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Ronald_antly 11:09 Sat May 4
No cure for cancer
Or is there?

Most, if not all, people will be affected in some way by cancer during their life time. My Dad died from lung cancer.
The couple interviewed in this video had researched and provided a very effective treatment.
It was much cheaper and much more effective than the 'flame thrower' approach that is chemotherapy.
For their efforts they have been persecuted by the British legal system, at the behest of the big pharmaceutical companies.

The video also contains testimony from a cancer sufferer who speaks in glowing terms of the treatment and its practitioners.


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Westham67 8:07 Sun May 5
Re: No cure for cancer
Long may you survive Medway thanks for your candid post

Kidders 4:01 Sun May 5
Re: No cure for cancer
Good luck to ya Medway

Megatron 3:28 Sun May 5
Re: No cure for cancer
Brought this subject up with a geezer in the pub.

Now he ain't just a geezer, or a bloke. He's a proper blokes, proper bloke. Been there, done it. Bought the T-shirt. Took it back next day and got a full refund. He once won 6 pub quizzes in a night.

Now he reckons that this is 100%. Noakes is kosher, as is his cure. Apparently you can get shit loads of it naturally out of hedges at the edges of the Earth. This is why pharma companies fund the lie that the world is round. He said that's why planes never go right from Japan and Australia.

He also said ducks are aliens and that's why their quacks don't echo.

He's no mug.

norwaytips 3:04 Sun May 5
Re: No cure for cancer
A good rule of thumb, is that science works and woofuckery doesn’t.
We test medicines, with double blind tests and a lot of research. You tube testimonials, are neither of those.
In fact, caught early enough, we can cure the majority of cancers.

Johnson 2:50 Sun May 5
Re: No cure for cancer
Good work medway.

Be proud of what you’ve achieved and ignore wacko tin foil hat wankers like Ronald.

medwayhammer1 2:22 Sun May 5
Re: No cure for cancer
As a bonifide WHO cancer survivor(so far), I feel I should add my 2 bobs worth....yeah i know.

Loads of stuff like this about, and to be honest if you feel it will help you then go for it I spose? I personaly wouldnt cos everything from green tea to hot currys is sposed to cure it, if you believe various people who happen to make a lot of money off it!

Chemo can be a bit of cunt, but again it depends how you react to it...I had hardcore chemo for 15 odd months, once a fortnight and apart from being a bit tired after, had none of the side effects.

As i say I think its very much a mental thing at the ed of the day.

gph 2:14 Sun May 5
Re: No cure for cancer

, 2:10 Sun May 5
Re: No cure for cancer
There’s no cure for stopping people believing conspiracy theories.

gph 1:58 Sun May 5
Re: No cure for cancer
West Ham fans are people, and people get cancer.

Sydney_Iron 1:15 Sun May 5
Re: No cure for cancer
Seems to be all manner of “supposed” cures for cancer, some even claim the power of prayer saved them! Chemo maybe a bit of a cunt to go through but it seems to have the most consistent success rate, although by no means guaranteed or high.

Not sure on the persecution of these people for bringing this “supposed” cure to the attention, bit like the non vaccination mob, who also claim persecution, do they really have the proof that what they say is right or in this case a better possible cure for this cunt of a disease?

Can’t see what is to be gained by the big pharmaceuticals (and governments backing them) to stop this cure if its for real which I doubt, surely we would have whistle blowers and rumours abound of what they were up to? Expect the pharmas would make more money on preventive medications that people would maybe have to take the rest of there lives than a few months chemo and then death.

Another conspiracy theory that could so easily be the other way around, with the pharmas accused of raking in billions on cancer drugs when there was Chemo available?

Whats the West Ham angle on this though, and why hasnt Gank popped up???

eusebiovic 10:12 Sat May 4
Re: No cure for cancer
cholo 10:06 Sat May 4

"The money ain't in the cure - it's in the comeback"

(c) Chris Rock

cholo 10:06 Sat May 4
Re: No cure for cancer
Why wouldn't "big pharma" save people from cancer so they can live on and be treated for subsequent illnesses later on in life?

Surely people are worth more alive than they are dead?

eusebiovic 8:52 Sat May 4
Re: No cure for cancer
This reminded me of Denis Leary's first comedy stand-up on VHS tape

arsene york-hunt 8:43 Sat May 4
Re: No cure for cancer
Sounds like the sort of bullshit that any bona-fide conspiracy nut would want to believe.

collyrob 3:19 Sat May 4
Re: No cure for cancer
“A bullshit merchant, basically.“


Alex V 3:15 Sat May 4
Re: No cure for cancer
>>> Difficult to know what to make of this...

Fairly straightforward I would say...

"So far, all claims on the efficacy of this product have no solid scientific basis."

The video link in the OP is to a known conspiracy theorist. No doubt a 9/11 and 7/7 truther, climate change denier? Same old nonsense, same rabbit hole of irrational lies and made-up narratives. A bullshit merchant, basically.

Darby_ 2:46 Sat May 4
Re: No cure for cancer
Sounds great. I might take up smoking again to test it out.

Hermit Road 2:02 Sat May 4
Re: No cure for cancer
Animal testing is important.

Ronald_antly 1:47 Sat May 4
Re: No cure for cancer
Well, Jonners, at least YOU haven't disappointed with your contribution here.

You do, of course, set the bar VERY low.

Johnson 1:31 Sat May 4
Re: No cure for cancer
Get your tin foil hat on Ron, they’re coming for you.

Ronald_antly 1:02 Sat May 4
Re: No cure for cancer
Mex Martillo 11:42 Sat May 4

Money laundering?? I bet he DIDN'T plead guilty to that.

"In 2015 the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) closed a factory in Milton, Cambridgeshire owned by David Noakes' company Immuno Biotech manufacturing GcMAF for cancer treatment."
The MHRA has (or had at the time) upper management that are also executives of
Can anyone say "MASSIVE conflict of interest"?

Hermit Rd - Thinking? It doesn't sound like you're capable of any kind of reasoned thought, to be quite frank, with comments like that.

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