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LeroysBoots 12:00 Sun Apr 7
Neighbourly Dilemma
So, my Direct next door neighbours knocked on our door a few months back

Turns out they had damp showing on their bedroom wall front of house, and did we have any issues in our front bedroom, which we dont

They then said would we consider contributing to any remedial work.

I said depends on what needs doing and how much

Wind forward a few months, they told my Mrs the estimate would by 3500 to fix the ridge tiles running between our houses, lead flashing repointing, hire scaffolding front and back etc

They also told her the builder said the cause was our side of the ridge tiles

I'm all for going around there and having it out with them as there is no way I'm paying half for something that has no material benefit to my house !

If boot on other foot there is no way the cunts would pay for us, I know them they just wouldn't.

Am I duty bound or liable to contribute?, or do I get my own estimate !

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arsegrapes 3:35 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
Briano 11:31 Sun Apr 7

If you know a builder get him to check/clean out your gutters first to see if blockage and backing up. If gutters are clean get him to check ridge/roof tiles and get a quote to replace any missing/loose/broken/repointing/flashing. Are the drain pipes visual on the outside walls or concealed internally? If concealed you will have a gutter in the loft below the ridge tiles that connects from front to back which runs on top of the party wall, this could be blocked with debris, birds nest. A Chartered Surveyor should be used as an independent expert in case of dispute.

, 12:49 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
My neighbour had water damage to an upstairs bedroom ceiling and wall. His building/contents insurer came to assess things and subsequently asked him for proof of his regular maintenance of the eighty year old as built/tiled roof.

His insurer pointed out to him that buildings were like cars except that things deteriorated over a much longer period. It was written clearly in his policy that the holders part of the deal was to ensure that the property was kept in good order. Not only did the insurer not pay out it also listed what needed to be done to the property to continue with insurance cover.

In short if a tree falls on your roof you’re covered but if your unmaintained elderly roof leaks ( due to wear and tear ) you are not.

Briano 11:31 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
Roofers tell lies

Check your gutters

MaryMillingtonsGhost 11:24 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
Get your own survey done.
I’d ring my building insurance company first as they may be able to organise it cheaper (assuming your covered for this type of claim).
Out of interest, do your ridge tiles run across both properties, or above the party wall that separates them?

Vexed 11:00 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
Fuck that noise. You haven't got any damp, kinda suggests your part of the roof is fine. Unless you have special sideways travelling water round your way. Or maybe you have got damp and just haven't found it yet.

Whitester. 10:50 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
That’s nothing I’m 46 and I can’t get an erection.

One McAvennieeeeee 9:27 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
For a supposed grown man who spends his whole time on here bitching and moaning like a fucking blouse, I find this rather amusing.

jfk 9:12 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
And do try to avoid putting two words into one sentence like I've just done as it makes you look like a thick prick.

jfk 9:02 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
Don't start a question with so would be a reasonable start.

. . 8:14 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
I would imagine that any tiles came loose in the strong winds a little while ago, therefore household insurance should cover it.
Also the biggest part of the quote would be for the scaffold, hence we use MEWPS now.

D.B Cooper 4:34 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
Becoming rich like me and buy detached.

LeroysBoots 4:27 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
Not that it matters of course, there is no "wife", if you get my drift !!!

Thanks for your feedback

pulhampete 12:43 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
If the houses are the same age and the roofs are in similar condition then you'll have a problem at some point. Roofs should be refelted every 50-70 years, the felt will be brittle and tear, birds get in and make the problem worse.
It's cheaper to get it sorted before it causes damage internally.

Get a couple of quotes but it will be cheaper if you can go in with your neighbour.

Kelly Smunt 12:18 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
Go round there, CHITB and wipe your knob on his wife. Sorted!

Seriously tho, I'd get a surveyor to do a report, determine how much - if any - 'blame' can be laid at your door and suggest an amount you'd contribute based on that. After all, it may only be a matter of time until your property becomes affected too.

Takashi Miike 12:18 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
just don't agree to anything, what gavros said it may be worth getting a surveyor in if you don't know any roofers or builders you can trust

eusebiovic 12:17 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
You could always do a shit in their shoes...nip into the porch after a downpour...sure to be a pair their drying out

Otherwise what Gavros said

Sydney_Iron 12:15 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
What Takashi said, i would also be a bit suspicious that IF the problem to the damp is coming from your side, why they are offering to pay half? Couldn't they turn around and ask YOU to fix it.

Gavros 12:06 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
Id consider bringing in a surveyor to establish exactly what the issue is and whether it has anything to do with your gaff.

Takashi Miike 12:02 Sun Apr 7
Re: Neighbourly Dilemma
get your own quote

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