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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Mex Martillo 12:08 Sat Apr 6
Team for Chelsea
My team would be

Fredericks Diop Balbuena Cresswell
Antonio Lanzini Snodgrass Anderson

Come on, take an interest!

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Sarge 6:27 Sun Apr 7
Re: Team for Chelsea
Xmas tree

Fred Diop General Treadwell
Snods rice Nobes
Nasri lanzini

Anderson Antonio masuaku Chicarito oggy obiang adrian

Deliberatly given the wrong meeting time and place tocfuck him off and make sure he's nowhere near the squad

stepney hammer 3:44 Sun Apr 7
Re: Team for Chelsea
Percy Dalton

No one up front then. All the options are dogshit.

Percy Dalton 3:13 Sun Apr 7
Re: Team for Chelsea
Anyone up front other than the Austrian Serb cunt.

, 1:59 Sun Apr 7
Re: Team for Chelsea
I thought we had a best eleven and instead it’s a least worst eleven. And even that is not obvious. Ernie’s looks no worse so I’d go with that.

Yarmalenko will not play this season.

AKA ERNIE 1:56 Sun Apr 7
Re: Team for Chelsea

fred. diopp balbuena. cresswell

noble. rice.

lanzini. masri. Anderson


Sir Alf 11:39 Sun Apr 7
Re: Team for Chelsea
I have given up on Antonio now Pellegrini is at the helm. His appalling technical ability ( passing, first touch/control and shooting ) and selfishness means he doesn't fit what we are trying to do (others struggle too but he is the worst in this respect). Bought at a time the team played a more direct game ( Carroll another although he is never fit anyway) and defended deep relying on the counter. At best an impact sub when all else has failed.

We need 5 high quality players. They need to be the right side of 25 years old. 2 for midfield, 1 or 2 full backs and 2 strikers. They need to be very good technically ( no more Kouyates for example ). We have half a decent team and squad as I see it.

But our owners do not have the wealth and more importantly, the desire to release any of their wealth ( not many do tbf ) to invest at the necessary levels. Its not just players, its on the infrastructure side too.

Where Pellegrini and Hussilos have to be able to help is player development and recruitment but that is a highly competitive area with just about every club having global scouting networks and trying to get the best younger players. That said, if Pellegrini could take the 5 year view and start working on bringing in and developing young players we might ( a big might ) see a real improvement longer term. Of course , fans want it sooner than latter just like owners.

Long story short, I see little chance of us getting anything at Chelsea but will be happy with an improved performance even with our pedestrian team.

solidbond 2:30 Sun Apr 7
Re: Team for Chelsea
Noble on bench

solidbond 2:28 Sun Apr 7
Re: Team for Chelsea

Zab balbuena ogg Cresswell


Nasri lanzini noble anderson


White Pony 10:07 Sat Apr 6
Re: Team for Chelsea
Oh, and I want Antonio to start.

White Pony 10:06 Sat Apr 6
Re: Team for Chelsea
There's no point having 5 at the back if one of them is Ogbonna, there really isn't.

zico 10:01 Sat Apr 6
Re: Team for Chelsea

No idea who to put in that midfield with Noble although Keane and Vieira would be nice!!!

Need five at the back though for me as we leak goals badly and at least if the full backs do get forward you have three sitting with Rice also covering. It's got to be two out of Nasri, Lanzini or Anderson but that's very lightweight but we are lightweight!!!!

Hammer and Pickle 9:18 Sat Apr 6
Re: Team for Chelsea
Fredericks Diop Balbuena Cresswell
----------Noble------------- Rice-------------
Lanzini ----------Nasri-----------Anderson
-----------------Hernandez -------------------

pdbis 9:15 Sat Apr 6
Re: Team for Chelsea
A losing one.

Sir Alf 6:37 Sat Apr 6
Re: Team for Chelsea
Btw, Shelvey aint the answer as I see we are linked to him again. Great pass in him but wants time and space like most the players we already have. IMO of course. Hes come on for Newcastle and playing like a cart horse.

Sir Alf 6:34 Sat Apr 6
Re: Team for Chelsea
Dont see us getting much as we regularly let in 2 goals a game on average now.

For Monday, Pellegrini cannot surely go with 4 in midfield. It has to be a 5. Lanzini needs benching at the moment and played as an impact man although I suspect that will be Nasri as he is just returning again from a niggle.

Fredericks Diop Balbuena Johnson
Snoddy Noble Rice Anderson
---------------- Lanzini -----------------------
----------------Arnautovic -------------------

Cresswell aint up to it for me. I aint overly keen on Arnie up front or Lanzini, the slow legs of Noble either. But the alternatives are no better.

If Masuaku ever plays it can only be as a left winger. Pellegrini has never tried that. Not sure why? I know Arfur is supposedly a left back but he has had his best games as a left sided midfielder. If Anderson fails to show up again throw him on there.

One thing is for sure, our squad and first 11 still needs some major improvement in key positions like central midfield, full backs and striker. And the lack of pace and work rate closing is our biggest weakness. Press West Ham and you will probably get something. Hopefully this can start to be addressed next transfer window and through promotion of more youth. I do fear our owners think one larger transfer spend was enough .

Texas Iron 6:27 Sat Apr 6
Re: Team for Chelsea
Midfield is weak vs Hazard & Co...

Can Pellegrini motivate them from the KO...???

Long night forecast...

Takashi Miike 5:58 Sat Apr 6
Re: Team for Chelsea
Ioc, id love a quicker alternative to noble but I think he's the best option at the moment to partner rice

ironsofcanada 5:57 Sat Apr 6
Re: Team for Chelsea
Takashi Miike 5:44 Sat Apr 6

Probably best we got for this game.

Anderson will have a great game, I just dropped him from my fantasy team for the first time.

Takashi Miike 5:44 Sat Apr 6
Re: Team for Chelsea
fred - balb - diop - cress
noble - rice
antonio - lanzini - anderson

RM10 5:35 Sat Apr 6
Re: Team for Chelsea
Johnson diop ball cress
Fredricks Anderson
Rice noble
Arnie antonio

daveyg 5:22 Sat Apr 6
Re: Team for Chelsea
Same team as Everton game with perhaps Masuaku in for Rice as he is looking tired.

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