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1964 4:13 Sat May 25
Season tickets
How do you renew all of your season tickets. I have 5 in my network but on-line it's only offering my own to renew.

I renewed all 5 last year online with one transaction.

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1964 7:41 Sat May 25
Re: Season tickets
Jobsworths have to change things, it worked fine last year, I could renew all our lot with one transaction.

F*****g idiots.

aldgate 7:25 Sat May 25
Re: Season tickets
I’ve just had to do that network thing to renew my dads who is on my account. Bit weird making things hard when they are struggling for renewals!

The Fonz 6:05 Sat May 25
Re: Season tickets
Bungo, I had that as well the cheeky fuckers.

Bungo 4:17 Sat May 25
Re: Season tickets
Did my two on the phone with a human being.

Didn't offer to take off the Clubcash until I reminded him though...

Wonderkid 4:16 Sat May 25
Re: Season tickets
You have to add them in your network and then request permission to handle there account then it will let you do it all together.

That means each person accepting an email though.

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