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Percy Dalton 12:25 Sun Apr 7
James Maddison
Can remember quite a few of us on this site wanted us to go out and sign him.
He's turned out a very good player for Leicester one I wish we'd have gone for and he's English.

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Dr Matt 7:46 Wed Apr 10
Re: James Maddison
Zabaleta Maguire van Dijk Robertson
Rice Kante
Mane Maddison Payet

Title winners!

geoffpikey 7:13 Tue Apr 9
Re: James Maddison
Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

We should have signed Maddison?
We should not have sold Carrick!

Sven Roeder 6:47 Tue Apr 9
Re: James Maddison
From what I gather Moyes didn’t think he dominated a match at Chelsea for Norwich in the Cup
Luckily we now have oodles of players who can do that as they showed last night !

diehardhammer 4:38 Tue Apr 9
Re: James Maddison
Eeverytime i read maddison's name it pisses me off that Moyes turned him down.

20 years old at the time and smashing the championship FFS

stepney hammer 3:35 Tue Apr 9
Re: James Maddison

We wouldn't pay 10m for Sadio Mane either. We offered half plus add-ons.

We ended up signing Amalfitano instead.

Pretty much sums us up that.

ironskej 12:30 Tue Apr 9
Re: James Maddison
We didn't want to pay for Maguire, Maddison, Kante, Robertson and Van Dijk when he was at Celtic

Vexed 1:24 Tue Apr 9
Re: James Maddison
If we'd signed him instead of taking the cheap option we'd have possibly won the league instead of Leicester and definitely got champs league imo. Another triumph for the owners.

Sven Roeder 12:26 Tue Apr 9
Re: James Maddison
Undisclosed but believed to be 8m Euros (£5.6m)

Vexed 12:02 Tue Apr 9
Re: James Maddison
Not signing Kante was our decision. We didn't miss out, we fucked it up and signed Song on loan. Cheapskates. 10m wasn't it?

Dr Matt 11:41 Mon Apr 8
Re: James Maddison
Missed out on Kante, Maddison and numerous others. Not good enough.

Crassus 5:30 Mon Apr 8
Re: James Maddison
Moyes was always questionable in transfer dealings
Named as one of the alleged wronguns - bought that Billy whatever his name was for £10m when it was proper money via an associate agent

Hugill came from Preston, Moyes first club, in the joining the dots stakes, irrespective a bizarre signing

Lee Trundle 5:14 Mon Apr 8
Re: James Maddison
Didn't the grudge with us go down with that helicopter?

Dr Moose 5:06 Mon Apr 8
Re: James Maddison
Bernie 12:56 Sun Apr 7

I think Leicester are still pissed at Brady for them to sell any of their players to us, no matter the price.

Sir Alf 5:40 Sun Apr 7
Re: James Maddison
For me that was always the big question mark over Moyes... His ability to bring in players and in the transfer market generally. He did a very decent job with us with what he had and proved he had some tactical nous getting our team to get some good results after Bilic lost the plot.

stepney hammer 5:31 Sun Apr 7
Re: James Maddison
"David MOYES didn't think he was good enough for the Prem."

Perhaps more telling, he thought Jordan HUGILL was.

Sir Alf 5:28 Sun Apr 7
Re: James Maddison
I am deferring any assessment of Lanzini until next season. He had an injury that was probably a career ending one a few years back and was out for so long so he will take a while and a preseason to get back to where he was. But he enters the supposed best years now. He is lightweight so the biggest issue is us having a midfield that compliments him and the likes of Anderson, Nasri even Yamalenko. All players that are attack minded and not what you might call workers that press when out of possession.

Rice cannot be doing the defensive cover, pressing on his own. Its a collective , team thing. Problem we have is that the players who do try to do it are Noble and Snodgrass and in flashes Anderson too. None of the front players close either. Its why we will continue to struggle in midfield against the hard working teams that press and have pace and movement.

Maddison is decent but I would prefer a player like Ndidi currently. A player that is mobile, works hard, chases, presses , gets up and down the pitch and can pass the ball accurately ( unlike the likes of Kouyate, Kovac, Obiang etc..) .

swindon hammer 2:09 Sun Apr 7
Re: James Maddison
I wouldn't say Lanzini is overrated but he is not consistent enough.

Obviously this season has been a bit of a write off but his best season for us was probably the last season at UP. Our first 2 seasons at the LS we struggled a lot and we needed players like Lanzini to consistently step up and he didn't.

Next season is a big season for him. If he and Anderson performed well most weeks then we wouldn't need to have this conversation of whether we should have bought Maddison or not.

Grumpster 1:44 Sun Apr 7
Re: James Maddison
Player to reserve judgement on until next season when properly settled.

Leicester fans will tell you he's had as many bad games as good ones, though the manager at the beginning of the season was a bit of a cunt which wouldnt have helped.

Our main policy seems to be to buy old players or really young ones in the hope they turn out mustard, which for us they never do!

master 1:20 Sun Apr 7
Re: James Maddison
We are desperate for proper midfielders. Need at least 2 if not 3.

4ever-blowin-bubbles 1:08 Sun Apr 7
Re: James Maddison
he has played well this season and if he was with us would of done a good job

happygilmore 1:02 Sun Apr 7
Re: James Maddison
David Moyes didn't think he was good enough, yet signed Hugill. That no one had ever heard of.

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