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Oh dear 10:14 Fri Apr 5
Essex CCC 2019
Good Luck Lads.

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normannomates 5:07 Sat Apr 20
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Good game.
Even you cunts... to my amazement.. Showed some level of decorum throughout.

normannomates 4:35 Sat Apr 20
Re: Essex CCC 2019

lowermarshhammer 8:14 Fri Apr 19
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Mickey MORGAN taking the game changing catch with his foot on the boundary rope about 5 metres from me.

Reminded him in the world cup there will be VAR.

Cheating MIck graceful enough to give a gobby Essex lad the thumbs up.

Well done Middlesex.

Sven Roeder 7:42 Fri Apr 19
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Essex need 77 off 7 overs with 5 wickets in hand to beat Middlesex

Sven Roeder 11:21 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
AMIR named in the squad for Pakistan’s World Cup warm ups v England but like Jeffrey ‘Joffra’ Archer he isn’t in the preliminary 15 named.
May 23 is when countries have to make their minds up.

lowermarshhammer 8:13 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
2019 🦅 🦅 🦅 Squad numbers

#1 M COLES bowls slogs overeats Kent suspect
#4 R WHITE secret loan lemonade drinking keeper
#5 M AMIR no balling ace Dagenham wife
#6 V CHOPRA white ball opener six machine
#10 N BROWNE red ball opener balding plodder
#11 S HARMER spin king fucking big hands
#12 R PATEL supreme bat future bar emptier
#14 A BEARD drinks carrier injuries best chance
#16 S COOK little chef, Chelmsford bowling machine
#19 M PEPPER willow master sad gloveman disaster
#21 T WESTLEY duck or ton form crucial
#22 P WALTER giant bowler even bigger sixes
#23 F KHUSHI bats waiting for others retirement
#24 A NIIJAR spins bats drinks tray carrier
#25 R BOPARA 120 ODI's enjoys suicidal runout
#26 A COOK played a few tests (Knight)
#27 R tenDOESCHATE skip cap boss leader legend
#28 D LAWRENCE fuck off England he's ours
#29 S SNATER plastic Dutch Rhodesian drinks carrier
#31 A WHEATER midget keeper fucked his thumb
#44 J PORTER weird runup stride effective destroyer
#64 P SIDDLE vegan bowler likeable evergreen mate
#77 J PLOM bowler needs drinks tray lessons
#88 A ZAMPA Joe 90 vegan spin midget
#94 M QUINN giraffe hit or miss rabbit
#?? C DELPORT whackball cheap big name signing

JustAFatKevinDavies 3:20 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
watch your back you mug.

Mr. Burns 2:29 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
I'm going tomorrow, looking forward to it.

Northern Sold 1:54 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
A few of us were in the members pavilion when we played KENT in the final a few years back... have to say they were a brilliant laugh...

DaveT 12:49 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
You're right about Lord's. Nice they still allow booze to be brought in. Beer prices are about four pounds a pint in the members area and pavilion. That makes putting up with the snotty MCC members

JustAFatKevinDavies 12:03 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
looking forward to tomorrow, marshy?

any new squad numbers of note to mention?

lowermarshhammer 11:21 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Let's hope the cricketing gods shine upon our glorious boys in red and that we are at Lord's later on in the ODC.

Yes, Lord's can be a bit snotty but facilities there for punters are generally more than decent. Some of the punters there are a bit aristocratic but I suppose our Norman balances it out a tint bit.

The Oval is a fantastic ground as well, just a shame it's full of Surrey fuckers though.

Love how Lord's is the only ground you can take booze in for whackball.

2 cans of beer or a bottle of wine.

Just about the only occasion all year that I go for vino.

Grumpster 11:08 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Got my tickets for the Middlesex v Essex T20 game yesterday, as always a good after work booze up.

Only time they let people like me into Lords!! ;o)

Oval is a much better venue, far less snotty, though neither compare to the magnificence of Chelmsford.

lowermarshhammer 9:04 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019

I don't know what the fuck your mind bending first choice beverage is but I'm pretty sure whatever it is we don't sell it at New Writtle Street.

If it's meths, as I suspect it may be, I can pick you up a bottle from Homebase on the way to the ground if you are visiting.

normannomates 4:23 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
See you all in the obvious East Seaxe bods for a few... Xx

normannomates 4:21 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019



normannomates 3:39 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Heron in the garden.. BIG beaked wanker

normannomates 3:34 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Cricket is for bods who appreciate tactics and patience.
In other words.. Intelligence.

The average wanker hates it.. And that's fine by be.


normannomates 3:30 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019

Alfie 1:28 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
My only exposure to cricket as a youth has been in retaining one of the bats for the purposes of defence in my car boot. I have never understood the nuances of the game, and always thought it a game for hoorah and huzzah boys - the landed gentry - and those aspiring to be them.

I can see from the ardour the game is held in by many on here that this perception is remiss, and that there are in point of fact working and ruffian class cockney west ham going fellows who also participate and spectate avidly at Cricket.

My tainted perception is also very possibly coloured by my cognisance of a possible urban myth, told to me at a young impressionable age. This tale held that the handle of the cricket bat was commonly used by champions and practitioners of the game to sodomise one another at public school with the bat handle, bellowing boorishly at the thwack of willow upon buttock.

I now realise this to be a dastardly untruth spread by those with insufficient knowledge of the noble and ancient game of English Cricket.

Sven Roeder 1:02 Thu Apr 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
‘Absolutely disgraceful’ decision said chronic Ashes loser Darren Gough.
Said at the time that Marcus North knows him well from Western Australia and it was a good decision
Suspect he will do well for them

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