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chav_corner 10:31 Thu Apr 11
Hammers United.-What do we want.
Paul Colborne's Interview with American Hammers TV.


As you know we have written to the club seeking a meeting.There are so many issues to raise but in particular we will be highlighting the following:-

Ticket Prices and Season Ticket renewals.

Some bands have seen major increases.Seats have been moved from one band to another(without notifying those affected).Renewal date brought forward.Those not renewing corporate tickets not being able to downgrade but forced to go to the back of the waiting list.And as for the waiting list what a shambles that is with tickets seemingly randomly issued.
We have had others better qualified than us produce a full report which will form the basis of any discussion with the club.

The London Stadium and Match Experience.

Well where do you start.We have been inundated with things our members want changed.Many issues stem from inadequate and frankly very bad stewarding.Improving this must be the priority.we are all sick to death of heavy handed stewarding,away fans in West Ham sections and stewards cheering when the opposition score.The Club have a duty of care to see that it’s supporters are treated fairly and at the same time be able to watch the match in a safe environment.It is not good enough to say the stewards are not their responsibility.-The well being of THEIR supporters is.
There are many other things supporters want changed but we feel the stewarding is the most important and will concentrate our efforts accordingly.However one reoccurring complaint which might be easily resolved is the lack of refreshment facilities in the upper tier.At half time It is impossible for supporters to get down the stairs,buy food and get back up again before kick off.Is there room on the upper tiers to add a refreshment area?

Memorial Gardens.

A very emotive subject.-And so it should be.
Supporters have loved ones here and understandably get very upset when the gardens are neglected .There is no doubt that the gardens have not been maintained regularly.Plans are in place for major improvements.We will keep an eye on developments.


West Ham charge more than any other Premier League club.Neil Taylor at LLTB.has raised this and been in contact with the club on the matter.it is about time he got a bit of support on this.
Help for Disabled Supporters.
To be fair West Ham seem to be trying hard to help supporters.Julie Pidgeon deals with accessibility issues and we have heard nothing but praise for her.There does seem to be one major issue in that the shuttle buses are held back until the away fans are dispersed.-Leading to a long wait.This is not good and needs to be addressed.
Champions Place Stones.
Another emotive subject .-And again so it should be.
The stones are becoming dirty and it is getting hard to see the inscriptions.This is after a relatively short space of time.If they are not cleaned and properly maintained the whole concept and meaning of them will have been a waste of time.-This needs to be addressed and should not be difficult for the club to resolve.

Erradication of our heritage.

Where do we start? Lee Rogers wrote a great piece on this which is on our facebook page.Says it all really.
West ham had a passionate and loyal fan base which was the envy of most clubs.-without doubt the best fans in London and perhaps the country.The fanbase didn’t need gentrifying.-The club should have played to it’s strengths.-For example maybe having a pop up Boleyn Pub in the ground.-And a pop up Nathans and Ercans.Many passionate long standing supporters have walked away.-feeling they are no longer wanted.We would like to see the club reach out to these supporters and try and get them back.
Many long term supporters feel that they just aren’t wanted there anymore.The club can put pictures etc up celebrating our heritage and that helps.-But what we want is to be made to feel welcome.We look forward to the imput of our members at the meeting of April 20th.-Especially so on what we put to the club on this.

Our away supporters.

The club give them no help whatsoever.As a committee we have 3 suggestions listed below which we want to put to the club.
!.The club offer next to no help with away travel.Our Supporters have solved this themselves with the brilliant Hornchurch coaches and Ironworks tours. However we would like to see train travel be put on for one off night games to long distance places such as Liverpool and Manchester in the league cup in recent years when no scheduled trains back were available.Trains are very expensive but for cup games the Club get a cut of the gate money.Manchester United the other year was around £60 a pop so every additional fan West Ham took they would have got nearly £20 which could have offset train costs.The situation probably arises once a year,if that,but we would like to see the club look into it.
2.Watford and Newcastle have a reciprocal arrangement whereby each gives the others fans £5 off admission.We would like to see West Ham contact both and see if this could be arranged.
3.Another suggestion is that when somebody has booked say 6 away games in one season then the club should make a gesture to thank them for their loyalty.-Perhaps a voucher for a free pie and a pint
One way or another we would like to see some help for our great away following.If any of our members have any other ideas we will of course take them into consideration.
Investment in the Playing Squad.
We encourage the club to invest as much as possible to give West Ham United the best possible chance of success on the pitch.They did invest heavily last Summer but investment in the years before has been woefully inadequate and we still have an aging and unbalanced squad.Sustained investment is required.Hopefully the club will match it’s obvious competitors in Leicester,Wolves,Everton .We do not expect it to match the investment of the top 6,that would be unfair.Rumours are that the Club will have a net spend of around £25 million this Summer.We hope these rumours are unfounded.This figure is obviously totally unrealistic in today’s Premier League.

