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fraser 8:46 Thu Jun 6
Holland V England

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Mr. Burns 9:09 Tue Jun 11
Re: Holland V England

wanstead_hammer 9:03 Tue Jun 11
Re: Holland V England
OTB 7:25

Tell him to leave the readies on the till in the club shop and I’ll pick it up sometime this week.

Tom Pepper

Nutsin 8:57 Tue Jun 11
Re: Holland V England
Personally I’d like to see Grealish get a look, Barkley and Alli are both bang average.

This team is crying out for a ball player and Grealish has the potential to open up a defense.

Definitely worth a look, can’t be any worst than what we have right now.

Other than Stones fuck ups we seem pretty solid at the back, although Kyle walker needs to be replaced along with Stones.

angryprumphs 8:20 Tue Jun 11
Re: Holland V England
On The Ball 7:25 Tue Jun 11

On The Ball 7:25 Tue Jun 11
Re: Holland V England
This might be a long shot - is there a Tom on here who was in Porto at the weekend? You lent some other England fan called Craig 150 Euros which he's tried to pay back, but got your bank account number wrong. I'm in a Whatsapp group with him if you're about.

tnb 10:11 Sun Jun 9
Re: Holland V England
Foden still needs to prove himself. I am sick of the idea that because you are in the squad of a big team you are automatically good enough. Not saying he may not turn oit to be the next Gazza, but the boy needs to pay his dues first domestically, for me.

tnb 10:08 Sun Jun 9
Re: Holland V England
Agreed, Zico. There is no value in persevering with the likes of Delph now. A lot of the good faith around Southgate's tenure has been his use of youngsters. We are not going to win a tournament any time soon, so he needs to commit fully to that in order to be seen as a step in the right direction.

Gomez has to be in contention at centre half, although I still wonder what Lascelles has to do to get a chance. He's far better than Tarkowski and Keane for sure. Stones has not worked out. Chilwell seems to have left back sown up, or he ought to. Alexander-Arnold at right back. Rose and Walker can be back ups if they can be bothered, although Wan-Bissaka should be breathing down his neck.

In midfield Rice simply has to displace Dier, and Henderson can try to compete with Winks. Further forward, Alli has to start earning his place on current form not former glories - Maddison, for all Southgate says we don't play with a number 10 has to be knocking on the door (and I actually think Rodgers will be good for his development in that way) whilst even Barkley arguably deserves to be ahead of Alli now.

Up front we still don't have an alternative/ competent backup to Kane - Wilson probably is the best we have but I remain unconvinced. Doesn't fit with the youth idea but I can't help feeling that Troy Deeney deserves a chance.

Lingard, Rashford, Sterling, Sancho, and (a way behind at present) Hudson-Odoi have to be competing for the other spots. Enough with the Lingard in midfield nonsense.

In other news, Jose Fonte is playing in the Nations League final. Fuck. Me.

Texas Iron 9:55 Sun Jun 9
Re: Holland V England
Credit Team and Southgate...
5 out of 5 Pens...
...and a Pickford double...Scored & Saved

zico 8:08 Sun Jun 9
Re: Holland V England
Southgate has got to have the balls now just top go with the youngsters. Delph is not going to get any better but the likes of Sancho, Maddison, Foden, Arnold, Winks are. Throw them in and develop that as a team. I quite like the idea of Rice, Foden and Maddison and wallop Arnold and Gomez in there. Likes of Delph and Alli should be out. I have a Spurs mate and he isn't even sure what Alli does!!!

The old c wing 7:13 Sun Jun 9
Re: Holland V England
I think you’ll find he does Vexed. But I’m not sure what standards you have, as it would appear only about 20 players in world football are any good in your eyes.

Vexed 7:03 Sun Jun 9
Re: Holland V England
The old c wing 5:59 Sun

Nah. He can't defend. Nor does he play a good ball often enough.

tr3bor 6:56 Sun Jun 9
Re: Holland V England
Because Alli has no bollocks

Iron Duke 6:40 Sun Jun 9
Re: Holland V England
It’s nice to win. I couldn’t be bothered to watch it though. Why didn’t Alli take a penalty and what is the point of him? He is so overrated.

Texas Iron 6:38 Sun Jun 9
Re: Holland V England
Good save Pickford...but not a good Pen...
Overall better team won...
Well done England...despite unable to score...

Northern Sold 6:37 Sun Jun 9
Re: Holland V England
Deserved that.... absolutely LOVED Pickford's pen.... was like Dicksy in his pomp.... BOSHHHHHHHHHHH

tr3bor 6:36 Sun Jun 9
Re: Holland V England
Pizza Hut horseface


Haz 6:33 Sun Jun 9
Re: Holland V England
Pickford does an Adrian

Takashi Miike 6:21 Sun Jun 9
Re: Holland V England
AOI, I just want players picked on merit and also ones that are playing regularly. I lost interest in England when it was clear the squad/team was being selected to please sponsors and interest groups. it's not really changed under the Pizza Hut Horseface

BRANDED 6:21 Sun Jun 9
Re: Holland V England
And yet, with shit players. From shit clubs, he has made a World Cup semi and this load of old cunt?

Any Old Iron 6:18 Sun Jun 9
Re: Holland V England
Miike - I'm not watching this, but just looked at the starting line-up and was staggered to see that Southgate had started Delph in central midfield. Fucking Delph. Again.
I strongly believe that a bloke who is happy to take a huge wage instead of play regular football should not be selected for England. Anyway, how can he be judged worthy of a place if he's not playing. It's absurd.
And I'd like o see the back of Southgate because I think he's weak, indecisive and clearly doesn't learn from mistakes.

Takashi Miike 6:17 Sun Jun 9
Re: Holland V England
delph's played fifty games in the last four years. what is he doing that impresses southgate so much, and what is your stupid fucking analogy about cardiff got to do with delph?

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