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Keep dreaming 8:57 Tue Apr 16
FA Cup Final
Well, are you going?

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gank 6:13 Wed Apr 17
Re: FA Cup Final
I haven't watched a single woman's match all season, but I've been to some of the proper team matches. If you think we should go just because it's a final then that's a bit weird. Like glory-hunting when there isn't really any glory.

Texas Iron 5:47 Wed Apr 17
Re: FA Cup Final
Pelligrini Blew it...
Piss poor selection...
Underestimated Wimbledon...

Keep dreaming 2:39 Wed Apr 17
Re: FA Cup Final

geoffpikey 12:53 Wed Apr 17
Re: FA Cup Final
@ Branded, WHUFC women will likely get smashed to bits. (Oo-er)

Still, if I demanded a high probability of victory in every game, I wouldn't be a West Ham United fan at all.

As someone on here puts it: Keep Dreaming. Could be a West Ham United trophy. Which would be brilliant. Wouldn't it? Here's hoping.

It WILL be more exciting than the fellas unfolding beach towels vs Southampton. IMHO.

Fifth Column 12:28 Wed Apr 17
Re: FA Cup Final
Man City West Ham in women's game is same gap between the two teams as in the men's game. The women will get torn a new...

Having said that I am going to the match. Unlike the mercenaries in the men's game they get paid close to minimum wage but love the game and give everything to it. Couldn't give a shit about the Soton match.

Scheduling is awful.

BRANDED 11:19 Wed Apr 17
Re: FA Cup Final
Do our birds have much chance in this game?

LeroysBoots 10:57 Wed Apr 17
Re: FA Cup Final
I think the club should bring the game forward to say a 1:30 kick off, and subsidise the ticket prices for the final so more would attend

Do something constructive for once

Keep dreaming 9:01 Wed Apr 17
Re: FA Cup Final
As in no cunts being interested in this match, there is 30000 cunts buying a ticket so far. As per, the biggest cunts are in here.
But the scheduling are shambles.

Sven Roeder 8:42 Wed Apr 17
Re: FA Cup Final
Its the last home game
Many will want to see Carroll (& Arnie?) off the premises

Syd Puddefoot 8:34 Wed Apr 17
Re: FA Cup Final
gph 12:50 Tue Apr 16

Who needs a Helicopter?

From the TFL Journey planner website:

16:58 - Arrive at: 17:40
Total time: 42mins
Cost of fare: £2.80 off peak
Detailed steps for option 1
Step 1
Depart Stratford Underground Station at 16:58 via Jubilee line to Finchley Road

Jubilee line to Finchley Road
Journey time:
32 min

View stops
Step 2
Depart Finchley Road Underground Station at 17:33 via Metropolitan line to Wembley Park

Metropolitan line to Wembley Park
Journey time:
7 min

On a (semi) serious note, I wonder if there will be a mini exodus at about 4.30?

Sven Roeder 8:05 Wed Apr 17
Re: FA Cup Final
I will be at LS for what should be an entertaining game as Southampton are in good form and much improved.
Plus it’s our last home game of the season

Good luck to the girls but to suggest any equivalence is ludicrous.
If you have the time to spare can I suggest supporting the u23’s at London Stadium on Monday week. I’d rather THAT team got more prominence.
They need to beat league leaders Everton to have any chance of avoiding relegation

geoffpikey 7:30 Wed Apr 17
Re: FA Cup Final
Sven, no: nobody NEEDS to watch. Up to the individual.

Just because I have an MSc doesn't mean I will lampoon someone doing GCSEs, though. You understand that concept?

The ladies have done well. They're learning. And our last game will be pretty meaningless unless we have a chance to send Southampton down. Which is unlikely.


lab 9:16 Tue Apr 16
Re: FA Cup Final
Do I like womens football ? Not really thought about it . Am I sad enough to analyse it? No. Will I watch the final on tv ? Dunno I might . Did I enjoy seeing on the news that bird score her penalty , turn and run towards her mates , a claret and blue shirt , crossed hammers crest, huge smile? YES I FUCKING DID.

Sven Roeder 9:02 Tue Apr 16
Re: FA Cup Final
Are you saying we need to watch every game of football over that weekend?
I don’t have the time or the interest. Sorry

Everyone wishes them well and women playing football is a good thing.
It’s just not a standard that is worth watching
But you knock yourself out

Eddie B 8:44 Tue Apr 16
Re: FA Cup Final
A bit fucking stupid having it on the same day as league matches. Shame, really.

David L 8:22 Tue Apr 16
Re: FA Cup Final
1,200 allocation? The Green Man will be rocking like 2012. Perhaps a drunk bloke will take his trousers off and a few bottles thrown

Leonard Hatred 8:06 Tue Apr 16
Re: FA Cup Final
Just from reading this thread it's clear to see that women's football has it's knockers.

geoffpikey 7:55 Tue Apr 16
Re: FA Cup Final
Will be more interesting than WHU underachieving mllionaires vs Southampton underachieving millionaires.

The level of disdain on here is pathetic. Some of the ladies' football is comedic, yes. .But so is my lad's U15 team. So is League 2. Sunday League standard? Fuck off. Would only be won if the fat blokes simply fouled them out the game.

It's a DIFFERENT game of football. But football nonetheless. And i like football.

Give them a chance. They've got to a cup final! "You can only beat what's infront of you." And for that, they deserve credit.


nerd 7:09 Tue Apr 16
Re: FA Cup Final
This lot are bang average but improving , but the next generation are a bit special and there are a lot of them.

wanstead_hammer 6:06 Tue Apr 16
Re: FA Cup Final
Furry Cup Final

MikeHammer 5:43 Tue Apr 16
Re: FA Cup Final

West Ham’s Wembley allocation is just 1,200 although they may allow the club 700 more, but you can buy online as many as you want and there will be 50,000 empty seats.

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