These points will be put to our members on April 20th for endorsement.
We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.
Thank You.
Greg Hobbs(Secretary).

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goose 2:16 Thu Dec 12
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Sorry no it wasn’t a committee member, just a casual poster. Don’t want to put his name on here.
It worries me that some of our fans know so very little about the facts.

chav_corner 1:59 Thu Dec 12
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Goose,who told you that.We have nearly 7000 members.I would be very disappointed if it was a committee member.

goose 11:23 Thu Dec 12
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
i like Tross, he seems to have some common sense.

unlike some of the divs on HU. One of them told me yesterday that when the owners sell the club we lose the lease to the LS. apprently we are homeless when they sell.

Athletico Easthamico 9:16 Wed Dec 11
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Is taking legal action against GSB an option, even to get a bit of publicity?

I mean they've promised their customers one thing and blatantly delivered something else.

I'm sure there's plenty of lies that can be collected over the promised advantages of the move.

Would it come under taking money under false pretences or something like that.

One for the legal people.

chav_corner 4:33 Wed Dec 11
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.

Stephen Cross

Admin · 52 mins

HAMMERS UNITED UPDATE: - We've been inundated with requests to take direct action over the past 36 hours. We have in the words of Phil Stringfellow, "Stayed Classy" but Bubbles, Lee Rogers, myself and the committee recognise that we unfortunately appear to be approaching the end of that long road, which has seen us all but exhaust our options.

We are therefore engaging a number of other supporter groups, associations, social media outlets and influential supporters, as well as the correct authorities.

So there is no doubt, this group has gone about it's business the right way from it's inception.

We have been polite and patient, exploring all the correct avenues available. It would seem that some had hoped that by ignoring us, we would fade and die. . . on the contrary, we now will rally our loyal and long suffering support. . . you loyal and dedicated Hammers. . . your West Ham supporting friends and family. . . it's as Hammers. . . United we must take a stand.

We will look to provide you all with an update shortly, and once we understand the options available, we will put them to you our members.

Tross 😎⚒

#unitedwestand #unitedforchange #hammersunited

Lily Hammer 9:08 Tue Dec 10
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
It's West Ham fan business, Vexed. You wouldn't be interested.

Vexed 8:52 Tue Dec 10
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
So can anyone tell me what these HU saps have achieved so far?

Mike Oxsaw 8:45 Tue Dec 10
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
I think you need to fight fire with fire here. Much as I'm against social media, here is a perfect example of how it can be put to use.

It's simple (like me) free (err, pass on that) and has the perfect ability to keep the initiative.

Set up a boycott of a game on the HU website/Facebook pages - in fact set up boycotts for ALL future home games, with meeting points (as many as needed - in fact let people select their own).

Don't announce the actual game to be boycotted until as late as possible and spread the word via social media. So long as it's announced before the game and the duration (the same number of minutes as our position in the league, for instance).

Make sure that people only take the word directly from HU or any other participating (verified) account.

This means that nobody knows right up until the last minute whether it's go/no go, so it's not possible to plan for it.

Keep them on tenterhooks for the rest of the season - what's good for the goose...

chav_corner 7:33 Tue Dec 10
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.

Stephen Cross

Admin · 3 hrs

Last night Hammers United had plenty of engagement with our fans out and about in Westfield, and on the bridges, where we listened to their growing frustration at the current state of affairs within our beloved club.

The tension is growing, and the mood of the West Ham faithful is becoming considerably darker with the fan-base once again coming close to the end of its tether. We have to ask the question, how long before that frustration once again boils over?

