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chav_corner 10:31 Thu Apr 11
Hammers United.-What do we want.
Paul Colborne's Interview with American Hammers TV.


As you know we have written to the club seeking a meeting.There are so many issues to raise but in particular we will be highlighting the following:-

Ticket Prices and Season Ticket renewals.

Some bands have seen major increases.Seats have been moved from one band to another(without notifying those affected).Renewal date brought forward.Those not renewing corporate tickets not being able to downgrade but forced to go to the back of the waiting list.And as for the waiting list what a shambles that is with tickets seemingly randomly issued.
We have had others better qualified than us produce a full report which will form the basis of any discussion with the club.

The London Stadium and Match Experience.

Well where do you start.We have been inundated with things our members want changed.Many issues stem from inadequate and frankly very bad stewarding.Improving this must be the priority.we are all sick to death of heavy handed stewarding,away fans in West Ham sections and stewards cheering when the opposition score.The Club have a duty of care to see that it’s supporters are treated fairly and at the same time be able to watch the match in a safe environment.It is not good enough to say the stewards are not their responsibility.-The well being of THEIR supporters is.
There are many other things supporters want changed but we feel the stewarding is the most important and will concentrate our efforts accordingly.However one reoccurring complaint which might be easily resolved is the lack of refreshment facilities in the upper tier.At half time It is impossible for supporters to get down the stairs,buy food and get back up again before kick off.Is there room on the upper tiers to add a refreshment area?

Memorial Gardens.

A very emotive subject.-And so it should be.
Supporters have loved ones here and understandably get very upset when the gardens are neglected .There is no doubt that the gardens have not been maintained regularly.Plans are in place for major improvements.We will keep an eye on developments.


West Ham charge more than any other Premier League club.Neil Taylor at LLTB.has raised this and been in contact with the club on the matter.it is about time he got a bit of support on this.
Help for Disabled Supporters.
To be fair West Ham seem to be trying hard to help supporters.Julie Pidgeon deals with accessibility issues and we have heard nothing but praise for her.There does seem to be one major issue in that the shuttle buses are held back until the away fans are dispersed.-Leading to a long wait.This is not good and needs to be addressed.
Champions Place Stones.
Another emotive subject .-And again so it should be.
The stones are becoming dirty and it is getting hard to see the inscriptions.This is after a relatively short space of time.If they are not cleaned and properly maintained the whole concept and meaning of them will have been a waste of time.-This needs to be addressed and should not be difficult for the club to resolve.

Erradication of our heritage.

Where do we start? Lee Rogers wrote a great piece on this which is on our facebook page.Says it all really.
West ham had a passionate and loyal fan base which was the envy of most clubs.-without doubt the best fans in London and perhaps the country.The fanbase didn’t need gentrifying.-The club should have played to it’s strengths.-For example maybe having a pop up Boleyn Pub in the ground.-And a pop up Nathans and Ercans.Many passionate long standing supporters have walked away.-feeling they are no longer wanted.We would like to see the club reach out to these supporters and try and get them back.
Many long term supporters feel that they just aren’t wanted there anymore.The club can put pictures etc up celebrating our heritage and that helps.-But what we want is to be made to feel welcome.We look forward to the imput of our members at the meeting of April 20th.-Especially so on what we put to the club on this.

Our away supporters.

