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crystal falace 1:50 Wed May 1
Maxi Gomez
I had a look but couldnt find the old thread

Just seen in twitter from an article on C&H and it says him signing is “as close to a given as it gets”

i know with the source you take it with a pinch of salt but he is currently 6/1 to sign for us on bet victor, could be worth some value if anyone fancies a flutter.

Liverpool 4/1 favourites but havent seen anything linking them to him. And he’d be backup to firmino there

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Eggbert Nobacon 10:58 Wed May 22
Re: Maxi Gomez
FWIW Exwhu and C&H also say he's staying

Lee Trundle 10:53 Wed May 22
Re: Maxi Gomez
We'd be idiots not to look at moving Arnie on this summer considering what he did this season.

Fuck him. He's more then welcome to call me up and plead his case but I'd give him this:

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\\.......... _.·´

Eggbert Nobacon 10:40 Wed May 22
Re: Maxi Gomez
him and Pellegrini taking about next season and the building work he's having done at his house all seem to be leading that way

Darby_ 10:18 Wed May 22
Re: Maxi Gomez
Who says that Arnie looks likely to stay?

Manuel 10:16 Wed May 22
Re: Maxi Gomez
This summers Lacazette. Time to move on.

Eggbert Nobacon 10:06 Wed May 22
Re: Maxi Gomez
think this was only ever on the cards if Arnie went

which it now seems he's not

Sven Roeder 10:03 Wed May 22
Re: Maxi Gomez
Says who?
Spurs were looking at him as a back up for Harry Kane.
If he thinks that’s a good gig he lacks ambition
If you have an absolute number 1 striker the other guy is playing dead rubbers and minor games and praying for another injury for Kane.

twoleftfeet 9:25 Wed May 22
Re: Maxi Gomez
Off to Spurs


Lily Hammer 8:42 Mon May 20
Re: Maxi Gomez
I hated all C&H's little updates on Celta Vigo's relegation battle, celebrating each defeat, and sadly reporting setbacks each time they won, as their relegation would knock loads of Gomez's price.

That all oozed two bob cheapskateness, from the board's mouthpiece.

factory seconds 7:37 Mon May 20
Re: Maxi Gomez
gomez was only ever going to be "on" if celta were relegated and after paying the cheap release clause we could woo him with carroll and hernandez's freed up wages and a limitless supply of 80s porn.

Thames Ironworks 8:26 Sun May 19
Re: Maxi Gomez
Well as expected the Gomez deal looking like it is off.


Never really on was it. Young player with potential, scores against Barca in the league and shows good quality. High release clause, not a G&S signing really.

After8 8:01 Sun May 19
Re: Maxi Gomez
Classic C&H. May 1st it’s as close as you can get, May 16th it’s off.

Vexed 7:57 Sun May 19
Re: Maxi Gomez
1. Me too
2. If we're keeping him and won't have much to spend ( your theory) then it's very likely we'll be relying on Arnie as our first choice striker no?
3. Didn't say that you did.
4. Wages, pah. Means shit old free transfer in Sullivan's hands.
5. I trust Pellegrini to know a good player when he sees one. He has been in football for 105 years after all.

Maybe you should stop being such a touchy little mincer?

Eerie Descent 7:46 Sun May 19
Re: Maxi Gomez
Wouldn't mind us picking up Craig Dawson from West Brom as back up. Twice the defender DOGbonna is, experienced, English and wouldn't cost a fortune.

geoffpikey 7:40 Sun May 19
Re: Maxi Gomez
The Baggies will have to ship out a few now.

Rondon first, and if Rafa The Waiter stays, he'll be be TOON full-time. I quite like him as a player, but he's 29. Arnie double, isn't he?

Lord knows, frankly.

We'll probably end up with Shelvey (in a sexy three way roustabout) and Jay Rodriguez. The West Ham Way.

swindon hammer 7:28 Sun May 19
Re: Maxi Gomez

1. I hate Lemons. Too sour for my liking.

2. When did I say we had to rely on Arnie?
All I said was without selling Arnie back in January we were never going to have another 40 million to spend on another striker. Never mentioned how much we would have to spend this summer either.

3. when did I mention Rondon?

4. I personally think Hernandez will leave this summer which will free up on wages.

5. Just because Pellegrini has identified him as a target that doesn't mean he will be brilliant.

Maybe you should read my posts carefully next time because I didn't say or imply most of the things you have mentioned.

Vexed 7:14 Sun May 19
Re: Maxi Gomez
swindon hammer 12:23 Sun May 19

I'd probably count Pellegrini as an expert. I expect he's seen him play also, you lemon.
Haven't we learnt that you can't rely on Arnie? He's brilliant when he's not injured or sulking but that's not been much lately. I'd fuck him off for his antics in January, the beaky cunt.

Besides, you don't know how much we'll spend this summer unless you're clairvoyant. You might be happy with Rondon, and he might do us for a season but he's at that stage where the injuries are starting to creep in and we'll be lumbered again in a season or two. We probably need another one in to compliment the two ageing high earners we'll be relying on too.

Takashi Miike 7:02 Sun May 19
Re: Maxi Gomez
I like rondon, he'd be a decent signing

Darlo Debs 7:02 Sun May 19
Re: Maxi Gomez
oh didnt realise he was a loan.player

Brucies_Star_Prize 6:46 Sun May 19
Re: Maxi Gomez
Darlo Debs 6:28 Sun May 19
Re: Maxi Gomez

He's still a West Brom player.

He'd be a good signing but Wolves are also interested apparently. Ultimately it will come down to money but he's established himself as a big player at Newcastle so you'd think they hold the advantage.

Darlo Debs 6:28 Sun May 19
Re: Maxi Gomez
Rondon top of our shortlist now. I genuinely said we should have signed him.when West Brom went down. Could we get him off the Toon now?

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