The last 24 hours we’ve seen our membership rocket by almost 10% and it was clear last night that our loyal supporters have had enough.

Tross 😎⚒

chav_corner 2:06 Tue Dec 10
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Hi One Iron.Hope you are better soon and for the States mate.Things are moving fast and in the right direction.Also so many people EMailing to join up can hardly keep up with them.I told you right at the start mate that failure was not an option.I do not believe we are going to fail.I will keep you informed mate and see you against Leicester.

one iron 9:06 Tue Dec 10
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Chav sorry could not make last night, felt like shit,going usa Thursday,we need to talk,and act this cant go on,greed by the owners, greed by some fans are killing our club.we only ask for hard work and heart.iam not seeing it over the shithole.

chav_corner 3:12 Sun Dec 8
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.

Afternoon All.

Just to remind you that Hammers United will be out and about leafletting before the Arsenal match.

Please stop for a chat so we can explain our campaigns and efforts to improve things for West Ham Supporters.


Hammers United Committee.

On The Ball 3:53 Fri Dec 6
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
There are literally thousands of them on LLTB.

I have faith in HU when/if they ever get there. They seem realistic about what each person can do and what they're good at. I like the 'slowly-slowly' approach. There's no great tub-thumping and it's not all about their cult of personality. And there's no MERCH.

Rash, rushed and ill-thought-out actions are risky and may not work - and the fans cannot have another dagger through their heart like last time when RWHFAG chose to do what they did.

goose 12:37 Fri Dec 6
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.

i guess you cannot legislate for the odd spazzy supporter.

my biggest fear is that if HU ever do get to sit down with G&S that the opportunity will be wasted. they are slippery fuckers and need to confronted with cold hard facts.

On The Ball 12:35 Fri Dec 6
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
There are, but thankfully not those running it. If you want divs, try the longlivetheboleyn group.

goose 12:06 Fri Dec 6
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
There’s some absolute divs on the HU Facebook page.

chav_corner 4:37 Thu Dec 5
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Pickle,I offered to go in goal the other week but they didn't want to know.If they don't spend in January mate we will be in big trouble I fear.

Pickle Rick 12:21 Thu Dec 5
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.

It seems HU are doing good work, however you need to address with the club the shocking drop in form that'll see us bottom 3 by Xmas at this rate, this, at the moment is more important than a few fans getting upset about selling their tickets!

chav_corner 9:57 Thu Dec 5
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Good Morning all.

Just to let you know that the FSA.have entered into a formal relationship with Trading Standards enabling them to take advice from them on consumer related issues.In football terms this means terms and conditions on season tickets and ticket exchange systems like at West Ham where you can exchange your ticket in return for 'club cash' which has to be spent by the end of the season (or you lose your money).

Any of our members who think they may benefit from advice please let us know and we will liaise with the FSA.to see if they can help.

If you are not yet a member please join on membership@hammersunited.com


Hammers United Committee.

chav_corner 10:18 Tue Dec 3
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.

You will recall that as requested by members we wrote to West Ham asking what had happened to the John Lyall plaque.

Reply received by Hammers United

Hi Lee,

The Blue Plaque initiative links buildings with notable men and women who have lived or worked in them. The Blue Plaque attached to the Boleyn Ground honouring John Lyall was gifted to John's family by the Club upon moving to London Stadium.
Three leaves of the John Lyall gates are located in the Stadium Store of course. An article was posted on the website at the time they were installed https://www.whufc.com/.../18-march/john-lyall-gates-new-home

Kind regards,

A member complained to us about Stewards standing in front of him and his friends, obstructing their view of the match.We liaised with the F.S.A. who have taken his complaint up and we hope for a positive outcome.Remember our stewarding initiative is there to help you.

We will be out leafleting before the Arsenal game.Please stop and have a chat with us.Tell us what you think we are doing well and how you think we can do better.If you would like to help leaflet please Email us.-Thank-You.

Hammers United Committee.
Please remember to check out our website www.hammersunited.com

Loxfordfella 10:23 Mon Dec 2
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Struggling for what to get your mates for Christmas?????
Get them to join Hammers United.
It will cost you absolutely nothing!!!!!


They will thank you.

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