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nerd 9:28 Sat Apr 13
wow destroyed crolla anyone watch it,he's unreal.

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twoleftfeet 10:51 Sat Apr 13
Re: lomachenko

twoleftfeet 10:51 Sat Apr 13
Re: lomachenko
I always wonder what a boxer thinks when he walks in the ring and sees his opponent, does he look at him and think this bloke is going to knock the shit out of me or do they genuinely believe they have a chance?

Surely Corolla knew he had little or no chance of winning? I wonder if he was scared?

Iron Duke 10:30 Sat Apr 13
Re: lomachenko
There wasn’t a scratch on him. He could have got showered and changed and gone out clubbing afterwards.

monto 9:50 Sat Apr 13
Re: lomachenko
Only caught it as I couldn’t sleep. But Crolla shouldn’t have been sent out for the 4th.
Heavy knockdown, that needn’t have happened.

Grumpster 9:46 Sat Apr 13
Re: lomachenko
Not into my boxing at all, but I glanced his odds of 1/100 when doing my acca and that told me that it was a pointless fight anyway, though I guess its not his fault if there aren't any other worthier challengers.

Never seen anyone so short for a fight in my life.

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