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chav_corner 10:31 Thu Apr 11
Hammers United.-What do we want.
Paul Colborne's Interview with American Hammers TV.


As you know we have written to the club seeking a meeting.There are so many issues to raise but in particular we will be highlighting the following:-

Ticket Prices and Season Ticket renewals.

Some bands have seen major increases.Seats have been moved from one band to another(without notifying those affected).Renewal date brought forward.Those not renewing corporate tickets not being able to downgrade but forced to go to the back of the waiting list.And as for the waiting list what a shambles that is with tickets seemingly randomly issued.
We have had others better qualified than us produce a full report which will form the basis of any discussion with the club.

The London Stadium and Match Experience.

Well where do you start.We have been inundated with things our members want changed.Many issues stem from inadequate and frankly very bad stewarding.Improving this must be the priority.we are all sick to death of heavy handed stewarding,away fans in West Ham sections and stewards cheering when the opposition score.The Club have a duty of care to see that it’s supporters are treated fairly and at the same time be able to watch the match in a safe environment.It is not good enough to say the stewards are not their responsibility.-The well being of THEIR supporters is.
There are many other things supporters want changed but we feel the stewarding is the most important and will concentrate our efforts accordingly.However one reoccurring complaint which might be easily resolved is the lack of refreshment facilities in the upper tier.At half time It is impossible for supporters to get down the stairs,buy food and get back up again before kick off.Is there room on the upper tiers to add a refreshment area?

Memorial Gardens.

A very emotive subject.-And so it should be.
Supporters have loved ones here and understandably get very upset when the gardens are neglected .There is no doubt that the gardens have not been maintained regularly.Plans are in place for major improvements.We will keep an eye on developments.


West Ham charge more than any other Premier League club.Neil Taylor at LLTB.has raised this and been in contact with the club on the matter.it is about time he got a bit of support on this.
Help for Disabled Supporters.
To be fair West Ham seem to be trying hard to help supporters.Julie Pidgeon deals with accessibility issues and we have heard nothing but praise for her.There does seem to be one major issue in that the shuttle buses are held back until the away fans are dispersed.-Leading to a long wait.This is not good and needs to be addressed.
Champions Place Stones.
Another emotive subject .-And again so it should be.
The stones are becoming dirty and it is getting hard to see the inscriptions.This is after a relatively short space of time.If they are not cleaned and properly maintained the whole concept and meaning of them will have been a waste of time.-This needs to be addressed and should not be difficult for the club to resolve.

Erradication of our heritage.

Where do we start? Lee Rogers wrote a great piece on this which is on our facebook page.Says it all really.
West ham had a passionate and loyal fan base which was the envy of most clubs.-without doubt the best fans in London and perhaps the country.The fanbase didn’t need gentrifying.-The club should have played to it’s strengths.-For example maybe having a pop up Boleyn Pub in the ground.-And a pop up Nathans and Ercans.Many passionate long standing supporters have walked away.-feeling they are no longer wanted.We would like to see the club reach out to these supporters and try and get them back.
Many long term supporters feel that they just aren’t wanted there anymore.The club can put pictures etc up celebrating our heritage and that helps.-But what we want is to be made to feel welcome.We look forward to the imput of our members at the meeting of April 20th.-Especially so on what we put to the club on this.

Our away supporters.

The club give them no help whatsoever.As a committee we have 3 suggestions listed below which we want to put to the club.
!.The club offer next to no help with away travel.Our Supporters have solved this themselves with the brilliant Hornchurch coaches and Ironworks tours. However we would like to see train travel be put on for one off night games to long distance places such as Liverpool and Manchester in the league cup in recent years when no scheduled trains back were available.Trains are very expensive but for cup games the Club get a cut of the gate money.Manchester United the other year was around £60 a pop so every additional fan West Ham took they would have got nearly £20 which could have offset train costs.The situation probably arises once a year,if that,but we would like to see the club look into it.
2.Watford and Newcastle have a reciprocal arrangement whereby each gives the others fans £5 off admission.We would like to see West Ham contact both and see if this could be arranged.
3.Another suggestion is that when somebody has booked say 6 away games in one season then the club should make a gesture to thank them for their loyalty.-Perhaps a voucher for a free pie and a pint
One way or another we would like to see some help for our great away following.If any of our members have any other ideas we will of course take them into consideration.
Investment in the Playing Squad.
We encourage the club to invest as much as possible to give West Ham United the best possible chance of success on the pitch.They did invest heavily last Summer but investment in the years before has been woefully inadequate and we still have an aging and unbalanced squad.Sustained investment is required.Hopefully the club will match it’s obvious competitors in Leicester,Wolves,Everton .We do not expect it to match the investment of the top 6,that would be unfair.Rumours are that the Club will have a net spend of around £25 million this Summer.We hope these rumours are unfounded.This figure is obviously totally unrealistic in today’s Premier League.

