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White Pony 10:43 Thu May 23
Danny Cipriani
Gallagher premiership Player of the Season.

Still won't be in England's WC squad.

Just what is that utter fist Eddie Jones doing? I'm sure he's got his tried and tested (and not particularly successful, let's remember) system and personnel in mind, but seriously? Proper game changer, best player in England and he still doesn't get a sniff. Just … why?

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White Pony 4:04 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
Northern Sold 3:56 Fri May 24

Northern Sold 3:57 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
Sarries v Glocs tomorrow... I imagine Eddie will be in attendance..??

Northern Sold 3:56 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
... and obviously all the Rugby players playing the game... seeing as THEY voted him THEIR player of the season (Rugby Players Association's annual award)... what a bunch of no nothing merchants....

Russ of the BML 3:53 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
I would suggest that Jones is almost certainly using Cipriani as a message to the other players. It may be biting your nose off to spite your face but Jones sets high standards.

His dilemma is does he overlook those standards for DC or does he stick to his guns and maintain them?

I think Jones would come out of this really well if he got DC in and had a chat with him and gave him a final chance. But I don't think he will because he is so fucking stubborn it borders ignorance.

JustAFatKevinDavies 3:49 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
possibly the most overrated rugby player of all time. The rugby player for the non-rugby fans.

Northern Sold 3:47 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
No I would start with Son of' at 10 all the time... but I'd much rather have the option of Cips' coming off the bench if we was behind the 8 ball... Ford coming off the bench?? Not for me...

Mart O 2:57 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
Hmmm...well I've watched most of his games this season. When he's good, he's genuinely great, when he's not, he can be really poor.

First game out vs Bath he took Glaws to (iirc) a 17 point lead. He then proceeded to squander that by insisting on taking the ball to the line. Bath took advantage and, tbf, he won the game in the last minute with a ridiculous pass.

Thing is, if he'd just played for territory, kicked to the corners and forced Bath to play, and inevitably make mistakes, Glaws would have won that game easily. If you just watch the highlights, he's the greatest player ever. Watch the games, not quite so much. I think he might be a bit thick.

Say what you like about George Ford, and I did last season when he was rubbish behind a poor pack, this season he's has been exceptional. Every Leicester fan I've asked (and I have) has said they would have gone down instead of Newcastle without him. Really impressive to have adapted his game and learnt to play on the back foot.

I think Jones is a massive cunt but I can't fault him here. If you're looking for a replacement fly half, and no one with a brain would drop Farrell, it ain't Danny Cipriani.

White Pony 2:22 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
Kenzo, son. Cips used to date Kirsty Gallagher, who used to present Gladiators with Ian Wright, who use to play for us.

Mr Kenzo 1:22 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani

Side of Ham 12:05 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
I like my teams to have a hope of turning things on their head when down and it sounds like Cipriani is the only player we have with that possibility.

Come on this is England there is going to be a game where we don't turn up and need a player to do the business......Cipriani is that and Jonesy should know by now how we roll as a nation.

Northern Sold 11:47 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
In one Miike.... I have no problem with `Son of`' at 10 but if we are chasing a game who would you rather trying to open up a world class defence from the bench?? Flaky ol' Ford or the double Prem player of the year...?? I know who I'd rather have...

Takashi Miike 11:28 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
pisshead? if they're the guidelines, why is tuilagi back involved? he obviously has a personal problem with the player, there can be no other reason

White Pony 11:04 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
Maybe Russ, but if there is no room for flair inside this unwieldy England machine, I can't see them winning the WC.

Russ of the BML 9:51 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
It may be to do with the individual standards that Jones sets his players off the field. Cipriani is a very good players but he's a piss-head. Played very well last year but he isn't so good to be absolutely vital and fundamental to Jones.

Jones is stubborn. He sets high standards and he probably thinks now if he brings Cipriani in what message does that send to the other players who meet those standards.

Just a thought.

HairyHammer 1:29 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
One of the most skilful players ever to touch a rugby ball but a lunatic with mental problems, a bit like Gazza though with respect Cipriani never did all that for England where as Gazza shone very bright indeed when he was fit for the national team.

Northern Sold 1:05 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
Won players player award as well.... Seen a lot of him this season and its been an absolute joy watching him do his stuff... No one in the England set up can do what he can do... Genius.....but... will not fit in with what Eddie plans to do....crying shame

White Pony 1:01 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
penners - being a massive fist doesn't seem to have been much of a barrier to getting picked for England, pretty much ever.

Side of Ham 12:36 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
Rugby aside, i do admire any bloke who’s had a Cip of Kelly’s riani.

For this reason alone he should be in the squad for morale.

Alfs 12:35 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
I like Eddie Jones. He's done a lot to help Wales win the World Cup.

penners28 12:07 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
probably as he's a massive fist isnt he?

martinbritt_63 12:06 Fri May 24
Re: Danny Cipriani
maybe kelly brook gave him a bad scouting report ?

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