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Stubbo 2:47 Thu May 23
Shinpads question...
As someone who hasn't played football since school, I've a question about shinpads and pro football.

At school pretty much everyone wore the type with attached ankle and to some extent achilles protection included.

Why don't professionals, especially someone like Jack Wilshere who has ankles made of glass, wear these kinds of shinpads instead of the token 'my first shinpads' effort half way up the lower leg that they all wear as a token gesture which offers no ankle protection at all?

Do they really restrict someone in their ability to play?

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kylay 7:35 Thu May 23
Re: Shinpads question...
I don't like the stirrup style shin guards because the padding around the ankles and proximity to the instep messes up my touch. Can't really speak to the pros but I would guess it's a similar issue.

Wilshere's issue is his connective tissue, not blunt force trauma.

Gaffer58 7:31 Thu May 23
Re: Shinpads question...
Thought I read about a couple of weeks back that there are now less then 20 tackles per game in the premier, so basically not required.

Northern Sold 7:11 Thu May 23
Re: Shinpads question...
I played centre mid virtually all my footballing life... apart from last 4 or 5 seasons when I played sweeper... stopped at 37.... starting wearing shin pads at about 24...

the coming of gary 4:56 Thu May 23
Re: Shinpads question...
do VAR officials wear them ?

13 Brentford Rd 4:30 Thu May 23
Re: Shinpads question...
Pros use strapping for support and protection not shin pads which are meant to protect your shinbone.

Hope that helps?

Dr Moose 4:10 Thu May 23
Re: Shinpads question...
I had a pair of those type, they were the bollox. I also owned a pair of West Ham shin pads that just covered the shins.

Lee Trundle 2:58 Thu May 23
Re: Shinpads question...
I had BRYAN ROBSON shin pads all the way through my school years.

They ended up about half way up my shins by the time I packed in sport for booze.

Socks rolled down, of course.

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