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swindon hammer 10:46 Wed Jun 5
Lanzini stay or go?
Wasn't aware of it but Lanzini only has one year left on his contract.

Has apparently been offered a new 5 year contract but yet to sign.

Anyone think he might leave this summer and if so how much would we likely get for a player that can leave for free next summer?

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factory seconds 1:18 Fri Jun 7
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
the owners are going to have to reap what they sowed with arnautovic. every half decent player has a blueprint now for squeezing a better wage packet out of them now and there's fuck all they can do about it.

stepney hammer 12:42 Fri Jun 7
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
Said self obsessed cunt has suggested the issue is to do with wages.

Apparently the automatic 2 year renewal has a set wage and that is the bit Lanzini is challenging. I guess that's why were offering a new five year deal.

Purely a hunch, but my guess is he is after parity with the likes of Arnautovic, Anderson and Hernandez who are reportedly the top earners on around 140k-150k a week.

medwayhammer1 12:35 Fri Jun 7
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
Your right Ern...as I said its prob bollocks! I am a cunt though, so make you right there!!

AKA ERNIE 12:31 Fri Jun 7
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
ex is a self obsessed cunt that only cunts believe

medwayhammer1 12:20 Fri Jun 7
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
Apperently(and its only been on social media, so prob bollocks but) he wants out to go back to River Plate and challenging his 2 year contract extension that we can trigger. Ex is gonna reveal all...so as I say prob bollocks but just thought I would put it out here.

Roeder-nowhere 10:42 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
No way would I give him a 5 year contract especially after such a bad injury, Surely a years extension with slight pay increase and review at the end of the season or something a little more sensible. We have learned from Reid/Andy C long contracts haven't we???

. . 9:52 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
Always thought it would be 1 stays from 2 (Nasri/Lanzini) and was not fussed which one until Nasri turned out to be crocked.

I also feel that Lanzini should be subject to Squad Rotation as against some teams we need a batler (Snodgrass type) with Lanzini coming off bench if needed to try and unlock the 11 behind the ball types.

Hopefully the rumours about him playing up are false, if not cash in now we had enough crap last season with Arnie.

I hear Mario (poor mans Lanzini is up for sale) we could always replace Lanzini with him

the exile 9:45 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
Fair point Manuel, but on the other hand, fans of other clubs probably won't have watched him as much as we do and might be unaware of how poor he has been since his injury. I also think that many West Ham fans are making a lot of allowances for him based on his past form. I have a gut feeling that he will struggle to recreate that kind of form.

Manuel 6:52 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
A good way to always value one of your players is what neutrals say about him. How many fans of other clubs have said how great they think he is to you?

Manuel 6:49 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?

cornish 1:32 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
If it's a good offer,go''

That goes without saying. Apart from Messi every player has a value.

AKA ERNIE 6:05 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
not sure hes worth much more than 20m
like him but doesn't score or assist enough to be worth more.

diehardhammer 4:21 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
Not sure if total bullshit or not but just got sent this

just been told Lanzini is he’s challenging the club on a legal basis on validity of this 2 year option on his contract. Club thinks he can win so are looking to sell as only a year left.

diehardhammer 3:52 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
a return to river plate rumours are picking up on twitter

RBshorty 3:12 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
If he hasn't signed by the end June. Then you got to put him up for sale. Hazard wasn't going to re sign. So Chelsea put a price on him. Same thing happening over at Tottenham with Eriksen. I would like to think Lanzini would stay and sign a new deal, after being injured for the best part of the season. However there is very little loyalty in the game now.(Not suggesting Lanzini that type of person.) And if a offer came in that Pellegrini felt was too good to turn down. Then it's a no brainer.

Sarge 2:58 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?

if cash offers come in we turn them into swap deals for players of similar standing (in terms of hierarchy at the biding club) +/- cash

geoffpikey 2:43 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
62Hammer 2:09 Thu Jun 6

Exactly. With sums of £60m being mentioned for Maddison (for example), we'd be nuts to bin Manu.

Yes his comeback has been underwhelming, but at his best he's an asset we couldn't replace. Give him time.... THEN decide.

62Hammer 2:09 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
Stay. We need to see if he recovers well enough from his injury. He's up and down, granted, but when he's on form he's such an asset. And we're not that good - yet, at least - that we can discard players of his quality just because they don't do it every week. I'm still hopeful that he'll become more consistent.

Side of Ham 1:34 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
Keep him and try to build a crown for this jewel of a player.

RM10 1:34 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
Go, I reckon, very inconsistent time to move on and rebuild.

cornish 1:32 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
If it's a good offer,go.

SUM A DING WONG 1:29 Thu Jun 6
Re: Lanzini stay or go?
Id like us to keep him. As others have said, we play lovely football when he is in form.

We would be hard pushed to sell him now, anyway.

Think about it, he has to prove that he's well over his injury - so who would pay money for him now, when they can wait till the end of next season, at which point they would know that he is over his injury and then be able to sign him for fuck all.

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