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claret on my shirt 9:38 Tue Apr 2
Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
Does he to keep the fans onside let alone the board? We are 11th at the moment and as you can see and we have a tough run in. I think a top 10 finish should've been a minimum expectation at the start of the season and even more so considering how shit our cup exploits have been after the money we spent. Your thoughts?

A Chelsea
A Man Utd
H Leicester
A Spuds
H Southampton
A Watford

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Mex Martillo 8:38 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
Lab, I agree it will be hard to get rid of useless high earners. Thats the job of Mario Husillos, he needs to sell them cheap stuff if need be considering what we will save in wages. Hopefully him and Pellegrini know what they are doing...

Sir Alf 3:57 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
daveyg 12:59 Wed Apr 3

Agree with pretty much everything you say except I would include Antonio in the list. He is technically not good enough to play the way we are trying to play IMO.

Does not mean you get rid of everyone although most in your list are barely up to being squad men as back ups.

We are crying out for pace and strength but also players that work hard for the team when we are not in possession. If we get a team of technically good players ( passing/control in the 85%+ bracket) allied to pace and movement both in midfield and upfront and as mentioned relentless pressing to get the ball back when we lose it, we will improve. Problem is it will take 3 probably 4 high quality players who will not be cheap.

We need to be selling a fair few and losing the likes of Carroll's wages will help the FFP challenge.

This summer is more important arguably for Pellegrini. We have to hope / pray that Hussilos and the scouting set up delivers. He has had a full season now ( Hussilos) and hopefully has some insights to players other clubs have not identified. There wont be many as every club is scouting worldwide but we need to hope there are a few like Diop, Baulbuana or a real gem like Kante ( 5 million was all he cost) because it is likely the normal bargain budget war chest will be all Pellegrini gets ( 30 - 50 million + sales). That aint a lot.

My biggest hope next year is that this Ben Johnson steps up. The youth progression is one of the highlights for supporters of teams like West Ham who are in that second tier of teams in the Premiership.

Time will tell and Pellegrini's future and reputation will be "make or break" next season. Start badly and continue to Xmas that way and he's gone ( again IMO). But if we see improvement ( concede less than 2 a game would be a start ) he may get to see out his dream of managing until he is 70.

Fingers and toes crossed, rabbits foot stroked, four leaf clover and horse shoe in pocket for me :-)

Alex V 1:55 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
If Arnautovic genuinely undermined the dressing room, we need a more robust group of players. There will always be disagreements - you can't let them derail the season.

Fifth Column 1:49 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
Based on Noble's comments, the transfer window Arnautovic thing really undermined the dressing room.

As Zabaleta says, the team is mentally weak.

Most of that is not down to Pellegrini.

He needs another season and more of his own players.

gank 1:45 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
12th as a minimum and expect higher next season.

Worst Case Ontario 1:28 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
So long as the fans are on side with our middling lot in life the board will be too.

Surely that represents the best of all worlds to them - relatively lower investment ventured (in terms of transfers and wages) and a relatively high return on investment (by virtue of just being in the Premier League instead of the next leagues down).

A significantly high jump in investment would be needed to compete with the very wealthy clubs. Given those clubs are already well established and so better placed than we are to obtain the higher spots in the league table, the risk in that higher investment would be greater. If looking at it purely in terms of pounds and pence, why risk it? Why risk losing the golden goose?

No, so long as we're satisfied with what we have, and the occasional and infrequent chance of slightly more, the Davids and such will be too.

ironsofcanada 1:03 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
I would like to see incremental progress, that is an admittedly low bar but that is the position we find ourselves in unless we can spend more consistently.

We had a good season, back a few, then struggled. Burnley had a good season, then struggled for a lot of this year. Southampton build through the league and then had some decent years and now are struggling. Swansea City were top half and won the League Cup a few years ago.

Leicester and Everton have spent a decent amount and find themselves in a similar position to us.

Watford and Wolves are the new best of the rest. Watford I would see going the way of some the others above because the base is not there. Same can be said of Wolves, though they have such a artificial situation in terms of player recruitment, there may be bigger investors in the wings if they can get and stay in Europe. They are odds on, I would say to get there some way.

So to the subject, Pelegrini may see this and expect another year of the same spending, in order to play his his system. The "in the know" press (I should really put scare quotes around press as well) have been talking about low spending this summer, so see how he reacts to that.

He may decide a cup and his football is enough.

He may decide it is not a project and reputation hit he wants.

And he may get the money he wants to give it one more 'gain.

The loss was disappointing in both the fact that I hope we could at least say we were building something at home and in the fact the selections were strange, even in the face of internationals.

daveyg 12:59 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
To me it's like he said with that team selection.
"Let's see how shit you lot can be so I can get rid of half of you"

Zabaletta - past his sell by date,thank you for the last 2 yrs. A coaching role maybe .

