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Mex Martillo 9:28 Sat Apr 27
West Ham Stadium
Nice photo of the West Ham Stadium in this article about the Archibald Leitch who designed and build stadium around the UK.

In its day it held 120,000, but for football the pitch is further away then in the OS! Of course we never played there, it was a grey hound stadium and later also speedway. Closed in 1972, so I would think quite a few remember it.

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, 1:59 Sun Apr 28
Re: West Ham Stadium
Stock car racing, summer Saturday nights in the middle 1960s. Great fun.

martinbritt_63 11:05 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium
Used to walk from my home - close to UP - through the "dumps" - ruins of the isolation hospita l - across the Beckton bypass, for Tuesday night speedway. Then home via Prince Regent Lane - stopping for takeaway savs & pease pudding.
Best speedway night - Poland beating GB with a patched up team after a carnage night on a less suitable track in Edinburgh. The wide open spaces of Custom House were right up their street, and even the home fans gave them a rousing ovation.
There's a photo somewhere on the web of Greenwood and some WHU team members sitting talking on the Stadium infield, prior to the 1964 Cup Final - during familiarisation sessions - yet another example of Ron's attention to detail.
Strange to think it was all 50 + years ago - good times though.

charleyfarley 10:16 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium
juliandix.....Otley rd ran straight into the main gate of the street. Burley rd was next street up

jooliandix 9:57 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium
I’ve got a vague memory of going to banger racing there as a kid,I moved into Burley Road later in life ,it used to run straight to the stadium I believe

62Hammer 4:36 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium
Remember it very well, went to speedway there 1964-72. Still miss it, especially as Lakeside/Arena-Essex has also gone now.

Lato 4:30 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium
Remember going there for the Speedway with the old man as a nipper

BubblesCyprus 3:39 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium
Get in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheezey Bell-End 2:28 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium
Thames FC played there a couple of seasons before going bust.

Any Old Iron 2:20 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium
I went there to watch the speedway some time around '67 '68. Barry Briggs was there as World Champ.
There must have been about 20,000 in there that night.

ray winstone 1:53 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium
Went there as a nipper to see the speedway, also remember going to to Hackney Stadium which wasn’t far from where we are now.

Chip Shop Charlie 1:39 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium
I vaguely remember going to the speedway as a kid. I'm pretty sure it shut down soon after I started going. I remember going to hackney speedway after that.

1964 1:24 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium
Transport links!

J.Riddle 1:06 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium
Far Cough 12:31 Sat Apr 27

Like the OS we would never fill it.

the coming of gary 12:35 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium

yes, for me it is the greatest sports book ever written

as you say the first edition before the Bradford fire is best.
There is also a Europe edition, most of which are completely changed now too.

Far Cough 12:31 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium
125k capacity wasn't it?

Would have been an ideal location for a new WHU FOOTBALL stadium

charleyfarley 10:37 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium
Yes very familiar with the stadium was born in Otley Rd E16 which was the street that led to the main gate of the stadium.
For those of you who remember the greyhound, speedway and stock car racing, here's a good site.


cholo 10:34 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium
Anyone read football grounds of England and Wales (non revised)? I have kept a copy as it goes into brilliant detail of every ground in the football league at the time (early to, mid 80s), before most of them were either abandoned or rebuilt. I'm fairly sure this stadium had a mention in some context.

joe royal 10:23 Sat Apr 27
Re: West Ham Stadium
If that’s the one in Beckton all the local streets are named after speedway racers.

Got dragged along to a few dog tracks as a kid , Hackney , white city Walthamstow etc.

All gone now and dogging usually means something else these days.

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