These points will be put to our members on April 20th for endorsement.
We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.
Thank You.
Greg Hobbs(Secretary).

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chav_corner 4:32 Fri Aug 9
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Good Man.Welcome aboard.

Westham67 2:46 Fri Aug 9
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Cheers chav just joined waiting confirmation

chav_corner 9:49 Wed Aug 7
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Hammers United Stewarding Advice and Help
The likelihood of you needing this advice is low. However, we thought it would be helpful to compile some helpful hints in the event you are involved in an incident with stewards either at the London Stadium or at an away game.
In the event you are, it’s important you remain calm and polite at all times. Shouting and swearing will not help your cause nor is it going to persuade a steward to change their minds. Fold your arms or keep them by your sides or behind your back so a steward cannot accuse you of being physically threatening.
You are obliged to respond to the reasonable requests of a match day steward and, like it or not, they do have power over you and can use reasonable force when required.
If you or your mates become involved in an incident, the following should assist.
1.Always record any incident but be wary not to antagonise a situation. If you can't film, then an audio recording is the next best thing. A steward can ask you to stop filming but should not take your phone.
2.Write up an account as soon as possible afterwards while your memory is still fresh.
- ask witnesses for their personal details in case they are needed
- if injuries are caused take photographs
- if medical assistance is required, keep records
- the clubs complaints procedure is documented on their website.
3. Put your complaint in writing to the club and ask that any CCTV, including from body worn cameras (if applicable) is preserved as you may exercise your right to submit a Subject Access Request for any footage. (See point 8).
It is possible that the club will phone you in response to your initial complaint. Take notes of that call and ask for the email address of the person you have spoken to so you can – and this is important – follow up that call and formally ask that the key points from that conversation are confirmed in writing.
In the event a complaint is escalated or you are not happy with what the club are saying, it is important that there is a paper trail.
4.All stewards should wear an ID number or SIA badge. Take those details, again this is important so stewards can be easily identified.
5.Stewards can use reasonable force in certain circumstances.
6.Under the ground regulations supporters are obliged to adhere to reasonable requests. These may include stewards asking a supporter for their personal details. It's a grey area as to whether or not supporters should oblige to that but consider that a lack of co-operation may count against you.
7.A season ticket is the property of the club. If asked to surrender it, a supporter should oblige.
8 Supporters can use Data Protection to ask the club to disclose what information they hold about them. There is advice on how to make requests on the ICOs website see here. They club can’t just refuse a request. They should clarify what exemptions they are relying on.
We have set up an Email address for our members to contact us should they need assistance in approaching the club. Our committee and legal team, with assistance from the Football Supporters Association, will do our best to help including drafting letters for supporters. There will of course be cases when our members have to accept that they were in the wrong and that stewards were justified in their actions. We not here to judge you but to help and all we ask for in return is complete honesty. All information received will be treated in strict confidence and not shared with any external party unless specific consent is given.
Our email address is stewarding@hammersunited.com
Members can also action through our website by using the form in the stewarding section on www.hammersunited.com
The Football Supporters Association have solicitors who offer initial advice free of charge to supporters we refer to them. Again, all information is treated in strict confidence.
We hope this initiative will be of assistance to our members .
We would like to place on record our thanks to Amanda Jacks at the Football Supporters Association for her assistance in this initiative.
Come on You Irons.
Hammers United Committee.
Hammers United – The Independent Supporters’ Group for West Ham United FC Supporters

chav_corner 7:27 Tue Jul 30
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Just to report the completion of our new website. www.hammersunited.com Thanks to all concerned for their hard work.

