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13 Brentford Rd 5:40 Wed May 1
Women's FA cup Final...
Anyone going? I reckon they'll be a lot of West Ham there knowing us. Any excuse
Yes it's "only" the women I hear you say but I'm looking forward to it. I've been to a Women's Cup Final years ago when I lived in Nottm and it was at the City Ground, also went to the Womens Olympic Final, okay it's not quite the same, bit like watching England Schoolboys v Scotland Schoolboys when they used to show it on the BBC years ago, good skill and creativity levels but lacking in the power and punch of the men's game & the keepers are mostly terrible.
Like the difference between men's & women's tennis?



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Thames Ironworks 1:37 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
Good to see that West Ham can invest in a team to end of cup finalists.

Shame it's the womens team and not the mens. Easy to invest in a cheaper sport than a one where you are clearly out of your depth.

Also pandering to a young director who is also your son is surely using the mens clubs funds to foster another business interest.

So let's see, sexism against the men, ageism and if not done correctly funding one company from another shareholder funds. The latter is probably fine as it is under the West Ham company name.

HairyHammer 1:25 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...

It ıs not great I never said that it was but it is not shit either, just get over the fact that women have less physıcal abılıtıes as in strength and pace than men sımply because of genetıcs and try to watch.
I watch all International games that England play and have enjoyed them, ive watched the world cup too that too was ok too.so although I do not go I have watched at least 10 games and thought it not bad.
I agree that advertising womens football so strongly and pushing it at men is ridiculous I also dislike women commentating on football even female pundits are very hard to watch on mens football and I do not respect or understand why the tv people think it necessary but saying that women cant play football when it looks exactly the fucking same as the mens game is ridiculous it is just less pacey and less physical but all the skills and goals and tackles are there.

Eerie Descent 1:21 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
Why are you fed up with that, Alvin?

Can't you just ignore it?

yngwies Cat 12:25 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
Fuckin good day out, the footy want great but not that bad.

Tell you one thing at least the birds don't roll about like the over payed men's tarts. Get a knock and just get on with it. Blokes game could learn from that.

Great seats and no queue for the bar. I had a lot to drink and net some top people.

Coupled with West Ham winning, Arnie hitting the net and Spurs in meltdown, top day.

Fuckin cold though

Alvin 10:40 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
I'm fed up with hearing people say women's football is shit so I don't watch it. So why the fuck are you posting on here?

Eerie Descent 10:10 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
Hairy, you're on here going on about how great women's football is, why weren't you there showing your support?

You fat oxygen thief.

LeroysBoots 9:08 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
Typical West Ham, most of the season the women had 2-3 subs per game. Yesterday, they only had 6 for the final.

If they want to mix it with the big girls they need a bigger squad, not rocket science that Saturdays squad was exhausted, no squad rotation

HairyHammer 3:55 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
Deary ıs bent

No I am too fat to leave my house, unless you have a crane to lıft me out of my bed you ugly lıttle bıtch.

Eerie Descent 1:52 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
Did you go to the game Hairy, you fat sweaty cunt?

gph 1:51 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
Our women weren't fit enough to keep up the good showing of the first half. They pulled themselves up to Man City's level by sheer exertion, but, when they conceded the first goal it knocked the spirit out of them, and they just looked shot.

Onwards and upwards

(As an aside, I thought some of our women's tackling was excellent)

Eerie Descent 1:44 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
Did you go to the game?

HairyHammer 1:43 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
Eerie is bent

That was quick did you even read what I wrote you caaaaant.

Eerie Descent 1:42 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
Shut up Hairy, you tit.

HairyHammer 1:41 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
I think not watching women's football because it is shit is nonsense I guess being a West Ham fan for 40 years helps.

But seriously, they are doing everything the men do and it looks exactly the same to me. The way some talk about women's football you would think they purposely score own goals or throw the ball to the crowd when they have a throw in.
Just accept women doing what they are physically capable of doing and watch yes it is inferior to the men's game but does that mean we stop women from taking part in all sports because a physically brilliant man is better than a physically brilliant woman??? that is ridiculous.
Men have to accept women exist too but that they are genetically different so next time you watch a game just accept these are women not men that is all it takes . I watched a good hour of that game and the only thing that I thought was shit was Goalkeeping and the passing and through balls our ladies were just awful at it but the tackling defending seemed pretty solid until that is they got tired then it all went to pot.

Crassus 12:27 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
Avoided it like the plague, shit game is birds football and it's been foistered upon the club at unnecessary expense for unnecessary reason

Then the bastard thing appeared on the news, fuck me that keeper was shite - a wheelie bin abandoned in the penalty box would have been more use

Wils 12:22 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
Nothing against women's football per se. Just so sick of the constant promotion on men's football channels that I purposely avoid it now. It's a top down promotion trying to create a demand, it's not responding to demand.

Any Old Iron 12:16 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
Womens football is shit. But today our girls could have won it if they’d swapped keepers with City.

Mirkwood 12:16 Sun May 5
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
Must admit. I'm not keen on women playing football.
Watched about 30 seconds of it. Not a bit of me.

Texas Iron 10:31 Sat May 4
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
Alisha and Ramona...

Mickey Rat 10:13 Sat May 4
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
I listened to most of the game while driving home from our game, sounded like we really went for it in the first half and should have gone in 1 nil up at half-time if the ref had given us the penalty we should have been awarded, sounds like the women refs are as biased as the men towards the rich teams!

twoleftfeet 9:59 Sat May 4
Re: Women's FA cup Final...
A smaller pitch.
Bigger goals.
And stockings, suspenders and high heels.

And instead of being booked they have to kiss the nearest player to them.

I would watch then.

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