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JLAP 2:06 Wed May 15
Ricky Martin
.. new Acadamy Manager, not the 90s Latino legend. Welcome Ricky son..


.. She BANGS!!

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Sven Roeder 4:42 Wed May 15
Re: Ricky Martin
Has already signed a Spanish kid called La Vida Loca
Good start , HOMBRE

wd40 4:31 Wed May 15
Re: Ricky Martin
Good to hear he has been on a excellent managememt course's and read plenty of books on bullet points.

Lee Trundle 4:18 Wed May 15
Re: Ricky Martin
Speaking of YOOF teams, I've just read that Bellamy might (or might not) have been fired from Cardiff because he upset a couple of snowflakes playing for them.

Alfs 4:15 Wed May 15
Re: Ricky Martin
Listening to him speak I get the impression that he's read a lot of self-help/motivational books.

Mart O 3:09 Wed May 15
Re: Ricky Martin
“If you look at the foundations here and what has happened over not just the last five years, but decades with Tony Carr, leading into Terry Westley’s time, we’ve had two fantastic Academy Managers, two ICONIC individuals in youth development..."

Dear oh dear. It's like they've got a fucking obsession with ICONS over there. Is Karren a bubble perchance ?

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