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Q: Manuel Pellegrini - What should we do
a. A good man & a good coach we should stick with him
b. A busted flush & he's outstayed his welcome, time to go
c. What difference does it really make who's in charge while the current owners are still in control

medwayhammer1 11:08 Sat May 18
North Macedonian entrant is gorgeous and Norway best by far!

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bruuuno 1:00 Sun May 19
Re: Untitled
The consequences of wanking and posting at the same time

Mr. Burns 11:54 Sat May 18
Re: Untitled
That's what I was getting at Medders, still Nurse has got a point I guess.

medwayhammer1 11:52 Sat May 18
Re: Untitled
Oops meant to post this on the Eurovision thread... Yep I deserve all I get! Mods if you will...

Nurse Ratched 11:39 Sat May 18
Re: Untitled
Oh Bernie.

Bernie, Bernie...

Bernie 11:37 Sat May 18
Re: Untitled
I'm a heterosexual man watching it.

But my wife is gay

Nurse Ratched 11:35 Sat May 18
Re: Untitled
What's the Eurovision shocker, Mr Burns? Did a heterosexual man watch it?

Bernie 11:20 Sat May 18
Re: Untitled
Everything alright Medders son?

Mr. Burns 11:09 Sat May 18
Re: Untitled
Absolute Eurovision shocker!

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