time we get a Fairy Godmother sprinkling us with mega rich owners I fear we will just trundle on with the same stuff we have had for years with a relegation and promotion keeping us on our toes!!

Billy Blagg 1:22 Mon Apr 1
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
By all means take the blinkers off but all it will reveal is that, regardless of Manager, team, ground or owners, West Ham over many, many decades, have players who don't seem to want to play for them, a staggering injury list, and a team who regularly fail to turn up for several games a season. I wish I knew what the answer is but I doubt I'll ever see it/

mattyolmes 11:31 Sun Mar 31
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
Was just chatting about this today.
Summarised by: whatever it was that the Ferguson Man Utd teams had where you almost almost expected a 96th minute winner or they won even if they were well off their normal, and i hate bigging that lot up.
Whatever they had we've got the opposite. Losing mentality. Look at how Southgate has turned England around, or how well organised but much cheaper teams give us a fright or actually beat us and theres clearly something wrong.
Seems we've been this way a long time now.

Root and branch overhaul, enthusiastic, psychologically inspiring manager and young players brought up.on winning. Would love to see it. Nae chance of that level of fresh thinking from Dave and Dave.


penners28 9:22 Sun Mar 31
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!

so glad we moved....

stewey 7:35 Sun Mar 31
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
Ahhhhh thats much better

eusebiovic 3:29 Sun Mar 31
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
Our owners are mug punters in the transfer market

The wages spent on Caroll, Wilshire and others could have employed an entire team of player scouts and admin staff to set up a players database which would stand us in good stead for years to come.

There is nothing comparable to putting in the groundwork yourself and keeping it in-house but they are more than happy to take shortcuts and get rinsed by agents offloading the crap on their books. I bet first thing on a Monday morning in the off season they get their staff together and ask the following.

"I have a list of players who I'm struggling to offload here because they are either injury prone, have been tipped for greatness since they were 18 and are now 29 or are bang average but want one last big unmerited, unrealistic contact before they retire - who do we call first?

Well how about those two mugs at West Ham - they are always amenable and can usually be convinced to take at least one complete fucking donkey off our hands"

"Good call - put them on speed dial"

Nicey 3:24 Sun Mar 31
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
Losers used to losing playing in a team to fellow losers leads to a losing mentality. You can’t improve it by adding further losers.

To get the best out of the new batch of kids coming through who are used to winning at u23 and youth international level we need to buy experienced winners.

Zaballetta is a good example. He did bring a lift of professionalism but is too old now.

Balbuena is used to winning and will make a difference when back.

We need a winner in midfield.

Investment is there. The management and coach are of top quality. We need to get rid of the “that’ll do” attitude that has held West Ham back for decades. It will take time.

Iron2010 3:16 Sun Mar 31
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
I’ve got no real problem with Pelle. However, I do find it hard to figure out his plan. If we don’t score from a set piece then I have no idea where a goal is coming from.

Side of Ham 3:02 Sun Mar 31
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
The owners put the manager in the place where they have to take punts on high wages to fill the squad and this dross mingled in with buying injury prone players MAKES US SHIT.

Has happened to ALL our managers under their ownership, FINE if they didn't harp on about being our saviours and moving us on from the Brown era, which would surely mean large investment into the squad seeing as NO INVESTMENT has been the case since the start of our existence.

RBshorty 2:01 Sun Mar 31
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
We could have Pep Guardiola managing us and the results would be similar. Since we returned to the Premiership our managers have got better. But our level have remained the same. Any blame for our lack of progress should start and stop at ownership. We will not move any further up the pecking order until the SPIVS sell up.

Thames Ironworks 1:58 Sun Mar 31
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
1964 1:49 Sun Mar 31
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!

When does it stop, jumping from Manager to Manager? The club has a bigger problem at its core and that's not the manager.

master 1:51 Sun Mar 31
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
any team that plays with antonio, ogbonna, obiang, zabaleta, perez and snodgrass is fundamentally NOT a top 15 team. hence the result yesterday. in fact, 3 of those players have consistently shown over the past 3 or 4 years that is the case.

we simply have to move on the players who are BROKEN. mentally broken. from years of poor results. psychology plays a huge part in a professional sportsman's output and there are a set of players here who are simply done.

1964 1:49 Sun Mar 31
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
"I don't think you can blame Pellegrini."

Yes you can. Mainly for his diabolical team selection yesterday.

.. and the obvious fact that he sends them out to defend at the start thus giving the opposition the initiative.

Thames Ironworks 1:40 Sun Mar 31
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
I don't think you can blame Pellegrini. The players are at fault here and the owners for not investing properly.

Pelle has a bad set of players to work with. There are some who are quality and listen to the manager and some who just think they can go out and do their own thing. It's those latter types of players that are damaging this club and proving to be inconsistent.

Chigwell 1:07 Sun Mar 31
Re: Time to take the blinkers off!
If Pellegrini cannot motivate or bully the players to perform, it's time we found someone who can do that.

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