Ogbonna - to many mistakes and lack of consistency, 4th center back only.

Obiang - countless mistakes,doesn't frighten the opposition and no enough goals

Snodgrass - only his corners are any good now,way below any usefulness he showed before Christmas. Won't be worth retaining next year,let a youngster take his place.

Perez - No effort and use as a sticker now. Let him go back to Spain

Hernandez - only an good as a sub and can't see him wanting that.

Last chances.

Creswell - lacks pace and not making enough contributions on forward runs

Arnautovic - has 6 games to prove he wants to be here next year. In hindsight we should of asked for £40-45m.
Completely wasted this year and has been a big reason for our poor form in 2019.

To most of us we could see it coming.
Back to the days of BFS in crap team selection.

I said 8 wins out of 12 from the run in
will see us in 7th.
3 wins and 3 defeats from 6 thus far.
So we need to win 5 out 6 now.
Can't see that happening .

Might only win 1 and scrape a couple of draws.

Not good enough.

Pellegrini should had them up for the Cup, not bottling up against Wimbledon.

Grumpster 11:49 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
Clearly been a better season than last year and I thank the Norse gods every night that that boring ginger jock isn't in charge anymore.

Always takes time for transition and at a point tis season when we had really started to perform, Manuel was completely and utterly fucked over by that soppy cunt Arnie who single handedly killed off the entire team spirit that had been built up.

Him still playing like a cunt hasn't helped, though you Pell isn't blameless when he starts the sort of team that he did last Saturday.

4ever-blowin-bubbles 11:48 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
not this season but i would say yes to next season

HairyHammer 11:43 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
I never blame just the manager the players have to stand and be counted too, although I dislike the way he changes teams that win the previous games and messes with tactics too often too.

Next season will be important for him in my opinion we need at least a top 7 finish and a semi final in a cup at least for me to give him any credit at all, otherwise he ain't that different to any one else we have had in the last 3 years.

White Pony 11:30 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
I think Pellegrini, like any manager that comes here, should be given the chance to build his own squad, and you can't do that in one transfer window.

He's now had a full season watching this mob and you would have to think, or hope, given his experience he can see where we are lacking and who the weak links are.

However as others have said it won't be easy to shift some of our dead wood. Sometimes you look at the teams being promoted to the PL in the hope that they might take some of those players from you, wanting some players with proven PL experience, but the teams potentially coming up look pretty strong as it is.

terry-h 10:32 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
lab 8:47
It will cost a fortune to get rid of Reid, Wheelchair and Sanchez in the summer so I'm not optimistic.

LeroysBoots 10:29 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
14 defeats, worst defensive record in the top half, minus goal difference, what are we looking at..FORWARDS !!!!!!!

We need better defenders, pretty obvious

lab 8:47 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
It's gonna be hard to get rid of useless high earners on a good contract though ??

Mex Martillo 7:17 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
I don’t entirely blame Pellegrini if we don’t finish in top ten. I think since Arnautovic’s head was not right he has put teams that should have got more points. Arnautovic and the team have been a large part of the problem. I hope Pellegrini can do a big clear out and strengthen the squad. I think the pornos will support that. The wage structure has gone all wrong and would good to get ride of a lot of useless high earners.

Thames Ironworks 5:47 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
I think 11th is where we'll stay. If you look at our goal difference compared with those around us, it shows why the other teams are more likely to better us for the top ten spot.

Any Old Iron 1:44 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
Side of Ham 12:24 Wed Apr 3

Do you ever read through your comments before posting, because they are close to illegible.

eusebiovic 12:31 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
Takashi Miike 12:27 Wed Apr 3


I'd agree with that although all have won the title apart from Bolton who have 4 FA Cups - one more than us...

Takashi Miike 12:27 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
"SoH, so why is it that we are not in the same position as Portsmouth, Sunderland, Ipswich, Bolton , Blackburn da do ron ron ron ?"

only one of those clubs is of a similar stature to us, and I'm talking about before the move to the concrete toilet

Side of Ham 12:24 Wed Apr 3
Re: Does Pellegrini need a top 10 finish?
comma......because Portsmouth as a place or club is not an attractive proposition once you take away PL football then add in the wage structure going it was inevitable. West Ham being a London club AND one of the more properly supported ones has it attraction as a project to both players and managers and even youngsters would see it for a good few years as a great platform.

The club sells itself as a proposition if anything at times the owners have detracted from that by their bullshit and lies in trying to do things on a budget.

Why do you think Pellegrini has got them to finally shut up? What do you think he got them to agree to do before joining because they had completely lost the he support only last season.

It’s not great stewardship that made them finally get in someone with a winning pedigree it’s being called out and made to put in something or have a shitfest week in week out.

Watch how they will fuck this up with him because at some point they will think that’s enough when in reality PL football squad funding is beyond what they would ever sustain.

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