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Sarge 8:42 Mon Apr 1
Man U away - travel advice
Forgot to cancel my ballot application after the dire everton game - have picked up two tickets for me and Sarge jr today.

What are the chances of getting back to Manc Piccadilly for the 835 train back to London?

Not sure how long they hold is in for or what the trams queues are like afterwards.

Any advice / experience gratefully received.....

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Buster 2:22 Tue Apr 2
Re: Man U away - travel advice
Get out quick and you'll make the tram no problem.

MancIron 2:05 Tue Apr 2
Re: Man U away - travel advice
About an hours walk so touch and go.
Leave a couple of minutes early and grab a black cab on Chester Road.
Or walk over the Trafford Bridge towards Salford and catch a tram into Manchester from the Exchange Quay metrolink station, far less crowded than Old Trafford and Trafford Bar stops.

Anyone, coming up early should do a bit of groundhopping and take in Salford City's game against Maidenhead. It's the lunchtime kick-off in the national league.
Devo is managing Maidenhead so a bit of West Ham interest and even if the game is shite, the bars stay open through the match (though you can't drink in view of the pitch). Only an Ayrton to get in too.

normannomates 3:20 Tue Apr 2
Re: Man U away - travel advice
Tab it.

Not far..

Lazy fuckers take the fuckin tram

Bernie 2:00 Tue Apr 2
Re: Man U away - travel advice
Yeah the way were playing at the moment I'd be sacking the game off early to guarantee I'd make the train home.

They don't deserve your 100% support after the Everton game.

B6NY B 1:14 Tue Apr 2
Re: Man U away - travel advice
Leave when they get a third and you'll get the 7.35!

bigst 10:49 Mon Apr 1
Re: Man U away - travel advice
If its anything like the last cup game youll be queueing an hour for tram then if you make the train standing all the way home...

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