The club give them no help whatsoever.As a committee we have 3 suggestions listed below which we want to put to the club.
!.The club offer next to no help with away travel.Our Supporters have solved this themselves with the brilliant Hornchurch coaches and Ironworks tours. However we would like to see train travel be put on for one off night games to long distance places such as Liverpool and Manchester in the league cup in recent years when no scheduled trains back were available.Trains are very expensive but for cup games the Club get a cut of the gate money.Manchester United the other year was around £60 a pop so every additional fan West Ham took they would have got nearly £20 which could have offset train costs.The situation probably arises once a year,if that,but we would like to see the club look into it.
2.Watford and Newcastle have a reciprocal arrangement whereby each gives the others fans £5 off admission.We would like to see West Ham contact both and see if this could be arranged.
3.Another suggestion is that when somebody has booked say 6 away games in one season then the club should make a gesture to thank them for their loyalty.-Perhaps a voucher for a free pie and a pint
One way or another we would like to see some help for our great away following.If any of our members have any other ideas we will of course take them into consideration.
Investment in the Playing Squad.
We encourage the club to invest as much as possible to give West Ham United the best possible chance of success on the pitch.They did invest heavily last Summer but investment in the years before has been woefully inadequate and we still have an aging and unbalanced squad.Sustained investment is required.Hopefully the club will match it’s obvious competitors in Leicester,Wolves,Everton .We do not expect it to match the investment of the top 6,that would be unfair.Rumours are that the Club will have a net spend of around £25 million this Summer.We hope these rumours are unfounded.This figure is obviously totally unrealistic in today’s Premier League.

These points will be put to our members on April 20th for endorsement.
We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.
Thank You.
Greg Hobbs(Secretary).

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Lily Hammer 10:03 Tue Jul 9
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.

I haven’t seen any serious over reaction, just discussions that seem to have concluded that this new scheme is harmless enough as it’s starting out, but that it has potential to go in directions that few fans, if any, would be happy with.

On The Ball 11:58 Mon Jul 8
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Lily Hammer 10:40 Thu Jul 4

I'd imagine, if they were upset, it'd be because of the complete overreaction of some groups to what is a pretty innocuous sponsor.

cartis 12:09 Sat Jul 6
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
100% in patasitic shit camp.
GSB haven't got much right in the grand scheme of things.
In my eyes they have torn the club to shreds.
Dispise the three of them with an absolute passion

Lily Hammer 12:19 Thu Jul 4
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.

Almost, but I get the impression that most involved with Hammers United and all the other groups are capable of giving credit where it’s due. There are some things GSB have done which have been done right. Getting Pellegrini in and backing him was commendable. Keep it up. Holding firm re Rice and Diop, good stuff, keep it up.

I hope they are as willing to take criticism as well as credit. That’s a fair relationship.

muskie 11:23 Thu Jul 4
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
I guess it all comes down to how you feel about Gold, Sullivan and Brady.
If you think they're doing a good job then Socios is of no relevance to you, but if you see them as the parasitic shit cunts they really are then you take any opportunity to piss in their soup.

Lily Hammer 10:40 Thu Jul 4
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Do we want a sponsor that has a problem with fans being against contentious issues from their board?

For me, I would rather have a sponsor that tells the owners not to piss off the fanbase, as it's bad for business.

On The Ball 9:18 Wed Jul 3
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Lily - I agree completely with the first part of your post, and that is a GREAT way of describing it. I can't agree with the second part though - as I said below, I don't think that putting off sponsors is a great idea in a game driven solely by money.

On The Ball 9:15 Wed Jul 3
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
But that's not astute - it's a massive overreaction. The Club aren't involved like that - Socios have paid for access to us and that's it. The Club won't make any more money off it (AFAIK) and Socios won't have access to anything that matters, like away tickets or priority. It won't happen.

It IS a get-rich-quick scheme, but in the same way that every other 'innovative' sponsorship thing is. And of course it's not a genuine fan engagement thing - anyone with an ounce of sense can see that. Choosing who is on the programme isn't fan engagement.

I don't think they'll be around for very long - certainly not with us. I don't think that driving sponsors away is very clever because it'll put off other sponsors (or at least the agencies that send them our way) - I expect they've been stung by the ludicrous overreaction to them coming on board.

Lily Hammer 1:53 Wed Jul 3
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
As long as it is innocuous, and remains so, then nobody will have a big problem; it will just be the same as loads of other tat in the club shop, that people can spend on if they choose.

All this fuss is good, though, just to make it clear to the club that they should tread carefully and that it doesn't become anything contentious.

muskie 11:02 Wed Jul 3
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
I agree that at the moment it's pretty innocuous but where will it end?
We'll probably see a gradual "token creep" probably concerning away tickets and cat A games.
As he astutely puts it -
"the very fact that West Ham are one of the first clubs involved tells you that it's a get-rich-quick scheme and not a genuine fan engagement platform. If it were, West Ham's owners would run a mile from it."

