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Oh dear 10:14 Fri Apr 5
Essex CCC 2019
Good Luck Lads.

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lowermarshhammer 8:35 Fri Sep 20
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Massive day out ahead of the more important job of sitting under an umbrella at Taunton next week.


#11 HARMER big hands
#14 BEARD local boy
#16 COOK little chef
#21 WESTLEY straight drive
#22 WALTER tall Paul
#24 NIJJAR opportunity knocks
#25 BOPARA chicken entrepreneur
#27 ten DOESCHATE leader legend
#28 LAWRENCE wristy gun
#29 SNATER hot cold
#31 WHEATER gloves ramps
#44 PORTER happy hammer
#89 DELPORT whackball specialist

Typical that Derbyshire have the on loan services of an arch nemesis.

Three games from the double....

lowermarshhammer 8:18 Fri Sep 20
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Fuck right off. I would think midweek day 4 nailed on draw with rain forecast in Div 2 county championship between Leicestershire and Derbyshire gets more punters than that competition.

Sven Roeder 7:28 Fri Sep 20
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Just explaining the genuine reasons why Essex don’t have their Australian players.
They have more important matches to play.

Looks like the state squads are all clear ... no English players unavailable

Northern Sold 6:15 Fri Sep 20
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Typical Sven mentioning Oz' grade cricket shit...

Sven Roeder 6:10 Fri Sep 20
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Siddle injured a hip on the first day of the 5th Test which sort of explains why his bowling wasn’t very good.
Zampa presumably required by Victoria for their 50 over game at the WACA v Western Australia starting tomorrow

crystal falace 5:56 Fri Sep 20
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Worcester won their quarter finals without any overseas, they get Hamish Rutherford back for tomorrow.

claretandbluedagger 5:42 Fri Sep 20
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Essex going into Finals Day with no overseas players, Zampa and Siddle both unavailable.

Oh dear 9:00 Thu Sep 19
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Dan Lawrence should be playing for England

Some people are born for it

It’s a shame if there is some agenda that is preventing him playing for his country

Sven Roeder 8:53 Thu Sep 19
Re: Essex CCC 2019
I guess its a question of the purpose of the competition behind the Test team.
A competition in its own right or one focused on grooming players for the next level?
Can be both of course in a perfect world.

I think all the competitions around the world are suffering from the same problem of the elite players rarely appearing so the gap up to the Test level gets bigger.
Was pleased that in Australia a few states last year had a squad clear out of older players who were never going to play Test cricket or had and never were again to promote those who might.
Hopefully that might pay dividends over the next few years.
I understand this Kolpak system is ending but not sure of the benefit of lots of non England qualified players just making a living at the expense of potential England players.

Apart from winning Essex the title I am not sure of the benefit of Kyle Abbott taking 17 wickets in a match.

lowermarshhammer 5:04 Thu Sep 19
Re: Essex CCC 2019
11.44 Sven MATE

We've still got the best system for local youth in the country.

Since Grayson got his marching orders as coach we've only lost 7 redball games in the last four seasons. (and that's four games in the last three)

Surely no other county puts out a team with as many homegrown players on such a routine basis as we do.

It is true that we are fortunate that we cover a geographical area with a large population to get talent from but the reality is we are a small club with a rough and ready non test ground.

#16 COOK

will all play for England at some point. Danny boy LAWRENCE is the real deal, never knowingly nervous, and England can fuck right off for the next decade, he's that good.

Of course the best gloveman in the land is an Essex product as well, wonder when he'll join the list of players who come back home to the real home of cricket...

Roll on Saturday and may it piss down in the southwest every day next week.


Westside 12:13 Thu Sep 19
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Giving up trying to produce players for England ?

No, having a combination of former test players (Harmer, Bopara, Cook, Westley) and players not quite good enough for tests (Porter, Lawrence who have played for England Lions) and a couple of decent overseas players (Siddle , Amir).

Westside 12:05 Thu Sep 19
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Is there any scope for us losing but still winning max bat points etc?

Yes, but limited.

16 points for a win, only 12 in front. 5 batting and 3 bowling points available, for each team (1st innings only)

We can afford to lose,as long as the points differential in the match, is 11 or less.

If we bowled Somerset out for under 200 (zero batting points for them) and scored 400+ all out (inside 115 overs), that would get us the title, regardless of match result.

If we did bowl Somerset out for under 200, and we were say 350 for 8, we could declare and forgo one potential extra batting point, to definitely deny Somerset one extra bowling point (comes with the 9th wicket). ECB may have a view on that though!

If both teams level on points, Somerset would win the title, on the having won more games tie breaker.

Pedro 11:52 Wed Sep 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
At least 3 should be in the England side.

Also many so called good players have left thinking better elsewhere for more money and get nowhere.

Sven Roeder 11:44 Wed Sep 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Giving up trying to produce players for England ?

Pedro 11:41 Wed Sep 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Whatever the outcome of the next week or so; Essex could be double winners or runners up.

Either way a remarkable season and incredible few years.

What is their secret? Surely smallest budget in the league and beating the so called big clubs with massive test grounds

Incredible academy

Far Cough 9:37 Wed Sep 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
I would hope if we score 400 runs in the first innings, we don't lose the match plus Harmer is on fire

Pedro 9:31 Wed Sep 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Odds on Essex now surely.

We get to decide whether to bat or bowl, so can be tactical with that.
Rain forecast so Somerset will prepare the worst wicket possible. That will help Harmer am sure.

Is there any scope for us losing but still winning max bat points etc?

Romfordboy 9:08 Wed Sep 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Only a draw needed next week I would have guessed

As there is rained forecasted most days must be odds on to win the championship again

The Stoat 7:47 Wed Sep 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Essex win by innings and 40 runs

12 points clear at the top

All to do at Taunton next week now

Far Cough 7:32 Wed Sep 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Harmer man of the match here I would guess?

Far Cough 7:27 Wed Sep 18
Re: Essex CCC 2019
Somerset lose, it's looking good, still have to win at their place though

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