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Sven Roeder 11:58 Tue Jun 4
63 UP
Still going strong. Proper ‘reality tv’.

Tony (the East End jockey/cabbie) Sue , Andrew & Nick on tonight.
Two more episodes Wed & Thurs at 9pm

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jim@chickenrun 9:38 Mon Jun 10
Re: 63 UP
Shame he's a your fan though.

deanfergi 10:27 Mon Jun 10
Re: 63 UP
Bruce was my maths teacher at Morpeth for a bit, bless him... got moved to tears by my git class... nice chap, didn't get to watch all of 63up, so will catch up....

El Scorchio 1:09 Fri Jun 7
Re: 63 UP
Something quite sobering about watching these lives in fast forward. Especially when they start to get old. Fascinating how life happens.

Lynn's family was heartbreaking last night.

Sven Roeder 11:53 Thu Jun 6
Re: 63 UP
He was and is always the most interesting one.
Michael Apted right to quiz him on what happened between 14 & 21 as you couldn’t pick them as the same person.

Leonard Hatred 11:51 Thu Jun 6
Re: 63 UP
I remember watching 28 up in Sociology vlass at college in the 80s. I was interested in how Neil the mental bloke would be doing.

El Scorchio 8:11 Wed Jun 5
Re: 63 UP
Yup, there's actually a 'handy' chart here:


Sven Roeder 7:57 Wed Jun 5
Re: 63 UP
Lynn was the one who died

Michael Apted is 78 & was an assistant to the director for the first one & has done the rest.

Think there are 3 or 4 who have stopped doing them for various reasons over the years.

El Scorchio 7:42 Wed Jun 5
Re: 63 UP
The first one of them has died since the last round of filming. Although I can’t recall her name.

It doesn’t sound like the scientist is going to see the next round either. It’s quite sad that they are entering the time of life when it’s going to be likely the group gets smaller every time.

Amazingly it’s still the same film maker who did 7up doing it!

Cheezey Bell-End 7:33 Wed Jun 5
Re: 63 UP
Tony's possibly the one I least relate to, but he turned out alright.

Percy Dalton 12:31 Wed Jun 5
Re: 63 UP
Think we can all relate to the east end kids especially Tony who comes across as a lovely bloke.
Trying to work out where he's living now in the Essex countryside.I googled it and it said Loughton.

wanstead_hammer 7:51 Wed Jun 5
Re: 63 UP
Yeh, that’s proper ‘reality tv’, not like all the other shit (Big Mother, Glove island..etc).
Tony is a friend of a friend. And me brother-in-law went school with him. Think a big crowd of em went away recently. (Holiday that is!).

Cor Blimey 1:33 Wed Jun 5
Re: 63 UP
I know Tony really well. We grew up within yards of each other in Bethnal Green. Played football for the same team. His mum was one of the loveliest ladies you'll ever meet
For a Yid fan he's ok. He's the cab driver in that sky football ad.
Nice to see one of your own doing good.

terry-h 1:01 Wed Jun 5
Re: 63 UP
The guy in America suffering from ill health didn't expect to make 70 UP I felt.

Sven Roeder 12:39 Wed Jun 5
Re: 63 UP
You do feel invested in these people.
I like that Nick

Interesting that when these people get divorced etc that you don’t hear from the other halves.
Or they don’t press things like ... what happened to Tony’s daughter so that he raised the grandkid

joyo 12:28 Wed Jun 5
Re: 63 UP
Great watch

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