On The Ball 9:06 Tue Jul 2
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
It sort of explains it, but it's way over the top. Yes, the Club could do this for free with their app - they could also give replica shirts away for free, but why would they? This is an outside company buying access to us.

This pointless thing is just free money for the Club. They're also in bed with Juventus and PSG - that I get, because they'll have foreign fans who will happily pay to feel 'part' of things, whereas I'm not sure our reach is that great.

Yes, if you're an idiot, you can pay to have a say. Those moaning about having to pay to have a say - you never had a say before, nothing is being taken away from you. You also don't HAVE to invest with Barrett & Gold or whatever they're called and you don't HAVE to bet with Betway. We'll all get free tokens anyway, whoop-de-fucking-do.

We've now seen what Socios are offering, and the biggest 'say' that I could see involved voting on who would be on the programme cover. I discussed this with one of the Facebook protesters who thinks they'll offer away points, which is just daft. It'll never be anything that matters.

As I've said, if you're incredibly stupid, give them your money and enjoy voting on what montage shown on the screens at half time. I can't see it succeeding as I'm just not convinced that people are thick enough - but who gives a shit? It's money in the Club's coffers, and that's a good thing.

JAC 1:00 Tue Jul 2
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Thanks mate.

muskie 12:59 Tue Jul 2
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
This link should explain it.


JAC 11:37 Tue Jul 2
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Apologies if I sound a bit of a div but in a nutshell what is Socios and why do most people dislike it?

cartis 12:53 Tue Jul 2
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
fat rancid pig Brady

Perfecty described Muskie

What an absolute and utter cunt she is.

muskie 4:14 Mon Jul 1
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Looks like that fat rancid pig Brady has scored an own goal here, Socios looks like it might just unite the fan base.
Let's hope WHUISA can keep their politics out of it.

Lily Hammer 11:59 Mon Jul 1
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
I fully back that idea, c_c.

United front.

chav_corner 10:44 Mon Jul 1
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Many of West Ham’s fans groups have united in opposition to West Ham’s proposed partnership with Socios.This scheme would see further monetisation of the Supporters without consultation.Supporters should not have to pay to have a say.
Hammers United are suggesting that all West Ham Fans Groups against West Ham’s proposed partnership with Socios support an Online Petition
.If we all work together the response should be overwhelming.
We will make contact with other groups to discuss and progress.

Thank You.



Mike Oxsaw 5:13 Sat Jun 29
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
I suspect that they'd only be interested in the club actually turning a profit if the new home kit contained an Anne Summers supplied strap-on and a jar of "London Stadium Lube.".

Are these losses off-settable against their profits in their other businesses?

arsegrapes 1:28 Fri Jun 28
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Seems last years player purchases were a one off due to the Boleyn sale windfall.

arsegrapes 12:30 Fri Jun 28
Re: Hammers United.-What do we want.
Looks like the club are losing money and already in debtso their hands will be tied to make any changes that cost. They only invested last year because of Burnley. They won’t fund anything with their own money. The sooner the two bobs sell up the better imh.

West Ham lost £27m for the financial year encompassing 2018/2019 ending in May a plunge of £45.3m on the £18.3m pre-tax profit they announced for 2017/2018 season last December.

The previous year the Hammers announced a record pre-tax profit of £43.4m for the 2016/2017 season but now the figures are going in the opposite direction with losses now mounting again which needs to be tackled.

This current financial year which begun in June West Ham is forecast to lose another £42m if they do nothing about it.

The losses are off the back of the £89m spending spree last summer when Manuel Pellegrini joined as manager and it now appears that the Hammers are living beyond their means.

A club insider told Claret and Hugh “We lost £27m this year and will lose another £42m next year unless we are clever, we can’t keep just adding to wages/losses and we have more than 25 players at the moment”

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