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Q: 2019/20 With seven games to go will West Ham stay up
a. Our demise was sealed when the idiots on the Board appointed Moyes, we're down
b. Despite the efforts of Moyes and the players, we will stay up by the smallest of margins
c. I'm beyond caring & couldn't give two hoots either way

Nutsin 11:40 Wed May 15
Looks like we are on the cusp of another war.

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goose 2:21 Thu May 16
Re: Iran
norman is preparing to parachute into Tehran to put an end to this.

joyo 2:17 Thu May 16
Re: Iran
Oi Norman WTF you going on about.... Who let you out? Drying out clinic or loony bin?

normannomates 5:25 Thu May 16
Re: Iran
Joyo is the special man..
Where is the fuckin spider?

normannomates 5:23 Thu May 16
Re: Iran

I hate this

Spineless cunt is more like it


normannomates 5:19 Thu May 16
Re: Iran
Joyo 1.31

Joyo has already fucked off lively.. Where to?
Fuck knows..

lab 4:45 Thu May 16
Re: Iran
Gloria Estiran?

Coffee 4:37 Thu May 16
Re: Iran
Gloria again?

isca hammer 3:59 Thu May 16
Re: Iran
I blame Gloria.

joyo 3:31 Thu May 16
Re: Iran
You bunch of snowflakes.... Shitting yourselves! Very little chance of a war!

BRANDED 12:47 Thu May 16
Re: Iran
So have zionists and Sherman’s you spastic

riosleftsock 12:36 Thu May 16
Re: Iran

Iran has armed and funded terrorists in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Yemen among others.

The Islamic leadership are truly evil cunts, the people are not.

REALGSA 12:29 Thu May 16
Re: Iran
I can't see Iran doing any harm, other to itself.
Must be messing up the Dollar and having too much oil so USA will attack....

riosleftsock 12:22 Thu May 16
Re: Iran
Eerie Descent 12:17 Thu May 16


Eerie Descent 12:17 Thu May 16
Re: Iran
Great beaches, will be decent weather this time of year but gets too hot in high summer. Get yourself to Tahran and mingle withe the locals, the women are amazing, trust me from personal experience, and make sure you sample the local speciality Khoresht Gheimeh, eat it whilst whittling away the hours walking along the roads kicking sand into camel's faces. If you need more in depth knowledge, WHOmail.


zebthecat 12:06 Thu May 16
Re: Iran
I really hope so cheezy. The guy is utter poison.

Cheezey Bell-End 12:01 Thu May 16
Re: Iran
Bolton must have thought his chance was gone when Bush left office and PNAC shut down. Bet he can't believe his luck that an even stupider president would come along and elevates him to a position of influence. Hopefully he'll go the way of Bannon and Flynn.

zebthecat 12:01 Thu May 16
Re: Iran
Oh goody!
Enforced regime change in the Middle East.
What could possibly go wrong?

riosleftsock 11:54 Wed May 15
Re: Iran
I don't think the US wants a war with Iran, although Bolton might.

A change of regime in Iran and a chance for their people to enjoy the wealth they should be producing would be a good thing. For Iran to stop destabilising the middle east, along with Saudi and the Gulf states would also be a nice thing.

Let Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon deal with Israel - would be sorted quite easily

ChillTheKeel 11:53 Wed May 15
Re: Iran
Bolton is one of the most bloodthirsty hawks in that dump. A draft dodger too, obviously.
Trump hiring that cunt summed up that he's no different to all of his predecessors, a fucking fraud.

Gavros 11:50 Wed May 15
Re: Iran
Trumps putting US foreign policy at the disposal of the Saudis because they rent some rooms at Trump tower.

Way to go.

Takashi Miike 11:50 Wed May 15
Re: Iran
isn't this just Israel demanding the orange cunt does their dirty work? as soon as he hired that scumbag bolton, war was inevitable with someone

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