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Wils 4:03 Fri May 17
Time to go on loan. Not sure this kids got it.

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Crassus 12:54 Fri May 31
Re: Diangana
Are you referring to the fabled 'head carriage'? The tool of player assessment from elsewhere ,,,

North Bank 12:44 Fri May 31
Re: Diangana
He's 21 and next season will be a make or break for him regarding his future at West Ham, I like him as a player, however he does tend to lack end product, I'd prefer the coaches at WHU try and put that into his game rather than shipping him off to some tin pot club

Side of Ham 12:04 Fri May 31
Re: Diangana
Trunds, yes you are right and we wouldn't be watching him grow then either.......

Fivetide 12:00 Fri May 31
Re: Diangana
Like him. Needs to go on loan and play regularly at the top of the Championship

Dwight Van Mann 11:55 Fri May 31
Re: Diangana
He needs to grow into his head a bit more. Bonce to body proportions are too much.

Lee Trundle 11:54 Fri May 31
Re: Diangana
I don't want to be seeing as putting Diangana down, because he still has lots of potential and time.

But, Sterling was playing and scoring for England, playing regularly in the Champions League and had picked up numerous awards, at the same age as Diangana is now

paulon 11:49 Fri May 31
Re: Diangana
Think giving the lad a six year deal might have been a bit premature

Eerie Descent 11:45 Fri May 31
Re: Diangana
Reminds you of Sterling?


davese16 11:24 Fri May 31
Re: Diangana
Grady stepped up when yarmalenko got injured, a youngster with great potential, many a top player was loaned out when first team places were limited, im sure pellegrini will do the right thing for his development, maybe a loan to one of the better championship sides until January will do him no harm, if fit at this stage theres others ahead of him so a short term loan does no one any harm, as someone else said, he reminds me of sterling when he started.

tnb 1:01 Wed May 22
Re: Diangana
Cullen is not good enough for the Premier League. He's a good Championship player, but too slow in movement and thought. Maybe he will prove me wrong in a way and make his way back to the top after a few seasons, ala Leon Britton, but he is basically an older Noble without the relative pace Noble had at that age. Martinez, Haksabanovic, and others are in the same situation. Let's not forget that the likes of Sears, Spence etc were seen as stars from their performances at youth level not that long ago. The U23 league is not competitive, and that is a big problem in judging players.

Holland might make it, we really don't know. Through luck, Diangana had the shirt. In pre season the slate will be wiped clean and it will be up to Holland to push his case. Same with Silva, in a likely season of flux up front is he really ready to compete for a starting spot? We shall see. None of us know right now, and to suggest otherwise is wishful thinking.

eusebiovic 10:59 Tue May 21
Re: Diangana
Loan him out to Charlton or Millwall

See what he's made of...a few others might benefit too

The old c wing 12:10 Mon May 20
Re: Diangana
I don't disagree, all I'm saying is that if Pelle is decided on him, it still may be worth keeping him on the payroll until his value peaks, ala what Chelsea seem to do.

Manuel 12:06 Mon May 20
Re: Diangana
Or why not keep Cullen and try to develop him? Isn't that what good coaches are meant to do, are at least give it a go?

The old c wing 12:01 Mon May 20
Re: Diangana
Not sure about the notion we should cut our losses on players like Cullen. Give him a year on loan in the championship, even if he is an average championship player it will probably increase his value by a couple of million quid.

Manuel 11:52 Mon May 20
Re: Diangana
I'm generally not a fan of loaning out players but with this lad it does seem to make perfect sense to loan him to a decent fizzy side for next term to build on what he has done so far rather than stagnating, which is no doubt what would happen if he stayed put.

Sven Roeder 10:26 Mon May 20
Re: Diangana
Looked at that Aribo who is attracting interest.
Is athletic and moves well but is very RAW
Thought he was about 18 so surprised that he is actually 22
Maybe going to a bigger club will give him the training he needs but he is a long way short of walking straight into a Premier league team

Sven Roeder 10:22 Mon May 20
Re: Diangana
Watched a fair bit of the Charlton Doncaster game and although I thought Cullen was neat in his passing I expected him to control the game a bit more.
It went on around him a bit.
If I had to say right now I’d guess he will be a good player at maybe up to Championship level but not beyond.
At that age I’d be looking for players to be at the level of the two players that Derby have on loan ... Mount & Wilson ... who are the best players for a Championship club challenging for promotion.

That said it doesn’t help at that League 1 level where there are too many players trying to do their own thing and not giving him the ball.

normannomates 5:08 Mon May 20
Re: Diangana
Sir alf 1.03

That is Josh Cullens level mate.. We need to cut him loose.

normannomates 5:05 Mon May 20
Re: Diangana
Holland is made of same stuff as Rice.

You see next season.. Still has to graft some and bulk up a bit.

Took him from EFC few yrs back.. Kid is quality

normannomates 5:01 Mon May 20
Re: Diangana
Holland will.

normannomates 5:01 Mon May 20
Re: Diangana
Won't make it

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