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rochesterjohn 12:58 Wed Apr 10
Manuel Pellegrini
Ok! Not trying to be a smart arse, I didn’t go to Chelsea Monday night but my lad did, he said that the general swell of opinion on Pellegrini had changed considerably and serious questions were now being asked.
WHO in general I think is a fair representation of WHU fans but I feel on Pellegrini it’s way off.
Are you in general still in favour? I think we’ve been sold the oldest pup in history but that’s just me.
Every successful team is built from the back & studying the opposition weakness and strengths and exploiting that, we have a Prince Charming who’s only tactic is to outplay the opposition despite not having the tools to do so.

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Lily Hammer 1:53 Mon May 13
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
There's no mistaking his philosophy has changed the way we play, so much for the better. We've had too many plat disappointing showings for my liking, but when we are on it, we're a joy to watch, and when we're not on it, you can still see we're trying to play the beautiful game.

It's been a long time since we played that way. 2015/16 showed signs of it, but that was more the magic of Payet and the stadium rather than any canny and deliberate design. Our good stuff now is absolutely by intentional design, and Ireally hope the owners surprise us cynical old cunts and fully back the man again this summer. If they do, we could have a blinder of a season in 2019/20.

, 1:30 Mon May 13
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
terry, did you forget to consider the opinion of Rice in all this? For example a bigger club might offer him up to treble what he is earning now and he'd be unusual if he did not give that chance firm consideration.

terry-h 1:26 Mon May 13
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
It's a bit worrying that his comments about Rice didn't preclude his departure if the price is right.
I know the manager can't wait to get rid of Oxford, but Declan is an asset we have GOT to keep as long as possible. He has a long term contract but greed will no doubt get the better of Dildo one.

eusebiovic 1:02 Mon May 13
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
Maybe another centre back too

Lee Trundle 1:01 Mon May 13
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
Having DOGbonna out of the first XI helps out the organisation of the defence, it seems.

When he starts we've got something like 2 clean sheets in 20 odd games. That's no coincidence.

eusebiovic 1:01 Mon May 13
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
I think the priority is a bit of steel in midfield so we don't get overrun. It's unfair to expect Rice to take all responsibility on his shoulders.

In order, we need

Defensive Midfielder
Left Back

After the cup game against Wimbledon - there is no way Manny and his assistant will ever forget what those players did.

That night planted a seed in their minds which hasn't been forgotten.

Don't worry about that.

terry-h 12:55 Mon May 13
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
I'd be happier if he could just get the defence a bit more organised. I know he has attacking football at the forefront of his tactics but we could easily have conceded two or three more at Watford.
I hope we can get another full back in who can play either side, plus at least one more defensive midfielder.

diehardhammer 12:19 Mon May 13
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
i can't wait to see what he does in the summer bringing in more of his style of players.

Fully trust Pellegrini and husillos to push the board to keep backing them and make that attack for 7th place or even higher if VAR stops the top sides getting bullshit decisions

already excited for next season especially if the current crop can stay fit too.

BRANDED 12:18 Mon May 13
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
He handled the injuries well and Annie as best you could. Getting results at home is a great thing. He can achieve a lot more.

Manuel 12:10 Mon May 13
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
You think a good goalkeeper is more important than a good manager?

JAC 11:54 Mon May 13
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
Fabianski aside,probably our best signing ....

Eric Hitchmoe 12:04 Mon May 13
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
We've seen young players get a good run out under Pellegrini. Would never have happened under Allardyce. I think he's pukka.

Keep dreaming 9:58 Sun May 12
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
Very pleased with Manuel.
First of all I like his mentality. We are a whole different team now, playing football instead of hoofing.

We have had a few bad spells, but overall a good season taking points from many top 6 matches.

Now we need him to build the squad with 5 new signings.

Takashi Miike 9:18 Sun May 12
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
replace a couple of the strikers and bring in some help for rice & noble

Darlo Debs 8:46 Sun May 12
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
Agree with Chelmsford on this. Besides he has started to build from.the back. Apologies to.anyone who has said this but even .most of the sports journos recognise what an absolute great buy Fabianski is. We were unlucky that Balbuena spent time injured but him and Diop work well together.

Looking forward to seeing how good Yarmalenko can be over a season if we can get him back fit.

chelmsfordhammer 7:45 Sun May 12
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
overall pleased with this season considering the injuries and the start we had. Its over to the board now to see if they back him and push on. Just hope we give the cups a real go next season.

Northern Sold 7:42 Sun May 12
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
Yeah big season next season... bedding in season just gone... give it a go in the cups and become a West Ham hero

Darby_ 7:30 Sun May 12
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
A bad run of luck this season, but hopeful signs are there for next season. Personally I don't think the team needs major surgery. If you bring in two many new faces, you have to start again with the process of getting the team to gel.

Striker is the biggest problem, for mine. Arnie will likely have to be replaced and that won't be easy.

JayeMPee 1:09 Mon May 6
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
I think he has built the platform for us to be serious top six challengers next season. he will know who he needs to get rid of and hopefully given money to bring in the players he needs. But no more cheapo crocks from the Davids please!

Peckham 11:41 Sun May 5
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
I am happy with Manuel.
A win against Arsenal, Man U, Yids, a draw with Chelsea.
Considering the first 4 matches, and the big mission of getting 7/8 new signings to fit in with his inherited squad and to fit into El Pels style of play.
Surely its expected a player like Anderson would take a season to get to the standard of how fast and physical the premiership is.
Even El Pel done great things on a tight string in Spain , twice. He was spoilt at Man City and now I suppose hes back down to earth.
The partnership of Diop and the General have potential and have already showed their worth. If Diop can maintain getting caps for France I can see him happy at West Ham if him and, Balbuena a fucking wicked buy, can form a partnership that gets noticed by national team managers and feared by forwards. He will stick about a few seasons.
For Grady to be given games is nothing but positive for the other youngsters on the verge of breaking through.
Arnie flourished under Moyes, but fuck that, this year RICE has shone and been managed well. El Pel managed the Arnie fiasco with dignity.
Fabianski was a pukka signing. Yarmolenko can't be bad, to play 2 Euros and Dynamo then Dortmund , there must be something in him and he would have been missed by El Pel , and in the short time he played he scored 2 against one of our bogey teams Everton.
Yeah we played shit at times. Some players played sublime at times. Keeping in mind the Olympic Stadium is still fresh and like a cup final day out for teams around us and below.
I didn't miss the press or media with Fat Cunt Walrus complaining and mouthing off. I did't miss hearing,reading, watching Moyes bore the fuck out of me with some consistent football but drab. I don't miss rumours and bollocks coming out into the mainstream from a kids twitter account.
Just hope we get Maxi Gomez, who is quality and Manuel and Arnie sit down and Arnie decides to prove his worth, learn't his mistake, stays loyal and performs next season.
If , If , I had to be critical of El Pel it would be playing Carroll, repeatedly. 9 fucking times.
Those opening 4 games it could have just unravelled for us and El Pel, could have really struggled to get back on track and gel, could have been scrapping with relegation all season with that stadium, 4 losses, a host of new players, followed by injuries to key players.
But nah credit where credit is due, for his first season, with half the budget and backing as he had at Man City , and in a more competitive league than back then, as in clubs around us also spending big. The mans done good.
In El Pel I trust.

Northern Sold 9:22 Sun May 5
Re: Manuel Pellegrini
Really shit or bust for me... been some excellent stuff along with some proper tripe... the Arnie debacle 100% fucked us over... but overall it's miles better than Moyes and that cunt Allardyce..

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