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Gaffer58 8:13 Tue Jun 11
Mercedes Benz GLA
Thinking of getting one of these, any pros or cons would be appreciated.thanks.

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zebthecat 5:36 Wed Jun 12
Re: Mercedes Benz GLA
You might have a leopard jammed in your near side front wheel arch.

Pickle Rick 5:26 Wed Jun 12
Re: Mercedes Benz GLA
On a slightly related subject, recently got my car back (corsa) from body shop, they did a wheel alignment and now after about 10 mins of my journey passenger side brake make a growling noise when applying the brake; I've googled it and the responses are dirt\\dust to metal on metal don't drive it. It had a 25 point check by Vauxhall in March and the brakes were fine. Any advice from the good people of WHO (and the w****rs as well)?

Deanooooo 1:01 Wed Jun 12
Re: Mercedes Benz GLA
zebthecat 1:46 Wed Jun 12

Can confirm the GLC is exactly like this. Massive bonnet, tiny interior.

Rossal 10:04 Wed Jun 12
Re: Mercedes Benz GLA
Swerve, has the older interiors and will be binned soon hence the deals.

Look at a Audi Q2 if you like that sort of shape?

zebthecat 1:46 Wed Jun 12
Re: Mercedes Benz GLA
If it is anything like the old MLs it will be huge outside and tiny inside.
An inverse TARDIS.

joe royal 1:01 Wed Jun 12
Re: Mercedes Benz GLA
Front wheel drive and made in Brazil.

South Woodhammer 11:19 Tue Jun 11
Re: Mercedes Benz GLA
I got one last year for my son on a lease deal just over £200 a month , amazing value and he loves it... also had a GLC for the last 3 years which has just gone back... that’s a lovely car too, very comfortable and economical with plenty of room and can shift for a mid size SUV.... but Mercs , BMW , Audi’s , also Volvo these days all have similar kit levels , specs and performance so for me it comes down to what badge you want , shape and value... for what it’s worth the guy that delivered my new one rated BMW and Volvo as the best SUVs on the market and reckoned he drove every make delivering for a leasing company... said they hadloads of problems with new Range Rovers funnily enough....

LeroysBoots 10:19 Tue Jun 11
Re: Mercedes Benz GLA
Hairdressers car

Also stay clear of the GLC, had one on hire in Munich last week, ropey as hell

Iron Duke 10:09 Tue Jun 11
Re: Mercedes Benz GLA
I’ve got one. It’s a nice car. It depends what you want. I think it’s a decent size, smooth ride, still quite high up, good boot size. Cons - it fits 2 in the back comfortably but any more than that is not ideal, mine did not come with DAB radio but you can plug your phone in and listen to Apple/Spotify/Amazon/Tunein, etc.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:47 Tue Jun 11
Re: Mercedes Benz GLA
They do have some good deals on the AMH CLA too I believe so maybe look at those

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:46 Tue Jun 11
Re: Mercedes Benz GLA
I looked at it as there are some fantastic deals

That being said, the deals have now made it very common which I think takes away the prestige and close up it does look cheap.

Mercedes will be binning it off soon hence they want to get shot of as many as possible asap.

Bungo 9:41 Tue Jun 11
Re: Mercedes Benz GLA
Fine as long as you keep it out of the BMW lane on the motorway.

On The Ball 9:33 Tue Jun 11
Re: Mercedes Benz GLA
I was considering one recently but when I had a look I found it was one of these new 'in between' cars - not low down like a normal hatchback, not high like an SUV. Looked better in the pictures for me.

I'm sure my opinion will mean a lot to him - I have owned over four cars.

Side of Ham 8:15 Tue Jun 11
Re: Mercedes Benz GLA
Bloke i work with has got one, he likes it a lot, looking at it though i'd try to get one of the more high end models so it looks less sensible.

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