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Stevethehammer 8:23 Sun Apr 14
Player training
Any ideas of the times the players are at rush green. Wanna take my little boy to see a few of the players if possible.

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Vexed 12:10 Mon Apr 15
Re: Player training
That is disturbingly similar to a standard Monday morning conversion with some of the fucking twats in my office.

I don't see where I've overeacted though.

andyd12345 12:07 Mon Apr 15
Re: Player training
Vexed always makes me smile with his ridiculous over reactions to everything.

Can just imagine him walking into work on a Monday morning. “Morning Vexed, how was your weekend? Lovely weather wasn’t it?”

“No it wasn’t you fucking embarrassment. Why don’t you go fuck yourself with your constant inane drivel you piece of shit.”

Vexed 11:51 Sun Apr 14
Re: Player training
Oh yeah, how's that then you silly old cunt?

Pub Bigot 11:49 Sun Apr 14
Re: Player training
Vexed, you're the embarrassment mate.

Vexed 11:46 Sun Apr 14
Re: Player training
That fucking embarrassment Huffers will know. He'll probably try to snatch autographs out of your kids hand mind you.

Gaffer58 11:19 Sun Apr 14
Re: Player training
As I understand it they arrive about 9.30 am, after taking kids to school, have a light breakfast, then about 30 mins training, with out the ball, just a bit of gentle jogging. Then it's in for elevensis, coffee and biscuits, then a tactical talk with videos by the groundsman. Then about 11.30 am there is about 10 minutes of ball work, followed by showers and lunch. After that those that don't go to the golf course go down the river with Noble for a spot of fishing.

joe royal 8:43 Sun Apr 14
Re: Player training
Seen people hanging around outside so I assume you can get the odd autograph .

Can’t help on times tho.

Mike the Hammer 8:39 Sun Apr 14
Re: Player training
Probably better off finding out what ward most of them are in...

Best ask the club, they may not allow people in for security means etc.

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