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the coming of gary 1:51 Tue Apr 23
Jamie Cureton
congrats to him on playing his 1000th game today

CURO has also scored in the top seven divisions ; not many can say that

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Buster 1:19 Tue Apr 23
Re: Jamie Cureton
He's also top scorer in the league this season.

gank 1:11 Tue Apr 23
Re: Jamie Cureton
No further questions, Pacey. I have everything I need. Thank you.

Grumpster 1:07 Tue Apr 23
Re: Jamie Cureton
Like it when players happily drop down the leagues as they're still desperate to play the game.

Good luck to him.

, 1:00 Tue Apr 23
Re: Jamie Cureton
Saw him play, and score, for Bishop's Stortford against Hornchurch during the EPL international break.

Still got the touch and is assistant manager there.

On The Ball 10:27 Tue Apr 23
Re: Jamie Cureton
I was expecting them to kiss at the end.

sanfrancis-co-uk 5:40 Tue Apr 23
Re: Jamie Cureton
Great answer Pagey!

Pagey 2:53 Tue Apr 23
Re: Jamie Cureton
They would both slug it out until they’re both exhausted and then my nephew would catch Cureton with a swift right hook which sends him down to the canvas, but my nephew also falls to the canvas through sheer exhaustion.

The ref starts counting in slow motion as both men, totally sapped of energy, try to get up before the count of ten. Cureton is getting there but sheer tiredness has him falling back to the canvas just as my nephew digs that little bit deeper, finds some energy from within and makes the count to sheer adulation from the Philadelphia crowd.

He celebrates for a while until the ref reminds him that it was actually a fight to the death and Cureton has fucked off home leaving the fight null and void.

gank 2:33 Tue Apr 23
Re: Jamie Cureton
Good analysis. What about a fight to the death though? No weapons.

Pagey 2:32 Tue Apr 23
Re: Jamie Cureton
I reckon my nephew would take the first couple of rounds but then Cureton would gradually wear him down with his experience and take it on a split decision.

gank 2:28 Tue Apr 23
Re: Jamie Cureton
Who would win a fight between Jamie Cureton and your nephew?

Pagey 2:25 Tue Apr 23
Re: Jamie Cureton
My nephew is a huge Daggers fan and saw him play a few times for them. He’s a really decent bloke and loves his football. Cureton that is, not my nephew. Although he is and does too.

gank 2:20 Tue Apr 23
Re: Jamie Cureton
He's still playing?? I opened this expecting to read of his death. Fair play, he's made a proper career of his talent without ever being among the best at it, even regionally. That has to be down to hard work in training. I like that.

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