13 Brentford Rd 2:13 Mon Jul 29
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
25m net spend, big earners off the wage bill and the board are publicly pleading poverty, again.

Lily Hammer 1:36 Mon Jul 29
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.

Who just keeps slagging them off?

Most seem able to give credit where it’s due: getting Pellegrini in, backing him reasonably well, Bonzo’s big day, and there are other things they’ve done well.

Most people in this group aren’t screaming “Board Out!” they’re just asking to be listened to as an independent group, so fans can raise any issues of concern, independently of any club approved supporters group.

wd40 8:35 Mon Jul 29
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
If not the present owners who then? Can't just keep slagging off our owners without putting someone eles forward.

99% owners are all the same so give me that 1% or shut up boring us all to death.

Win the first ten games all will be happy.

chav_corner 4:12 Fri Jul 26
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Last comment was on Lee's post re our Stewarding Initiative.

chav_corner 4:11 Fri Jul 26
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Thanks Lee.All on schedule for Man City at home.Will be a comprehensive and well publicised service available to all our members.As far as I know we are the only fans group in the league that will be providing this service for it's members.-And it will prove to be invaluable to those whose circumstances warrant assistance.

Vexed 7:24 Thu Jul 25
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
What do we want?! It's not clear but mostly unrealistic!

When do we want it? NOW!

You lot are embarrassing.

Woden 4:30 Thu Jul 25
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
I think with Obiang's departure our net spend has been 24m this window and our net wage bill has decreased due to offloading Carroll and Arnie etc.

so maybe the 20M war chest story was true.

Johnson 10:08 Thu Jul 25
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
OtB getting in some sterling pre-season clubman work here.

cartis 7:15 Wed Jul 24
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
East Stand Pat 1:33 Wed Jul 24

Get fucking real.

They have destroyed the club through personal; greed.

The usual scant net spend again this summer.

Wasn't the move to the shit hole the catalyst for world class signings and really be able to push on.

Lying cunts, here we are supposedly skint again and looking at Gary carthorse Medel.

God fucking help us.

Fo the Communist 3:50 Wed Jul 24
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
They will, Pat,
And long may it continue. To be honest I reckon you will find far more inner peace if you frequent Claret and Hugh's informative website. Lots of stuff there that will coincide with your own personal truths.

East Stand Pat 1:33 Wed Jul 24
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
People on here will use anything just to throw shit at the board..

Exiled In Surrey 11:35 Mon Jul 22
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
cartis 12:09 Sat Jul 6


Lily Hammer 10:03 Tue Jul 9
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.

I haven’t seen any serious over reaction, just discussions that seem to have concluded that this new scheme is harmless enough as it’s starting out, but that it has potential to go in directions that few fans, if any, would be happy with.

On The Ball 11:58 Mon Jul 8
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Lily Hammer 10:40 Thu Jul 4

I'd imagine, if they were upset, it'd be because of the complete overreaction of some groups to what is a pretty innocuous sponsor.

cartis 12:09 Sat Jul 6
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
100% in patasitic shit camp.
GSB haven't got much right in the grand scheme of things.
In my eyes they have torn the club to shreds.
Dispise the three of them with an absolute passion

Lily Hammer 12:19 Thu Jul 4
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.

Almost, but I get the impression that most involved with Hammers United and all the other groups are capable of giving credit where it’s due. There are some things GSB have done which have been done right. Getting Pellegrini in and backing him was commendable. Keep it up. Holding firm re Rice and Diop, good stuff, keep it up.

I hope they are as willing to take criticism as well as credit. That’s a fair relationship.

muskie 11:23 Thu Jul 4
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
I guess it all comes down to how you feel about Gold, Sullivan and Brady.
If you think they're doing a good job then Socios is of no relevance to you, but if you see them as the parasitic shit cunts they really are then you take any opportunity to piss in their soup.

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