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LeroysBoots 5:19 Thu Jun 6
Kenneth Noye Released
M25 killer, a proper wrong un

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Mr Kenzo 5:50 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
*bit like the rumour stephen lawrence was a drug dealer who owed the acourt's money *

Is this not true then ?

southbankbornnbred 5:28 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
Yep, exactly, that sort of nonsense.

Jim79 3:33 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
bit like the rumour stephen lawrence was a drug dealer who owed the acourt's money

southbankbornnbred 2:12 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
Not quite true, that, is it?

You also wrote...

"But the story I heard, prior to him be declared publically, was that the victim was the protagonist and he pulled the blade, just on the wong bloke."

Which the court evidence (based on witness statements - that is, people who really were there at the time of the stabbing, including Noye's own evidence) was that utter garbage.

Noye had the knife all along - it was his knife, he pulled the knife, and he used the knife to stab Stephen Cameron. They are all established facts - and Noye admits as much himself.

But instead you focused on the idle gossip which, magically, as with many of these pub legends, put the "evidence" somewhere else.

What I was trying to show was that the pub-chat is mostly just bollocks. But you just think that's pointing out the bleeding obvious: despite the fact that you repeat it.

We all do it to an extent - so I wasn't just having a pop at you, to be honest. But in the case of Noye's murder, most of the facts were not even disputed by Noye. That's the value of the court evidence.

Crassus 2:03 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
I said this, hardly the font of all knowledge claim is it?

'But heyho, whatever, not claiming that as fact, just what I heard from people who knew a lot more than was revealed at the time'

And indeed that was so, not unlike plenty on here who grew up, lived in a time and were around various people

southbankbornnbred 1:56 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
Oh yeah, of course he does! He's nailed it, him.

Inclined to think you just repeat the same tired old shit, and dress it up as being on top of things.

We can all throw dull insults at each other from behind keyboards - doesn't really get us anywhere, does it, so best to leave it at that.

Crassus 1:54 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
I would not dream of claiming fuck all, least of all patronising the site with my superior and condescending knowledge of the bleeding obvious

Inclined to think Mr Scum has you well taped

southbankbornnbred 1:51 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
Go on then, Crassus, indulge us with your extraordinary and oh-so-well-informed knowledge of these matters. I bet you're right on top of it all: a proverbial fountain of evidence-based knowledge in a sea of shit.

(Doesn't snigger, so much as pisses himself laughing)

Jim79 1:51 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
cheers Crassus, i hadnt assumed so but the clarification is appreciated mate

Crassus 1:50 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
Not you Jim btw

Crassus 1:49 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
No shit


Jim79 1:48 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
I think plenty of people know what happened in Rettendon all those yrs ago, I certainly know people who know but they are not the sort of people you ask that question to. End result was 3 'orrible cunts got what they deserved so cant imagine Police resources are best spent dealing with that, they've got people being nasty on the internet to deal with.

southbankbornnbred 1:47 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
Sure, the police back then often misled people.

Do you honestly think you're the only person who knows that?

But what you forget, is that the police files are crammed full of witness statements, intelligence documents and other first-hand accounts.

Believe me, in evidential terms, they are still a lot more reliable than "bloke down the pub once told me".

southbankbornnbred 1:46 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
I once did a basic fact-check on some of the "legends" around the Krays, as a project for a law firm.

We tested several bar-room claims about the brothers to see if there was even the mildest sense of truth to any of them. After going through scores of files and speaking to many people who knew them (including friends and fellow gangsters), we found that around half of the claims made about them had no evidential base whatsoever.

As many people know, and we showed, much of this stuff is just lazy, alcohol fuelled, "my mate told me/I once heard" guff.

Crassus 1:45 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
'police files'

That's a relief then, the truth is documented, by the police

What can possibly be wrong there


southbankbornnbred 1:41 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
Manuel - actually, mate, my day job is to double-check these things and make sure that they are right/factual. So I'll carry on ta!

Lots of nonsense written about Noye, John Palmer, Tate and the "gangsters" which the tabloids are completely obsessed with. I get it - they are "fascinating" characters because of their activities. But, as with Noye, they are also hardcore criminals - and too many people want to quickly cut them too much slack. They are generally f**king horrible blokes who would sell you down the river as quickly as you could look at them - providing there was cash in it for them.

For that reason, I think it's always worth clarifying the facts around them. Otherwise the bar-room legends around them become accepted - and 99% of it is absolute guff.

I hate all this "loved his mum - hated his enemy" bullshit around these blokes. Krays are the same - half of what is now commonly accepted about the Krays is utter bullshit. Their police files are in the National Archives - anybody who wants to know what they were really like need only go and read them.

mashed in maryland 1:11 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
Maybe they should make another film about it.

AnotherDay_SameShit 1:10 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
Hitchmoe - No doubt.

This bloke has turned into a bit of a celeb criminal, no doubt the hacks are all trying to get the first pics of him on the outside bouncing the high street.

Eric Hitchmoe 11:59 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
A few people believe that Noye was involved in the Rettendon murders as he had a fall out with Pat Tate, but then again who didn't? Rumours were that Tate owed him money. Involved or not, I'd be amazed if he doesn't know what really happened that night.

Manuel 4:37 Mon Jun 10
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
southbankbornnbred - Don't ever give up your day job fella.

mashed in maryland 9:27 Sun Jun 9
Re: Kenneth Noye Released
Well I for one am perplexed that a career criminal with a history of violence stabbed someone and may or may not have lied in court about the actual turn of events.

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